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  1. To break or not to break?

    I looking at an interesting situation. I recently won a hobby box of 2013 Bowman Platinum baseball from Topps (some Facebook thing - take a survey, respond to the post, and you are entered to win).

    Now, my situation, which I admit is a good one to have. I'm not a baseball collector, so do I:

    A) Sell the box on eBay
    B) Break the box to satisfy my urge to break a box and possibly pull something big that I could either sell or trade for hockey ...
  2. 2011 lineage

    Quote Originally Posted by SEACAM View Post
    I have been trying to put together a Master Master lineage set.
    If anyone can help please let me know.

    The following is part of a MASTER 2011 LINEAGE SET THAT I AM WORKING ON.
    If there are any that you might have, I'd be interested in buying or trading for.

    Items that are not mentioned, I have!
    For example, all of the parallels, stand ups, 3-d's, 3-d's #/99; giant relics, giant relics / 64 .... etc

    Thanks for looking!

  3. (2001 - Present) Topps Gold Border Parallel HAVES

    Hey everyone, I have been collecting the Topps Gold parallels since their reintroduction in 2001. It's not close to completetion but I am about 500 cards in. Here is what I have so far.

    If you are selling, I am willing to pay 0.25-0.35 per card for commons and stars are dependent on the player.

    If you are trading, I cannot trade right now because I am deployed to Afghanistan.

    If you want me to trade these or sell, please look elsewhere. This is a collection ...
  4. Collecting Yastrzemski - October, 2013

    Well, The 2013 MLB season is officially over & I must wish a very enthusiastic congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for winning the World Series this year! Boston fan favorite & only remaining player from the 2004 World Series championship team, David Ortiz was named MVP of the series. He batted .688 (11 for 16) with two homers, six RBIs and eight walks, as well as posting the 2nd highest OBP in series history at .760.

    It was nice to see Carl back out there to throw out ...
  5. Greengoblin782 Want List

    I am finally ready to start finishing some older sets that I put aside and forgot about. If anyone can help please let me know how much card cash you need for each card listed below. I will keep this thread updated with what cards I still need.

    2009 Topps Finest:
    #80 Brandon Webb
    #119 Jason Bay

    2012 Topps Finest:
    #31 Mark Teixeira
    #83 Joe Mauer

    2012 Topps Pro Debut:
    #4 C.J. Cron
    #5 Mike Olt
    #11 Kevin ...

    Updated 12-04-2013 at 09:26 PM by Greengoblin782