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  1. The Big One !'s just about most wanted, highly sought after White Whale has been hooked...I've chased Henrk Lundqvist RC's from the day they were released back in 05' I've had them all but one..the most expensive one of course...2005-06 The Cup Patch/Auto /199 ...I've made offers for it over the last couple years and even attempted to trade for it once or twice..but no one really trades a card like this's either in your PC Safe, or up for sale to the highest bidder..Back when it was ...
  2. Pittsburgh XXXI Spring Classic National Sports Card & Memorabilia Show 5/17/09

    I went to a show today at Robert Morris University outside of Pittsburgh. I was not planning to attend but at the last minute I saw the opportunity to get out of the house, so I grabbed some stuff, and made my way out to see what was there. I picked up a few things for my PC (see scans). Over all the show looked like it had a good turn out and all the dealers where in a good mood.

    I got in line for Duffy Dyer signing for $10 plus the ROMLB for $12. (see scan) Duffy Dyer was my favorite ...
  3. 2005-2006 Crosby Ice BGS 9.5

    I am selling on ebay my coveted 2005-2006 UD Ice Sidney Crosby. If anyone is interested please look me up or PM me. My Crosby Ice has 3 10's for sub-grades. I also have his glacial graph from same year BGS 9.5 for sale on e-bay. Please reply or send me a message thru e-bay if interested. My seller name on e-bay is psychrn330. Cards are for sale only no trades please. 2 great additions for the crosby collector.
  4. The work has begun!

    Today, I spent a good portion of the day moving stuff out of the basement and into the Garage, other rooms of the house, or just straight into the trash.

    A couple of the highlights was getting rid of some old electrical wiring, in which I now have a line that I can run some additional lighting if need be.

    I also decided what aspect i'm going to start with. Ok, the decision was made for me. I found a couple areas of the cement floor that are not 100% level. Because of ...
  5. Basketball Trade list

    Tons of cards but this is a start
    Description BV
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor Charlie Ward 3.00
    2004-05 Topps Chrome LeBron James x3 6.00
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Yao Ming x3 2.50
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Refractors #3 Stephon Marbury 6.00
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Refractors #4 Chris Bosh 6.00
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Refractors #17 Jarvis Hayes 4.00
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Refractors #27 Gilbert Arenas 6.00
    2004-05 Topps ...

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