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  1. NFL, Topps.. Where did they get a Magic theme?

    by , 07-10-2009 at 12:55 PM (The, sometimes weekly, hopefully monthly Dose)
    From the 1951 Topps Magic football card set which featured 75 of the countries top collegiate players.

    The backs had a small player blurb, and a black and white photo of the player’s college, it also contained a scratch-off section that gives the answer to a football quiz...

    This scratch-off quiz was added to several subsequent Topps releases.

    Brief, but to the point ;)
    Tags: football, magic, topps
  2. Waking up at the buttcrack of dawn

    No sleep last night. Okay I slept. For like two hours though. Couldn't stand the anticipation.

    If your following this please lmk

    will be back later tonight with how I did.
  3. St. Louis food review, around the town, and additional info about St. Louis.

    Well I came back empty handed.

    I wasn't expecting to many stars to be here Thursday night but I brought a pen and a ball around downtown.


    Just got the list of people appearing to SIGN AUTOGRAPHS on Friday and Satruday


    Andy Benes
    Orlando Cepeda
    Jack Clark
    Will Clark
    Bob Feller
    Rollie Fingers
    Tom Henke
    John Mabry
    Mike Matheny
    Lee Smith

    I need some ...
  4. All the way from St. Louis MO All-Star game fan-fest!

    Just arrived in St. Louis after a brutal six hour drive.

    The city is booming and after a short delay trying to find the "wireless cord" (yeah figure that one out) I'm up and writing my first blog.

    Hoping to go around down town St. Louis tonight to scope for HOFers but we will see if that actually happens.

    Just found out that Billy and Cal Ripken will be live at Fan Fest on Saturday doing a radio show.

    I hope I don't insult Billy ...
  5. My Dad, a ball, some snow, and Joe Torre

    By Kevin O’Connor aka koconnor67
    My Dad, a ball, some snow, and Joe Torre

    This is the kind of story that subtly illuminates some of the reasons behind our persona and our make up. It hints to how we become who we are and describes why our hero’s and champions earn their place in our hearts and minds, all the while performing consistent, ordinary, and average, only to be revered as extraordinary. I believe everyone has a story like this if ...