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  1. Cards 6/15

    New ones.....
    Take it or leave it. FREE SHIPPING!

    Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. GU Ball- $12

    Topps Blue Chips Jason Bay auto BGS 9.5 (EDIT)- $22

    Donruss Leather and Lumber Cal Ripkin Jr. auto 1/5- $80

    Elements Johan Santana Auto GU- $20


    2008 UD Heroes I-Rod 4 Color Patch 2/5- $18
  2. Pittsburgh XXXI Spring Classic National Sports Card & Memorabilia Show 5/17/09

    Pittsburgh XXXI Spring Classic National Sports Card & Memorabilia Show 5/17/09
    I went to a show today at Robert Morris University outside of Pittsburgh. I was not planning to attend but at the last minute I saw the opportunity to get out of the house, so I grabbed some stuff, and made my way out to see what was there. I picked up a few things for my PC (see scans). Over all the show looked like it had a good turn out and all the dealers where in a good mood.

    I got in line
  3. Congrats Pens...But Crosby Why do you have the "C"?

    Like the title says "Congrats Pens...but..."

    A Fans response to the criticism of Crosby's late handshake spawned by Drapers comment.


    ...But it was 30 seconds. People are saying he has no class over 30 seconds? 20 seconds after Draper pulled out of the line Crosby got there. And that can be seen on the video.

    ...But Draper(A) led the way to the locker room after waiting only 10 seconds. Crosby got there about 20 seconds later ...

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  4. 2009 - 09 Stanley Cup Final Series Penguins Highs and Lows

    Stanley Cup Final Series
    What an incredible series it has been, appropriately capping off a tremendous playoff season for the NHL. Ratings records, new fans exposed to the game, and great story lines help make this culmination special.

    I wondered after the Chicago/Detroit series if Detroit was running on fumes entering the final. They proved that to be at least questionable by winning the first to games ...
  5. The Advance

    "My Progress Report."

    Below are my sets in basketball with how close I am to completing them. I will update as I get more cards in. I am way ahead of my rate for 03-04. I love this site.

    08-09 Bowman Base refracor set/499:

    08-09 Bowman X-fractor/299:

    08-09 Bowman Blue refractors/99:

    08-09 Topps Treasury Bronze- Base/999, Rookies/2008:

    08-09 Topps Chrome ...

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