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  1. 2009 Upper Deck Series 2 Baseball

    Yesterday I broke a box of series 2 that I pre-ordered from Afterward I made a review of what I found for youtube. 3 game used, 1 USA auto and 1 07 UD Masterpieces buyback Captured on Canvas game used. Hot box? What do you think?

    For series 1 I like all the inserts but in this box I didn't get much of any. I would like to get another box of this to compare results. Like other blogs have reported series 2 seems

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  2. Variance is good and bad...

    Well, for the first time ever I got a good case from Upper Deck after loser cases of Black last year, 3 Ultimate, Chrono, and 2 Exquisite yielding ZERO great cards, zero MJs, Kobes, Russells, Birds, 1/1s, tonite it tilted back in my favor:

    Stockton 1/1 auto!
    Rose/Beasley dual to 25 auto,
    Beasley to 50 auto'd jersey piece,
    Russell/Elgin/West/Oscar to 1!

    So after 11 boxes, I have 5 'A' autos + the Stockton. I should have stopped after 9 boxes but you'd hate ...
  3. Who do you think was the greatest right fielder in the modern age of baseball

    I personally think Bobby Abreau. What about the rest of the baseball fan world.
  4. 2008 Topps Leodis McKelvin Variations Set Project

    I recently started a project trying to get every 2008 Topps Leodis McKelvin card there is besides 1/1's. Please let me know if you have any of the cards here without a (GI) or (IC) next to it! Once I get all these I'll try to get some 1/1's from the set if I can manage to locate them. The links below the cards is the link to the beckett website with the list of all the cards produced and some details about each card (print run, etc.)

    Here's the 2008 Topps Leodis McKelvin Cards Produced ...

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  5. A bit about me

    Hello to all on SCF,

    Just got an account here on Sports Card Forums yesterday, and figured I would introduce myself a little.

    My name is Trevor, but you can call me Trev(I actually prefer it). Ive been in the hobby off and on for 21 years, only taking about 3 breaks in 1995-1999, 2001-2003, and the lockout year of 2005.

    The first card I ever pulled was from 88-89 O Pee Chee #120, Wayne Gretzky. It was located at the back of the pack, so I didnt have to ...