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  1. QB Hall of Famer Serial Numbered cards

    I need to start keeping track of this stuff. Here's the QB's I've got so far. I'll be logging the others as soon as I can! Please let me know if you have anything I don't!
    204 & Counting!

    Year Company/Set Subset Name Serial Number
    1996 Collectors Edge Advantage Steve Young 1251/2000
    1996 Donruss Hit List Dan Marino 07212/10000
    1997 Donruss Elite Dan Marino 4817/5000
    1997 Donruss Legends of the Fall Steve Young 01588/10000
    1997 Donruss Zoning ...

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  2. My hobby resolutions ... 2010 edition

    In just a little over a week, my hobby of collecting sports cardboard is going to jump to a whole new level. At least that's the plan.

    You see, just me posting this blog is a step in the right direction as far as my New Years resolutions go. In fact, the title of the blog even challenges me to come back for another edition of resolutions in a year to come.

    Just to back up a bit, and I'm not trying to make anyone jealous here, but in November, my beautiful wife and I ...
  3. Good thing he isn't a doctor.....

    With the Alamo Bowl days away, Texas Tech decided to divest itself of head coach Mike Leach today, two days after suspending Leach for some questionable disciplinary tactics.

    As you probably know by now, Texas Tech wide receiver Adam James, son of former SMU/NFL star and current ESPN game analyst Craig James, had suffered a concussion earlier this season, but reportedly was kept confined to a darkened, enclosed room. That is no way to treat someone recovering from a concussion! Who ...
  4. 12/22-12/29 Mail Week

    This past week ended up being a pretty big one for new cards. I added 13 new Pudge Rodriguez game used cards thanks to a trade with MJackson3CW24. That put my Pudge GU'd total up to 128 different.

    I added 9 miscellaneous certified Ranger autographs including one of Ruben Mateo.

    Also a few miscellaneous Ranger base and insert cards and several new Juan Gonzalez's for my collection of him.

    The pick pickups were to my '02 Diamond Kings set and Ramon ...
  5. Good Start

    I just started to trade cards on this web site. I used to do beckett trading and I like it better here. I've already made 3 trades and hopefully there are more to come.