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  1. K9rocco success thread

    Can I get Jack Armstrong c/o home address He went to my High school and I can not find it to send to him Thank you
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    today brought...
  2. My Refractors and Numbered List

    Al Jefferson 07-08 Topps Orange Refractor #/199
    Al Jefferson 08-09 Topps Orange Refractor #/499
    Al Thornton 07-08 Topps Orange 14of14 RC
    Anderson Verajao 08-09 Bowman Blue #/499
    Andrei Kirilenko08-09 Topps Co-Signers Silver #/199
    Antawn Jamison 06-07 Topps Chrome Refractor
    Baron Davis 07-08 Topps Chrome 1957-58 Variation #/999
    Ben Gordon 08-09 Topps Treasury Refractor #/999
    Bill Walton 09-10 Bowman 48 Blue Border #/1948
    Bob Cousy 09-10 Bowman ...

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  3. 2010 National - Recap

    So this is well over due but, I would like to share my personal experience at the 2010 National. My original plan was just to attend the show one day on Saturday. But, I was able to work out with Don and Tony to be able to have a very large spot between their 2 booths. I had never met anyone from this board ever and to say the least, I was a little unsure of what I was getting myself into.

    As soon as I got there I was greeted by Dan who helped my right away. Big ups to Dan on that ...
  4. My RC Trade List

    Aaron Brooks 07-08 Fleer 1986-87 Rookies RC
    Aaron Brooks 07-08 Fleer RC
    Aaron Brooks 07-08 Topps RC
    Aaron Gray 07-08 Fleer 1986-87 Rookies RC
    Acie Law 07-08 Topps RC
    Acie Law IV 07-08 Fleer Rookie Sensation RC
    Adam Morrison 06-07 UD Rookie Debut RC
    AJ Price 09-10 Prestige 196 RC
    AJ Price 09-10 Rookies and Stars RC
    AJ Price 09-10 Upper Deck Gold RC
    Al Horford 07-08 Fleer Rookie Sensation RC
    Al Horford 07-08 UD First Edition RC

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  5. How to get payment from somebody

    I have and still no solution or payment

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    File a