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  1. Bccg

    I have not collected cards since the early 90's and I just bought a 1963 pete rose graded at BCCG 9. I paid 900 for it and I wonder what it would grade out from a more respected company.

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  2. The Finish

    "The Reason Set Collecting is Better than Player Collecting."

    I have some time right now so I think I will post another entry.

    In the late 1990's, card collecting went through a drastic change. Many cool innovations occurred such as jersey cards, autos, parrallels, and inserts. While this made collecting more interesting, it had a major side effect. No one could have all of a player's cards anymore. It shifted focus away from the classic collection, a set. ...

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  3. The Chase

    "Why I am Drawn to Set Collecting in Basketball (The Short Answer)."

    As many in the basketball forum have come to know, I love parrallel sets in basketball. When I was was a child, the first parallel set I tried and failed to collect was a Baseball Topps Gold set in the mid-nineties. After this failure, I continued to collect non-sports sets as a child and in high school. While I was in college, the obession subsided.

    A magical year happened in basketball though, ...

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  4. BV & SV? Baloney

    I personally think BV and SV are stupid. A card is worth what someone will pay for it. There is no basic value of a card. If someone on ebay buys some Mark Teixeira GU for $3 then that shouldn't become it's value. To the person who bought it that's what he would pay for it. Nothing can have a stated value. If you want to join my group for Beckett haters click this link: [URL][/URL]
    I agree a bit more with Sale Value because someone actually ...
  5. TTM success

    Doing a quick post with some more TTM success. I've read that he isn't a good signer, so I was surprised and happy to see this one int he mail today!

    Thanks for the look