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    I knew it was gonna happen!!! Derrick Rose ROY!!! He was a star at Memphis & now he will be a Strong force for the Chicago Bulls!!

    Chicago Bulls over the Boston Celtics in Game 7.
  2. 23bears Tradelist

  3. Scans and blah

    Not very much to report today.
    Kind of a slow day. No packages coming in that is disappointing.

    Otherwise, no video again, not feeling it. When I "feel" it I will post one.

    I will show some scans from a trade...
    Not shown is
    3 Black Diamond <><>
    1 Artifacts parallel #/100 (D. Savard)

    Now the real show

    Patrick Kane ...
  4. all sports

    Hi i have all sports baseball ,hockey,,golf cards ,comic cards etc,I have been collecting for years and ,now i am going to reduce my collection and am ready to liquidate, make offers,I have thousands of cards you would need a van ,because it would not fit in a car lots ,lots of cards ,commons rookies vintage inserts etc if interested send a reply I am selling the whole lot of vintage on my bucket take a look peace to all and happy collecting
  5. Game 5, and mailday

    The Pens lost tonight, they had no "pop" or "jump". They play next on Saturday.

    Other series notes

    Detroit wins series 4-0. Nice try by the Jackets, they are young and will be back.

    Devils win game 5, lead series 3-2. This one could go to seven games. Both teams have a shot.

    Ducks win game 4, lead series 3-1. This one could be the big upset. I hate to make a sharks joke, but heres one. What does the Titanic and the Sharks have ...