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  1. 2008-09 Topps Chrome

    Well, I finally got the full refractor set done!

    I've thought about putting together an Orange set, but have sold so many I'll just be a source for the set fillers.

    I believe I have the only Rose Xfractor from this set. It has very good centering which is so rare for the Rose cards!! ...
  2. Kings Player Project - Currently 371/592

    I have decided I will try and collect Every Player to play for the Kings.....I am not getting all crazy with the 14,000+ cards listed for the Kings, but One of every player to wear a Kings Jersey.

    So, below is the list of who I still you can see, its still alot....and I know not every player has a card of them in a Kings Jersey.....I am happy with them in another jersey IF they shows Kings logo on the front (traded players). The remaining, I will be happy with them in a ...

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  3. Dedicated to Ifj. Ocskay Gabor

    I'd like to post this blog to introduce, one of the greatest person in the Hungarian hockey life, but he's gone on 25th March, 2009.

    Ifj. Gabor Ocskay.

    Well, I met him in the first days of March, at my work, he came in to buy a bottle of wine. I behave like a little guy, I was so emberassed. One of my friend was there, and he asked:
    -Who was this?
    He asked, because he wanted ...

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  4. sp authentic joe flacco auto patch for sale need to sell asap

    i have a joe flacco sp authentic auto patch need to sell asap preferably within the next day or 2. card is #ed 28/999 1 color purple patch .hit me up with offers.

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  5. 1 card, my small TTM project and my recent break!

    A few weeks ago, I was really bored so I made a custom for who else but Gagner... then I had the idea to make customs and then send them out for TTM autos! It would be like going after my own set... lol

    To date, I've sent about 16 out... and have another batch to send out soon. Unfortunately, I've received two back unsigned :( These two were Jarome Iginla and Jason Spezza. They did send auto'd postcards though... if you're curious to who else I sent to, or what they look like... you ...

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