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  1. Pelle Lindbergh: Triumph To Tragedy

    Pelle Lindbergh was a Swedish goaltender who first burst on to the scene during the 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid, where he helped the Swedish national team hold the gold-medal winning Americans to a 2-2 tie and becoming the only team who didn't lose to the champions during the tournament.

    2008/09 ITG Between The Pipes Game-Used Jersey SP


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  2. TTM Database

    The TTM database has been installed and is doing very well at this point. For the most part it was recieved positively. I was a little nervous about the release and a little shocked that we are still having so many successes posted in autograph central that are not going into the TTM Manager! Hopefully as more members give it a shot they will realize all the new tools at their disposal. I personally have enjoyed the tracking feature of the database. It is cool to see who I had sent to and when the ...
  3. Listing My Tradelist

    I just wanted to share my tradelist (Not Including Auto's and GU). It's a long list. I'll be updating it from time to time. LMK if you see anything that you like. Thanks!

    Tradelist: Basketball
    93-94 Fleer Ultra Chris Webber RC
    94-95 Fleer Ultra Jason Kidd RC
    95-96 Hoops Skybox Jerry Stackhouse RC
    95-96 Fleer Metal Stackhouse Scrapbook
    96-97 Skybox Premium Series 2 Rookies (Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Camby, Allen...Complete RC set)
    99-00 ...

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  4. A little bit of this & that

    Tommy Dreamer, the last "ECW Original" on the current WWE roster, won the ECW championship Sunday at Extreme Rules. Now, not surprisingly, there are rumors that Dreamer (real name: Tom Loughlin, not to be confused with the "Billy Jack" actor of the same name) has signed a new deal with WWE, which set the wheels in motion. I had envisioned Dreamer winning, then retiring that same night, like Trish Stratus did at Unforgiven '06. That may still happen, depending on what unfolds ...
  5. Tradelist

    Sick of freewebs, so I will post my tradelist here:

    Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. GU Ball

    Topps Blue Chips Jason Bay auto BGS 9.5 (EDIT)

    Donruss Leather and Lumber Cal Ripkin Jr. auto 1/5

    Elements Johan Santana Auto GU

    __________________________________________________ _
    2008 UD A Piece of History Maggilo Ordonez GU (Not #ed)