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  1. USC Comprehensive List


    Al Carmichael
    Anthony Davis
    Anthony McCoy
    Anthony Munoz
    Bill Nelsen
    Billy Miller
    Brian Cushing
    Brian Kelly
    Bruce Matthews
    Calvin Holmes
    Carson Palmer
    Chad Morton
    Charles White
    Charley Young
    Chauncey Washington
    Chris Claiborne
    Clay Matthews Jr.
    Clay Matthews Sr.
    Curtis Conway
    Damian Williams
    Dallas Sartz
    Darnell Bing
    Darrell Russell
    David ...

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  2. SP Diecut Threads

    For some reason I decided to work on this set and I need a bunch! (Cards in bold are incoming)

    2009 SP Threads Die Cut #AP4 Brett Favre $10.00
    2009 SP Threads Die Cut #AP76 DeSean Jackson $3.00
    2009 SP Threads Die Cut #AP97 Donnie Avery $3.00

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  3. Miguel Del Toro

    Has anyone came up with an autograph of the former SF Giants pitcher Miguel Del Toro? Or know where I may seek for one? Thanks everyone!! Sparkywax
  4. 12/29/09-1/5/10 Mailweek

    This past week was nowhere near as big as the last couple of weeks, but still brought in some nice stuff.

    For the Wetteland collection:
    1988 Baseball America AA All-Stars Best
    1988 San Antonio Missions Best
    1988 San Antonio Missions Best Platinum
    1988 Texas League All-Stars Grand Slam
    1989 Albuquerque Dukes CMC
    1991 Albuquerque Dukes Line Drive
    1991 Albuquerque Dukes ProCards
    1993 Finest Refractor (Graded SGC 88-I didn't ...

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  5. And then there were 12

    The NFL playoffs begin on Saturday, and three of the four Wild Card games this weekend are rematches from Week 17. Talk about instant turnarounds! Let's look at the seedings in each conference first:


    1. Indianapolis
    2. San Diego
    3. New England
    4. Cincinnati
    5. New York Jets
    6. Baltimore


    1. New Orleans
    2. Minnesota
    3. Dallas
    4. Arizona
    5. Green Bay
    6. Philadelphia ...