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  1. I just don't get it!

    This is probably going to offend most people, but it needs to be saidÖ
    Whatís all the hype about Nolan Ryan and his Ďlegendí status? Sure, 5000+ strikeouts and 300 career wins, but a legend? I just donít see it. Please, explain to me how on any list of the 5 best pitchers of all-time, Ryan keeps showing up? I just donít get it.
    The stats donít lie:
    His 324-292 record is nothing more than average, as his .526 winning percentage is 516th all-time and worst among the 24 ...
  2. Mr. Val Delory

    I received an autograph request back from a player who played during the 1948-1949 NHL season. His name is Val Delory, and not only did he sign a few of the custom (homemade) hockey cards I created, but he also wrote a full page letter back to me. It's players such as Mr. Delory that motivates me into collecting some of the older hockey players. Not only do they sign quickly, and love to receive mail, but they appreciate a collector and take the time out of their day to respond to some of the questions. ...
  3. My Card List-PM With Offers

    Here are SOME of the cards I have for sale. I will list more every day until hopefully I get most of my decent cards listed.

    96 Pacific Dynagon Eddie George (Card #P55)
    96 Skybox Impact Tiki Barber (Card #210)
    00 Upper Deck MVP Brian Urlacher (Card #192)
    01 Upper Deck Victory Chris Chambers (Card #398)
    02 UD Piece of History Antonio Bryant (Card #101)
    02 Topps Clinton Portis (Card #326)
    02 Topps Ed Reed (Card #353)
    02 Upper Deck MVP Joey ...

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  4. test

  5. Working on reputation.

    While I don't have a whole lot of free time. I am working on finishing some sets from my second wave of collecting. Those sets from 1998-2001. I hope that when I wrap up those, I can begin the third wave of collecting along with my son who was born on May 18th, 2009. The daily grind of working two jobs, balancing family will make every second of my life count. I hope that I am able to find homes for my unwanted cards while finishing up incomplete collecting projects.