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  1. My Card List-PM With Offers

    Here are SOME of the cards I have for sale. I will list more every day until hopefully I get most of my decent cards listed.

    96 Pacific Dynagon Eddie George (Card #P55)
    96 Skybox Impact Tiki Barber (Card #210)
    00 Upper Deck MVP Brian Urlacher (Card #192)
    01 Upper Deck Victory Chris Chambers (Card #398)
    02 UD Piece of History Antonio Bryant (Card #101)
    02 Topps Clinton Portis (Card #326)
    02 Topps Ed Reed (Card #353)
    02 Upper Deck MVP Joey ...

    Updated 08-05-2009 at 04:35 PM by dantheman4250

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  3. Working on reputation.

    While I don't have a whole lot of free time. I am working on finishing some sets from my second wave of collecting. Those sets from 1998-2001. I hope that when I wrap up those, I can begin the third wave of collecting along with my son who was born on May 18th, 2009. The daily grind of working two jobs, balancing family will make every second of my life count. I hope that I am able to find homes for my unwanted cards while finishing up incomplete collecting projects.
  4. National Fifth and Final day

    Today was the last day of the Nationals and it was quite a good day for all of us. It was less busy than the last two days but our giveaway still managed to draw a bit of a crowd. Debbie Herrmann was the lucky winner of a triple autograph card numbered to only five and ?I must say that her son looked absolutely chuffed.

    Today, I had planned to stay at the booth for most of the day however, things did not go as planned...My husband and sister in law who came to Cleveland with me attended ...
  5. Nationals Day 4

    Today was yet another great day for SCF at the Nationals! There were numerous highlights to my day starting with the interview I did with Chris Carlin from Upper Deck, a really nice guy who answers every question openly and doesn't shy away from giving you information! Thanks for your time Chris I really appreciated it. You will all be able to read the full interview in the next edition of Collector's Corner which should be out on the 10th August (delayed a bit because of the Nationals).