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  1. Atlanta Post Race Thoughts...

    Well Atlanta is over (about 20 minutes ago), and next week there is no race! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    Anyways-Kurt Busch dominated and destroyed the field today and won-kinda a surprise but kinda not-they had been running good-gordon got 2nd continues to do good.

    Idk what is up with Martin and Newman-but they are having issues.

    Carl got 3rd-gambling to stay out with 2 to go was a good call-gained him a finishing position-pit crew Stunk bad today though-Carl ...
  2. Ebay Steal Alert!!!

    I gots a steal tonight-WHOOP!!!

    24.95 for the W Solar Swatch-these goons have been paying 40 for them and the R i got outbid on for the same price is #d to 99, not 50 like the W haha-so it was def a steal to me!

    Now i got all of them coming except R which i need to get all of them! Collection is creeping up on the 600 (561 in hand and about 26 inbound ATM) number out of the 817 cards made so far-gaining-slowly
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  3. Set Addition - Sam Gagner

    Sam Gagner

    Set: 2007/08 Ultimate Collection Signatures
    Card Number: US-SG
    Scarcity: 2 (Common)
    Value: 2 (Low)
    Rookie Year: Yes
    Comments: This card was an unexpected surprise gift from our own SCF hockey manager quiet-things. Thank you so much Houng!

    Updated 03-19-2009 at 10:09 PM by Inferno

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  4. Blog #3

    This blog is full of good news and bad news. I'll start with the bad news because I want to end things on a happier note.

    The bad news is that I have kidney stones, again. 6th time in my life, I'm 23 years old, and otherwise healthy. Not fun at all, lots of pain and painkillers. So here I am posting the blog feeling a bit nauseous from painkillers and really tired even though I've slept 18 hours the past two nights.

    Good news, is while I was up GameStop was open and I ...
  5. Weather Here Stinks

    I cant believe the weather here lol-its snowing again-surprise-weve had 26 inches last 3 days here-the roads are bad-and its supposed to freezing rain tonight-typical of an alaskan winter. it just angers me when i cant do anything that doesnt involve snow for 6 months-im in the wrong place.

    A poem for ya LOL:

    Way too long
    Increasingly agitating
    Nibbling away at your psyche
    Toying with your warmer emotions
    Eating away at your life
    Rotting ...