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  1. The true worth of a prize

    You've probably read by now the story of a 12 year old girl who caught Ryan Howard's 200th career home run ball in a game at Florida earlier this season. While it has a happy ending, the circumstances that led to the conclusion will only paint the Phillies in a negative light yet again.

    As has become customary when a player hits a milestone HR, the girl was asked to return the ball, ostensibly so that Howard could add it to his trophy case. Howard reached 200 HR faster than anyone ...
  2. My Little Red Sox Project

    Well I have most of the cards I need to finish off my 2009 Red Sox Rooke Card Project. Any card I don't have, which isn't many now, I will be getting soon. The only card I will be missing is Junichi Tazawa rookie. Unfortunately, it hasn't been made yet so the project is on hold. I have about 15 to 20 autographs and I'm looking to get more. This thing is going to look sick when it's eventually done. I've spent almost 200 bucks on cards which isn't really bad considering the cards that I need ...
  3. Kirk's cards to trade lists

  4. 2009 Topps Chrome Base Needs

    In bold italics I already have, red is incoming

    James Davis - #196
    Base RC
    Blue Refractor
    Copper Refractor #/649
    Red Refractor #/25
    Superfractor #/1
    Rookie Autograph
    Rookie Autograph Black Refractor #/25
    Rookie Autograph Gold Refractor #/10
    Rookie Autograph Superfractor #/1

    Michael Hamlin - #184
    Base RC
    Blue Refractor

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  5. 2009 Topps Chrome Tradelist

    Reg RCs
    112 BJ Raji
    121 Brandon Gibson
    129 Brooks Foster
    146 Duke Robinson
    195 Cornelius Ingram
    213 Tiquan Underwood
    216 Tyson Jackson

    37 Clinton Portis
    48 Kevin Boss
    185 Michael Johnson RC
    203 Rhett Bomar RC

    Bronze Refractors #/649
    Sean Smith RC

    Blue Refractors
    7 Randy Moss
    93 Chad Pennington

    19 Chris Cooley ...