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  1. Of agents and black clouds

    You have to pity James "Bus" Cook. As a player agent, he's not as well known in football circles as a Leigh Steinberg or a Drew Rosenhaus, nor is he a publicity mark, like Rosenhaus or, if you're a baseball fan, Scott Boras.

    However, Cook's most famous client, Brett Favre, supposedly, is talking about coming out of retirement again, this time to play for the Minnesota Vikings, bent on revenge against the Green Bay Packers, and the slipshod way they handled his departure ...
  2. Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton (5/2)

    I know its been several days since the boxing match, but man oh man.. such a win by Manny Pac Man!! It only took PacMan 2 rounds to knock out Hatton & IMO, it was a plain & easy for Manny... Hatton could not stop Manny even if his life depended on it
    Mad props to Ricky Hatton... but the dude did not stand a chance... I mean c'mon, Manny Pacquiao hold 6 different belts for 6 different weight division... one of the best boxers IMO!! :boxing::boxing::boxing:

    I wish SCF had ...
  3. First TTM Success!

    I was really excited to see one of my own envelopes in the mail today, my first through the mail success! This puts me at 1 / 4. The player is: Karl Alzner. The only thing is though.. since this is my first TTM success, I'm not sure if this is normal. The auto I got looks really different from autos on UD and ITG cards.

    MY TTM:

    (I have two)

    His ITG auto:

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  4. The Preparation is underway

    Well, my wife and I recently made the decision to take our house off of the market. There were a number of factors that went into this decision, none of which I will share in this space.

    One of the fallouts from this will be the fact that I will be adding a "mancave" to the basement. I will have 4 areas in the remodelling of the basement, a closet area for Liv's Toys, a bar/poker room, a family area and a utility room.

    Over the next bit, I will be adding pictures ...
  5. Chicago White Sox

    Is it, or does it seem everytime Contreras pitches, we give up ridiculous amounts of runs..?!
    I really can't stand Jose Contreras. Last year when he was injured.. (vs the Red Sox.. in which I happen to be at that game) I was actually rooting for him to get injured.. :sign0020:
    IMO Javier should of stayed & Jose should of been the one packing

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