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  1. The Hawaii Trade Show, Florida Edition

    I finally purchased my tickets and reserved the hotel for this year's Hawaii Trade Conference in Florida. Yes, that is the Hawaii Trade Conference in Florida. The show moved from Hawaii to Florida a few years ago. They moved the location due to costs, but kept the name because it has always been known as the Hawaii Trade Conference. I was fortunate enough to attend one of the shows in Hawaii a few years back.

    Tony and I (Enigma) will be attending the show. You can get full details ...
  2. Stepping Down

    As you might have noticed, my shiny Adviser badge is gone. I have stepped down from the hockey team because I just didn't have the time to maintain the level of commitment a moderator should.

    I recently started a new job which is going very well, and takes up most of my time. I have lost the drive to spend a lot of time on the boards, and it was getting hard to balance both the regular posting as well as the moderator duties.

    I really enjoyed being part of the staff, ...
  3. The Hunt for a Job

    For the past 6 months or so, I've been stuck at home because of a (physical) disability... I'm close to be all better (yay) so now I've been looking for a job... I had to drop out of university, and I'm not sure if I'm going back for the same study, so I don't qualify for much right now :\ But I definitely need a job to pay for this hobby... lol

    Wish me luck!
  4. Updates and general comments!

    I must say I am really grateful to SCF. When I joined here in early 2005, I was hoping to just make a few deals here and there to get my basketball collection going again.

    However, it's become much more than that.

    I am fairly close to the 500 feedback goal now. The trading itself has been much more than I imagined - I started an Antoine Walker collection which is now very large, bigger than any personal collection I could have ever imagined myself obtaining previously ...
  5. jsox

    I've been in the hobby since later 2005. From 2006-08 I was a Baseball collector, with a very well worked-on Red Sox PC.

    I was first introduced to the world of the hobby being online back in July of 2007.
    Signed up on the site "Sports Card Fun", and was a very active member there for about 10 months.

    Then my dear friend "GREENOS", a personal friend and member here on SCF, had shown me how he used "Sports Card Forum" for his ...