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  1. derek jeter roger clemens dual auto

    on youtube i ordered a box from chri5784

    it was 07 sweet spot baseball

    first thing was a redemption

    derek jeter roger clemens dual auto i reddemed it im taking offers right now

    thank you
  2. The current look at the basement

    In preparation to start on my summer project, I started to make some measurements tonight.

    The main part of the room will be essentially 2 sections, with a bathroom. Main area is going to be around 26ft by 14.5 ft. I might be adding in a half wall to create some separation and some storage space.

    The first pic is the current condition of the stairs.

    As ...
  3. This is my blog

    Any NY Giants fans out there?
    If you want to check out the best NY Giants blog around, go to:

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  4. "The Ugliest Girl in Town", remade again

    In show business, it's not uncommon for men to pose as women. It's a practice almost as old as time itself. However, it hasn't been tried in professional wrestling on a national stage. Until now.

    At Wrestlemania 25 on April 5, Santino Marella (real name: Anthony Carelli) entered a women's battle royal posing as his "twin" sister, "Santina", and ended up winning the match. "Santina" has yet to lose, and the worst case scenario for most of us long-time ...
  5. Dat Nguyen WANT LIST

    [SIZE=5][SIZE=5][SIZE=5][I][SIZE=5][SIZE=5][U][SIZE=5][SIZE=5][B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#000099]DAT NGUYEN  WantList[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/U][/SIZE][/SIZE][/I][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    2004 Fleer Tradition Blue #285 Dat Nguyen
    2004 Fleer Tradition Crystal #285 Dat Nguyen
    2004 Score Final Score #105 Dat Nguyen ...