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  1. Woo hoo - two days in a row

    Got another TTM today - this time, Martin Biron:

  2. 2009 Topps Series 2 Baseball.

    Over a month ago I stopped playing World Of Warcraft and sold my account. With some of the funds I pre-ordered 2 Topps Jumbo/Home Team Advantage Boxes of Series 2 baseball. Well those boxes finally arrived yesterday from Dave and Adam's and I've made another video to showcase the highlights of my boxes.

    I'd also like to take the time to write about the inserts and parallels in series 2. Most are a continuation of the ones found in series 1. Found one per HTA pack and making their return
    Box Reviews
  3. Bccg

    I have not collected cards since the early 90's and I just bought a 1963 pete rose graded at BCCG 9. I paid 900 for it and I wonder what it would grade out from a more respected company.

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  4. The Finish

    "The Reason Set Collecting is Better than Player Collecting."

    I have some time right now so I think I will post another entry.

    In the late 1990's, card collecting went through a drastic change. Many cool innovations occurred such as jersey cards, autos, parrallels, and inserts. While this made collecting more interesting, it had a major side effect. No one could have all of a player's cards anymore. It shifted focus away from the classic collection, a set. ...

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  5. The Chase

    "Why I am Drawn to Set Collecting in Basketball (The Short Answer)."

    As many in the basketball forum have come to know, I love parrallel sets in basketball. When I was was a child, the first parallel set I tried and failed to collect was a Baseball Topps Gold set in the mid-nineties. After this failure, I continued to collect non-sports sets as a child and in high school. While I was in college, the obession subsided.

    A magical year happened in basketball though, ...

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