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  1. Card Shipping From USA To Canada

    I've received plenty of cards in a toploader+pwe that always arrived safely, but I was wondering if it's just as safe to send a normal sized card+toploader+pwe to Canada too? Some guy there made me a good offer on a card so I need to know as soon as possible. Thanks!
  2. Now, let's hope they don't wait another 30 years.......

    The following was posted on my personal blog, The Land of Whatever, earlier today:
    And, so, it's over. The Kansas City Royals marked the 30th anniversary of their first World Series championship by winning this year's edition in 5 games over the Mets. The two teams won't have to wait long to meet again, however, as they'll open the 2016 season at Kaufmann Stadium next April.

    To give credit where it's due, the Royals played like the hungrier team, ...
  3. Real or Autopen?

    I'm thinking about trying to sell my Victor Smolski 4x6 autographed picture (pic on the right) and I was wondering if you guys think it's real or autopen, I want to make sure which it is before I try to sell it.

  4. Greed and Deceit

    After talking to a new client the other day and telling him our story of forty years in the hobby he asked what stands out the most about the hobby. I said without hesitation that the amount of greed and deceit in the hobby is terrible. The hobby has been infiltrated by greedy people not collectors and we have seen deceit in epidemic proportions. Now we have 'scammers lists' and 'blocked buyers' lists, heck we even started tracking people we don't want to deal with.

    It was a ...
  5. Baseball graded auto cards & baseball auto cards & baseball game used car

    Quote Originally Posted by kawhona4 View Post
    I'm looking to sell every card that's shown-And I have a couple hundred rookie cards to go along with these-And what ever more I find in baseball cards I'm also going to add in-I do know that ive got some piles of inserts and star cards-I'm getting out of baseball and only going to collect football now-I used to do a lot of baseball when the kids were here-But they moved on and so am I---
    So EVERYTHING THATS SHOWN YOU ARE GOING TO BE GETTING---You can make me a cash offer Or even a offer