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  1. Arron Afflalo Need List


    Updated 08-11-2010 at 08:02 PM by jiggidy

  2. No Mail, but more predicitons

    Alright this is part two of my predictions.

    (I also figured that 1 post per day seems good for a blog.)

    First off, I didn't get the mail that I thought I would today, so I will postpone the showing.

    Second, just because I am going to talk Penguins, I am going to start off with this...

    Just wow!

    Alright back to what I started this for. Kinda..(there might be randomness scattered throughout ...
  3. Tribute: Harry Kalas

    Up until a few years ago, I only knew Harry Kalas as the in house narrator for NFL Films. It wasn't until, well, the last decade or so that I found out about his other gig as the play-by-play voice of the Philadelphia Phillies.

    Today, the Phillies, and the sports world in general, is mourning the loss of Kalas, who was found "passed out" in the broadcast booth prior to a game Sunday vs. Washington. While I haven't heard or read of an official cause of death, I have to assume ...
  4. Jennifer Ann

    This is very near and dear to me. I lost my best friend, Jen, in July of 1998, right before I started my senior year of high school. In my 12th grade German class, we had an assignment to write a poem about anything we wanted, I chose to write about Jen. That day, reading that poem (in German) and feeling the tears roll down my face was a task in and of itself. Jen was a great girl, with alot of potential. We used to sit and watch races together, me in my Dale Earnhardt hat and her telling me why ...
  5. Penguins get home ice!

    (first post of my blog)

    I will update this as much as possible, but not promising a lot.

    I'm pretty excited about the Penguins getting home ice in the playoffs. They are playing the Flyers. Another interstate rivalry, I see the Penguins winning it in 5. The way that they turned the season around after getting Chris Kunitz and Bill Guerin is great to see.

    Also, Malkin won the Art Ross scoring title. Congrats to Geno!

    Here is ...