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  1. TTM success

    Doing a quick post with some more TTM success. I've read that he isn't a good signer, so I was surprised and happy to see this one int he mail today!

    Thanks for the look
  2. I Miss Trading!!!

    For the last month or so I have been so busy that I havent really made any trades, well none that involved going to the post office anyways as I honestly dont have the time...Why you ask? Well, I work full time and study part-time converting my law degree into one that will be valid in good old England. It's not too hard to cope during most of the year but when the finals are approaching, it gets absolutely crazy...This weekend alone, I killed (or emptied whatever you want to call it) 3 brand new ...
  3. Stanley cup games not sold out in Detroit


    The economy in Michigan is so bad that people can't afford to attend Joe Louis arena to watch the Wings play in round 4. Residents are very worried about losing their jobs. The unemployment rate within the city is above
    12%, a rate not seen since 1973.

  4. Good Night Tonight

    I had a very good night tonight. We took our boys to the Angels/Mariners game. I was my 2 year old's first baseball game ever and he loved it! He had a great time and I think he is going to be my sports fanatic. While my 5 year old seems to enjoy sports, he isn't overly enthusiastic. The only down side was having to leave the game early. The Angels were up 1-0, ended up going up 3-0 then the Mariners tied it up in the ninth. As I am typing, the M's are up by 1 in the 10th. Used to say that ...
  5. Card Collection


    High end RCs:

    05 topps chrome aaron rodgers RC


    07 national treasures brady quinn RC reebok patch /10


    08 classics darren mcfadden school colors auto /50
    09 contenders shonn greene auto rc
    09 ultimate matt stafford rc auto /99
    07 spa brady quinn patch auto /399
    07 spa brady quinn auto /25
    07 ultimate brady quinn auto /99
    10 exquisite rolando mcclain rc auto ...

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