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  1. Greetings

    Hi, sports card forum. This is my first blog post.. woo!
  2. New Additions Today!

    Today was my largest Garnett mailday in quite awhile. I received two trades in, which totalled 29 different new additons, with alot of nice inserts! Highlighting the list would have to be these:

    1995 Signature Rookies Red Hot Rookies
    1996-97 Upper Deck Generation eXcitement (die-cut)
    1997-98 Skybox Premium Rock N Fire
    1998-99 Upper Deck Aerodynamics
    1998-99 Upper Deck Forces
    1999-00 Hoops Name Plates (this one is really cool...almost looks like a license ...
  3. Player Collecting...Not all that Easy

    As most of you no doubt know by now, I collect Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur. Although, to be honest, Martin is the number two guy and my first priority has always been Patrick...Why? Probably because he is the one I grew up idolizing and mimicking (from the butterfly style to the bad temper and even to that wink, I did it all).

    I started collecting again two and a half years ago and try as I may, it is far from easy to be a completist when you collect a player who has that many ...

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  4. Changes Made

    Figured I may as well start using this again, and rather than chronicaling each Celtics game, I will use this to update additions to my Garnett collection (which currently stands at 724 different), and any news on Kevin Garnett himself!

    First off, there was an article released a few days ago stating that Kevin is recovering from his surgery like originally thought, and he could be cleared for full-contact practices within the next few weeks. This is great news for the Celtics, as their ...
  5. How To Be A Smart Trader (aka How To Win Disputes)

    Lately there has been a rash of really bad decisions and really upset people because of their bad decisions. To that end I thought it might be a good idea to create a little "guide" on how to be a smart trader (and win disputes). These are the most common reasons that result in losing a dispute.

    Keep Your Receipt!!
    This is probably the single greatest "mistake" that i see. Something as simple as holding on to a postal receipt can mean the difference between

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