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  1. Lost Season finale wow!

    Well, the hubby and I just couldn't resist any longer, we decided to watch the double lenght season finale of Lost with dinner tonight and wowser what a show!

    So many things happened it was unreal, I think I need to watch it once more to wrap my head around it all. My top 10 moments in a particular order number one being the best:

    10. Rose and Bernard reappearing. It was great to see them alive and well and to see that the writers had not forgotten about them

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  2. gale sayers

    i pulled a 07 exquiste gale saayers auto out of 20
  3. derek jeter roger clemens dual auto

    on youtube i ordered a box from chri5784

    it was 07 sweet spot baseball

    first thing was a redemption

    derek jeter roger clemens dual auto i reddemed it im taking offers right now

    thank you
  4. The current look at the basement

    In preparation to start on my summer project, I started to make some measurements tonight.

    The main part of the room will be essentially 2 sections, with a bathroom. Main area is going to be around 26ft by 14.5 ft. I might be adding in a half wall to create some separation and some storage space.

    The first pic is the current condition of the stairs.

    As ...
  5. This is my blog

    Any NY Giants fans out there?
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