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  1. Gary Zimmerman added!

    Haven't had much money as of late because I'm buying Christmas presents, so I decided to get one of the cheaper ones. I was very satisfied to see that this is a potential 10 grade 1987 Topps Gary Zimmerman!

    1987 Topps Gary Zimmerman. Mint (voted all-decade team twice 80's & 90's, anchored the 91 Vikings team to lead the league in rushing and anchored the 95,96,97 Broncos confrence leading offenses.)

    This brings my total to 25 HOF RCs

    Thanks for reading! ...
  2. Eagles fans come on in!!!

    I have a SICK Brian Westbrook 4 color patch, auto #'d to 15! and it is for sale or for trade....LMK guys thanks
  3. Tuesday, November 24, 2009 Mailday!

    Today's mail brought in 8 new Garnett's, including one GU.

    1998-99 Topps Season's Best Soarers SB12
    1999-00 Fleer Force Forceful Forcefield 5F
    1999-00 Topps All-Matrix AM11
    1999-00 Upper Deck Ovation Spotlight OS1
    1999-00 Upper Deck Retro Old School/New School S20
    2000-01 Ultimate Victory Fly 2 80
    2000-01 Ultimate Victory Fly 2 83
    2004-05 Fleer Genuine At Large #d/199 ALKG GU

    This raises my total to 909 different Garnett's, including ...
  4. Toronto card show 2009

    I went to the card show in toronto. itwas my first time seening so many awesome cards. ididnt see much A.Ovechkin, that was a surprise there was all kinds of crosby.

    isaw a gordie how rookie card for 1500$ gretzky was 350$ gretzky I was surprised that there were so many....
  5. My Want List

    -1992 Classic/Best #AU1-auto
    -1992 Classic/Best Promo #200
    -1994 Pacific Promos #P4
    -1994 Pacific Silver Prisms #8
    -1996 Upper Deck The Griffey Years A Cut Above #CA-2
    -1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Starquest #1 Double
    -1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Starquest #1 Triple
    -1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Starquest #1 Home Run
    -1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Starquest #SQ30 SS
    -1999 UD Choice Starquest gold ...

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