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  1. delete!

  2. Winning the lottery might be a fantasy but what would you do if you won

    A. Plan an epic road trip with all your friends and do all the things you guys wouldn't have dreamed of before?
    B. Go crazy and buy yourself a private island, richard branson style?
    C. There's nothing better than the joy of giving, so maybe donate your winnings to a worthy organisation?
    D. Do something unreal, buy a franchise and work for yourself!

    Which option would you pick or anything else you think you would do?

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  3. 2013 topps

    Have want list for 2013 topps chrome refractors let me know what you have will buy or trade have many doubles for regular set
  4. Wanted: A sports agent who isn't greedy

    The biggest problem in pro sports, particularly the big 3 (baseball, football, basketball) isn't what's on the field of play, but off it. No, I don't mean the use of PED's and other drugs, or any of that other stuff. I refer to the bane of every average fan's existence as a consumer. The sports agent.

    There are so few agents who can honestly say they've played the game. Former New England Patriot Randy Vataha comes to mind, as earned an agent's license a few years back. The most high ...
  5. Emmitt Smith Want list

    I know this list is long, but my haves list is longer (no really). Check my SCF inventory for trade, or PM me a price if willing to sell. 1 of 1's are not included in want list, but interested also in those. Thanks for looking and the help.

    1988 Florida Burger King #2 Emmitt Smith 22
    1989 Florida Smokey #11 Emmitt Smith 22

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