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  1. a fresh new start

    Hi, everyone I'm Seng and currently located in Wilmington NC. There's one good thing here and that is that I have a local shop that's pretty well know throughout the card trading world. The shop is called Hobby Box and is owned by chris, the youtube box break guy. Anyways I used to collect alot back in 2006 and 2007. When I decided to stop, I sold my collection for a low amount and that was that. I recently started collecting again. Man this hobby is one hard one to stop but what can I say, ...
  2. Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 Mailday on Wednesday, January 20th!

    Today's blog entry is actually mostly from yesterday's mail - received 6 packages, and was just unable to sort everything yesterday. Let's start off with the notable Garnett's first:

    2000 Topps Team USA 52
    2000-01 Topps Quantum Leaps QL9
    2001-02 Stadium Club Parallel 21
    2001-02 Ultra Triple Double Trouble 8TD
    2001-02 Upper Deck Higher Ground HG2
    2001-02 Upper Deck Upper Decade Team UD4
    2001-02 Upper Deck Honor Roll Fab Five All-Stars F5AS3
    2001-02 ...
  3. 012010

    40F, clear, breeze 15 mph W

    It's well into the new year right now. Hobbywise, I think I may have already overextended myself in a few othersite case breaks. Oh well, hope I get something good. I think I'd have to lay low for a while until I get my tax refund.

    This year I will probably be concentrating on the Bengals, specifically autographed items of Bernard Scott, Cedric Benson (in Bengals uniform only), Ken Anderson (who I have no idea why he is not already an HOFer), ...
  4. 1/12 - 1/18 Mailweek

    This past week was pretty decent for my Nivar collection. No thanks to anybody around here.

    Oh well. Here's this past weeks goodies.

    For the Young collection:
    '09 Topps Unique Prime Patches Michael Young 3-color patch (a nice red/white/blue patch that looks like it came from a Ranger uni, not like those wierd ones with black and yellow)

    Around 35 other base/inserts to push my Young total well over 100 different.

    For the Blalock ...
  5. Time for a Step Back...

    Yesterday I made a decision...While I still love the hobby, I realized that I was spending a bit too much time on the site and site duties and neglecting some of life's issues...I can't stop collecting because, well that would just be too hard but what I could do though, was take a step back from the site duties. As a result, I decided to step down from my staff position. For the eagle eyed members who notice badges, that's why my 2 staff badges have been replaced by a retired staff one...