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  1. My new Every-other-day blog

    Hey, my name is Andrew for those who haven't met me before. I am a very active member here at SCF, and I am at Star Rank.ollect only baseball cards, as I hardly follow other sports at all. I will be posted my thoughts I things across Sports Cards, World Events, etc. So, to kick it of, I have an opening mini-article:

    5 Things I Like/Dislike about the Hobby

    A True Classic

    5 Things I like:

    1. SP Legendary Cuts on-card autos-
    I, belive it ...
  2. Dice-K Havelist

    2007 Bowman 210 RC
    2007 Bowman Heritage 250 RC
    2007 Bowman Heritage Chrome 250 RC
    2007 Topps 630 RC
    2007 Topps '52 50 RC
    2007 Topps Allen & Ginter 210 RC
    2007 Topps Allen & Ginter 4 Dick Perez Sketches
    2007 Topps Chrome 330 RC
    2007 Topps Team Set BOS1 RC
    2007 Topps Turkey Red 110 RC
    2007 UD Artifacts 77 RC
    2007 UD Goudey 245 Heads Up SP
    2007 UD Masterpieces 27 RC
    2007 UD Rookie Edition 125 RC ...
  3. My Trade Requirements

    I am not picky when it comes to trades, but there are some rules that I follow and would ask that you follow when trading with me.

    1. Follow the "Must Send First" SCF rules. I know that SCF is transferring feedback now and that paypal has it's own protection built in, but if you have less than 20 feedback here and/or a MSF tag, then I will not make any exceptions.

    2. Delivery Confirmation is an option. I do not provide DC and do not ask that you provide ...
  4. Today is my birthday & Mother's Day!!!

    Today, I turn 22.. and to have my birthday fall on Mothers Day this year, I can't help but realize how truly lucky & bless I am.. to have a loving gf, loving home, a loving family.. and most importantly.. having parents that are there for you thru thick and have what I have today.. I feel so grateful to be alive!

    Even if you don't have a mom, hug a love one.. your sister, your father, uncle etc. because even if life gets worst, your family will always be there.
  5. Trade List

    Alot of this is in my bucket, but if its not let me know and I can scan anything you are interested in. Looking for mostly Messier and Lundqvist for my PC. Thanks for looking.


    06-07 Artifacts Ben Walter #AF-BW
    08-09 Be A Player Ratislav Olesz #S-RO
    08-09 Be A Player Scott Niedermayer #S-SN
    08-09 Black Diamond Gemography Marc-Antoine Pouliot #G-MP

    Game Used

    05-06 Ice Frozen Fabrics Alex Tanguay ...

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