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  1. The curse of Citi Field?

    Ever since the New York Mets opened their new playpen in Flushing 2 years ago, the team has been beset by a seemingly endless spate of injuries to key players. Year 3 at Citi Field has been more of the same.

    The Mets opened the season knowing their ace, Johan Santana, would not be available until at least mid-July, recovering from shoulder surgery. Outfielder Jason Bay was placed on the DL right before the start of the season, and the impact of his absence was devastating. Bay returned ...
  2. Most of my collection for sale(autos/GU/Patch/RC/YG ect

    I'm looking for 45 for the Stamkos and 50 for the Toews. I Can do 90 dlvd for both

    Quote Originally Posted by Yip Collector View Post
    Feel to PM me a price on Toews YG and Stamkos YG both as a lot and individual. Thanks!
  3. 10-11 ITG Between The Pipes

    So I cracked my first box of BTP today. Boy what a disappointment ! It seems that ITG has taken advantage of selling this product out the last few years by giving us some pretty lame cards this year.

    My box yielded the expected amount of inserts, jerseys and autos but to say they weren't the greatest would be an under statement. Detailed list follows at the bottom of this post.

    I did get 2 emerald and 1 silver mask cards. The 2 emeralds were basically commons and the ...
    Box Breaks
  4. First Blog Post

    Okay so this is my first blog post. Hopefully other then myself, some of you may find it interesting, provocative, argumentative or perhaps confusing. Bottom line is hopefully someone, somewhere, will find it useful.

    I am currently trying to get my head around the new buying requirements from Upper Deck and Panini. While I applaud the effort, it was these manufacturers/distributors that created the problem in the first place.

    Yes while I have been approved as an Upper ...
  5. check my cards out