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  1. Serial /#'d Cards for Trade

    [B]You will not find [URL=""]Game Used[/URL] or [URL=""]Autographed[/URL] cards here.[/B]

    C.Crawford 09 Topps Finest Blue Refractor /399 #78[B](TRADED)[/B]
    J.Lackey 09 Topps Finest Green Refractor /99 #41[B](TRADED)[/B]
    JB.Thurmond 05 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor /225 #265[B](TRADED)[/B]
    E.Johnson 05 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor /225 #215[B](TRADED)[/B]
    B.Coats ...

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  2. Rookie Cards for Trade

    [B]You will not find [URL=""]Game Used[/URL], [URL=""]Autographed[/URL], or [URL=""]Serial /#'d[/URL] cards here even if they are Rookie Cards.[/B]

    [B]2009 Bowman Draft[/B]
    BDPW15 - Jing-Chao Wang Chrome
    BDPW29 - Robbie Cordemans Chrome
    BDPW32 - Frederich Cepeda Chrome
    BDPP31 - Chris Wade ...

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  3. My trade list

    [B]You will not find [URL=""]Autographs[/URL], [URL=""]Game Used[/URL], [URL=""]Serial /#'d[/URL] or [URL=""]Rookie Cards[/URL] in this list.[/B]

    R.Oswalt 09 Topps Finest Refractor #118
    A.Ramirez 09 Topps Finest Refractor #87
    J.Chamberlain 09 Topps Finest ...

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  4. Thursday, December 17, 2009 Mailday! Very Rare Additions!

    Today's mail brought in two new Garnett's, both of which are cards that are very tough to find:

    1994/95 ISHA Boys AA State Tournament #226
    1994/95 ISHA Boys AA State Tournament Special Edition #240

    Yes, they are both cards from his highschool days at Farragut Academy in Illinois. According to some information I have read, the cards from this set are some of the toughest Garnett cards to find. To my knowledge, there are three total Garnett's in the set - #226, #239 ...
  5. Ramon Nivar Collection

    Statistical Breakdown
    RC: 19/20 (95%)
    GU: 22/30 (73.3%)
    AU: 23/44 (52.3%)
    #'rd: 91/158 (57.6%)
    1/1: 4/30 (13.3%)
    Minors: 2/7 (28.6%)
    Total: 147/222 (66.2%)

    Not included in any of the above counts.
    Unrecognized by Beckett: 3
    Uncertified Autographs: 7
    Autographed 5 x 7 photo with COA
    Autographed OMLB, no COA
    Game Used Rangers Road Jersey from 2003

    Not Including 1/1's
    RC: 19/20 ...

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