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  1. How to get payment from somebody

    I have and still no solution or payment

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    File a

  2. Old-time collector rants

    Usually I start off with every post here with a greetings. Since this is my first blog entry I thought I do like it if I were letting you read an article from a magazine or a newspaper. So Today is August 13th 2010 Friday the 13th......(insert Twilight Zone theme) Anyways I guess the reasoning behind my rant is to discuss what I believe is wrong with some collectors these days compair it with when I started off in collecting.

    The first thing I'll point out is simple the cost of ...
  3. Old-time collector rants

  4. I suck at bloggin'

    All most seven months to the day from when I posted my first ever bblog entry, I am not up to par on this stuff.
    I decide to try and sell everything I have, card wise that is, and get out of the card buying business. I looked at the numbers of what I spent in the last year and it floored me.
    What is frustrating me the most is the fact that so many types of cards come out and just as I am catching up on last years I now have to start the current year.
    I picked popular players or ...
  5. An idiot with power is a dangerous thing

    James Dolan, chairman of Cablevision, the 2nd largest cable provider in New York, also owns the New York Rangers (NHL) & Knicks (NBA) and their home arena, Madison Square Garden. However, if you believe the press in New York, Dolan has also inherited some of the late George Steinbrenner's old, bad habits.

    Consider the plight of Knicks President Don Walsh, for example. Walsh, who built the Indiana Pacers into a playoff contender during the 90's, was hired in 2008 to replace Isaiah ...