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  1. The Nickname Blog

    I have a habit of giving drivers, crew chiefs, wives, pit reporters, etc nicknames-I think its fun haha-so i figured id share the fun with all of you-and yes some of them will be their real nicknames-its just what ive referred to them as before-and no one get angry at me for any of em-its just what i find myself calling them or saying when they are on tv ha-so lets start shall we?

    Note (this is in no way designed to be mean or hurtful-its all in fun)

    Wives: ...

    Updated 02-16-2009 at 03:14 AM by race crazy

  2. Another Nascar Survey

    Before I start-I give reasons for my answers-it drives me nuts on surveys when people dont explain the almighty important-why? LOL-I do.

    Nascar Driver Favorites

    Who is Your Favorite Veteran? Its gotta be Mark Martin-hes still good, he works hard, and hes respectful.

    Who is Your Favorite Rookie for 2009? Well its between Lagano and Scott Speed-idk-I like Speed for his brashness-definitely different-hes cocky-dont see much of that anymore.

    Who ...

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  3. Thoughts on the Daytona 500

    Hmm-where to start. Congrats Matt Kenseth for being lucky-glad to see a Ford win-obviously for me it was the wrong one.

    Race was just ok this year-and im angry that it didnt go the distance-the last 50 laps is always where it gets really good-never had that in this one.

    Id also like to thank Dale Jr for driving like an idiot today and taking out half the field-NOT. Although he did take out Kyle who prob would have won the race to my displeasure-he also took out BV, Denny, ...
  4. Baseball is a serious joke

    Im no baseball fan-but I watch ESPN enough to see whats going on-and apparently everyone whos anyone in the game ever is a cheater lol-seriously how lame is that? Baseball is a joke-really a joke. No wonder people watch NFL and Nascar instead.

    Just lettin all you baseball fans know-Nascar implemented a drug policy harsher than baseballs and tested everyone this off season-3-yes 3 people tested positive for banned substances-and they were lowly truck series crew members-who in turn ...
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  5. Some Thoughts On Speedweeks to this point

    Well havent posted a blog in a while-idk who even reads these haha-hope someone does. Its Friday the 13th LOL-so time to look back at the week thats been.

    Bud Shootout-Saturday Night:

    Kevin Harvick won with a last lap pass just like in 07-anyone coulda won it-GREAT race-people shoulda been watching! Idk what happened to my guy Carl's car-he was leading after the first 25 laps and then decided to go nap in the middle of the pack lol-hes not exactly the best at RP racing ...