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  1. Traders and sellers not only on SCF but all website

    Hey everyone,
    Here is another addition to the rant that I will continue.

    My issue today is that sellers and buyers, not only on SCF, but on most websites are getting to be really ridiculous about prices. I will admit that sometimes I like to try my luck and go for a low price but it seems that people are lookin for free cards from everyone. People, seriously, stop trying to low ball people on every card that you want or trying to get over on those people buying from you. ...
  2. Merry christmas !


    Hope everyone have a great holiday, without too much drinking, less fights, and no abuse of any kind.

    Just have fun ! thats what its all about.
  3. Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 Mailday!

    Today's mail brought in one new Garnett, one that was sent to me for free by Umpy9!

    1996-97 Topps NBA at 50 45

    This is my 934th differnt Garnett overall.

    As always, thanks for taking a moment to follow my quest for every Garnett card in existence!
  4. Woho ! the day before christmas.

    Just woke up. 2 things i noticed right away. My baby was not beside me, and it rained last night... which means, no more snow :( We havent had a white christmas here in Malmö,Sweden for over 10 years.. Things started to change.. and bam, RAIN :(

    Now im off for some last minute christmas shopping- 2 gifts, ham, cheese, chrismas brew :D


    Talk to you later.

    And yeh, check out my bucket on christmas day. I get a new scanner for christmas, ...
  5. CardCornerClub


    i recently signed up with cardcornerclub. pretty cool site, you can display your collection and do a slideshow, im happy i signed up