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  1. My personal hockey trading card collection improovements, December 2015

    In previous two months I had a few great additions for my hockey trading card collection. As I decided to collect more "quality" cards than push on quantity or just because I could get it, I have decided to throw many Latvian player cards into trader. Contact me if you are interested in something.

    2001-02 BAP Memorabilia All-Star Numbers #ASN19 Sandis Ozolinsh /10 ...
  2. NFL QB's and the curse of DirecTV in 2015

    The NFL and DirecTV never saw this coming.

    In the course of this season all but one of the QB's who did their best Rob Lowe impressions in doing wacky ads for the satellite giant, now aligned with AT&T, have wound up injured, missing significant chunks of time, and it does have a, ah, damaging effect on teams' playoff chances.

    The medical report, if ya will.....

    Tony Romo (Dallas). Mr. Arts & Crafts is gone for the season, taking the Cowboys' ...
  3. Can anyone Help me Finish My 97-98 Beehive Hockey 5x7 Set?

    Ive been chasing this set for 15 years now. Cant seem to find a Rookie Auto #55 Macauley??? Does one even exist?? Also need Rare GOLD TEAM #5,6,9,12,14,17,19 to complete my Set and send it To PSA for encapsulation. Johnson and Macauley were signing at the Toronto Expo back then, that's why im wondering if these were in Packs or not. Finally found a Auto Rookie Johnson last year, from Ontario.
  4. Bridging the Gap between Baseball Card and Art Collecting

    Quote Originally Posted by mouschi View Post
    If your collecting career was alive and well during the 1980's, you were treated to finding your favorite players packaged with all sorts of things. From cookies and breads to sausage and dog food, they were everywhere. Unless they were Broders, you were very familiar with the airbrushed hat, not unlike what Panini and Leaf have to do these days. Companies did a great job understanding what their consumers liked, and in the 80's, it was baseball cards.

    Cards being inserted into
  5. Forget Johnny Football! He's Johnny Immature!

    Johnny Manziel came out of college too soon.

    By all rights, he should be a senior at Texas A & M, which hasn't set the world on fire since he left following his sophomore season. Talent is one thing, but being mature enough to actually play in the NFL, much less the CFL, is another thing altogether, and Manziel is one of a bazillion players who came out too early, spurred on by the predictable cadre of hangers-on and other leeches to chase the money. Last year, he was on football ...