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  1. Brad Keselowski - NNS - Race/Gateway

    Well, Brad ran a great race, I thought that he had the car to beat. I also thought Stephen Leicht would do good. On the most part, Brad lead a few laps, and got the extra points.

    Car Facts
    Driver: Brad Keselowski
    Number: 88
    Owner: Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    Sponsor: Degree V12
    Chassis: 434

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  2. Brad Keselowski - Videos

    2010 NASCAR Nationwide Series - Bristol Post Race
    HTML Code:
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  3. My GU/Auto Collection


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  4. Nick Anderson PC

    Nick Anderson PC 112 Cards and counting!

    If you have anything NOT on this list I need it!

    Total Cards 106/383
    this = incoming

    Auto 4/7

    1996-97 SkyBox Premium Autographics #3
    1997-98 SkyBox Premium Autographics #4
    1998-99 SkyBox Premium Autographics #6
    1998-99 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Bronze #NA ...

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  5. RC Tradelist

    Crabtree, Michael 09 UD Football Heroes
    Davis, Vernon 2006 Aspire
    James, LaMichael 2012 Bowman Bronze Parallel
    Robinson, Trenton 2012 SPx /750
    Smith, Reggie 2008 Topps Chrome Xfractor

    Jeffery, Alshon 2012 Topps Platinum
    Jeffery, Alshon 2012 Prestige
    Jeffery, Alshon 2012 Prestige Passport
    Spaeth, Matt 2007 UD First Edition

    Green, A.J. 2011 Prestige ...

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