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  1. The work has begun!

    Today, I spent a good portion of the day moving stuff out of the basement and into the Garage, other rooms of the house, or just straight into the trash.

    A couple of the highlights was getting rid of some old electrical wiring, in which I now have a line that I can run some additional lighting if need be.

    I also decided what aspect i'm going to start with. Ok, the decision was made for me. I found a couple areas of the cement floor that are not 100% level. Because of ...
  2. Basketball Trade list

    Tons of cards but this is a start
    Description BV
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor Charlie Ward 3.00
    2004-05 Topps Chrome LeBron James x3 6.00
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Yao Ming x3 2.50
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Refractors #3 Stephon Marbury 6.00
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Refractors #4 Chris Bosh 6.00
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Refractors #17 Jarvis Hayes 4.00
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Refractors #27 Gilbert Arenas 6.00
    2004-05 Topps ...

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  3. Lost Season finale wow!

    Well, the hubby and I just couldn't resist any longer, we decided to watch the double lenght season finale of Lost with dinner tonight and wowser what a show!

    So many things happened it was unreal, I think I need to watch it once more to wrap my head around it all. My top 10 moments in a particular order number one being the best:

    10. Rose and Bernard reappearing. It was great to see them alive and well and to see that the writers had not forgotten about them

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  4. gale sayers

    i pulled a 07 exquiste gale saayers auto out of 20
  5. derek jeter roger clemens dual auto

    on youtube i ordered a box from chri5784

    it was 07 sweet spot baseball

    first thing was a redemption

    derek jeter roger clemens dual auto i reddemed it im taking offers right now

    thank you