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  1. Evidence of a bad circumstance

    Back in April, I wrote that the Mets made a big mistake in choosing Oliver Perez over Pedro Martinez. Youth over veteran savvy is always a big risk, depending on the players involved. Atlanta took that same risk by ending Tom Glavine's 2nd tour of duty with the team in favor of prized rookie Tommy Hanson, for example. But the Mets, long known for making bone-headed moves in the front office as well as on the field, opted for an unstable left hander whose brilliance is offset by periods of wildness ...
  2. Is Strasburg worth this kind of money?

    Remember Bryan Bullington? Donít feel bad, neither do I.

    Bullington was the first overall pick of the Pittsburgh Pirates back in 2002. The highly touted pitcher was 11-3 with a 2.86 ERA at Ball State before being drafted first overall. He struggled as starter in the minors and is now a reliever in Toronto.

    How about Matt Anderson? He dominated the WAC with a 1.82 ERA at Rice University before being the first overall pick by the Detroit Tigers in 1997. Heís now in the ...
  3. looking to trade tom brady and peyton manning rcs.

    i am wanting to trade peyton manning rcs and tom brady rcs for romo rcs i dont have and autos of sanchez. stafford, ryan, flacco, or felix jones.
  4. Tradelist

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  5. Cards for trade

    Nice #'d cards

    Tim Duncan 07-08 Bowman 65/399
    Brandon Roy 07-08 Bowman Chrome 73/99
    Chris Bosh 06-07 Bowman Elevation 30/99
    Chris Bosh 08-09 Topps 854/2008
    Carlos Boozer/Magic Johnson 08-09Topps Co Signers 257/399
    Raja Bell 08-09 Topps 219/1199
    Josh Childress 08-09 Topps 46/51
    Shawn Marion 08-09 Topps TipOff 1572/2008
    Ryan Gomes 06-07 Topps Finest RC Black Refractor 4/19
    Greg Oden RC 07-08 Bowman Chrome 2065/2999
    Andrew Bogut ...

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