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  1. Day 1 Send-Offs!

    So I sent the 4 that I had prepared last night off this morning, and I decided to do 6 more this afternoon!

    Ian Snell (C/O Pirates, 1 Card)
    Jim Leyland (C/O Tigers, 1 Card)
    Eric Wedge (C/O Indians, 1 Card)
    Aaron Miles (C/O Cubs, 1 Card)
    Joe Mather (C/O Memphis, 1 Card)
    John Russell (C/O Pirates, 2 Cards)

    10 out on day 1! Lets see how it goes!
  2. Reality gets the last laugh

    PT Barnum once said that "a sucker is born every minute". Apparently, not enough of them were watching Monday Night Raw from Los Angeles on Memorial Day.

    Determined to embarass the NBA at all costs, WWE owner Vince McMahon hired actors to impersonate NBA commissioner David Stern, Lakers owner Jerry Buss, and movie legend/Lakers superfan Jack Nicholson, and local ring announcer Troy Stone was recruited to masquerade as Denver Nuggets owner E. (for Enos) Stanley Kroenke. ...
  3. My first TTM send-offs in a decade!

    It kind of freaks me out, but last Sunday(5/23/09) I had made the decision that my summer collecting project would be collecting TTM autographs! How awesome was it to click on SCF this evening and see the new TTM section! It was fate!!

    Anyway, I am sending my first 4 since childhood this morning. I hope to keep a nice, running total on here, and would like to send a couple hundred of these out this summer! Let's see how it goes!

    5/28/2009 TTM Requests:

    Joe ...
  4. A little about me

    My name is Adam, I am married and have 2 little boys, Nick - age 5 and Noah - age 2. I live in sunny Southern California, am a graduate of USC and work as a claims director for a large insurance carrier.

    I have been collecting cards since 1979 off and on (mostly on). I have a fairly large collection with too many focuses (if I have too many focuses does that make me unfocused???). My collecting priorities seems to shift weekly.

    Here is a summary of my collection: ...
  5. T.O. dismisses snub by former QB, works on chemistry with new one

    If Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo doesn't want to refer to his former wide receiver by name these days, that's fine with Terrell Owens.
    "Dude, I could care less," Owens said with a laugh following the Buffalo Bills' voluntary minicamp practice Wednesday. "I mean, he doesn't mention my name, that's fine. What about it?"
    Owens spoke in response to a question regarding Romo, who declined to refer to the wide receiver by name after the Cowboys practiced last week ...