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  1. Nothing big...

    Short post today, nothing serious or long. Couple more playoff games in the book tonight.

    Big win for the Blackhawks, they played a great 3rd period and a great OT. Havlat was the only player on the ice that has scored a playoff goal in his career on either team.

    Ducks beat Sharks 2-0
    Blackhawks beat Flames 3-2 (ot)
    Red Wings beat Blue Jackets 4-1
    Bruins beat Canadians 4-2

    Notes on the games tonight. Short "tid bits"

  2. Executive Sports Shop

  3. Game 1 Pens vs. Flyers

    Well good news, Penguins win game one of their series. The final score was 4-1. The Penguins got goals from Sidney Crosby, Tyler Kennedy, Evgeni Malkin, and Mark Eaton.

    In my opinion, the Penguins third line had a huge game.(Staal, Kennedy, Cooke) Not only did Kennedy get a huge goal, but the whole line played both sides of the ice very well tonight.

    For the video of the night, I am going to go with....

  4. Stanley Cup Predictions

    Well the time has come...the playoffs have arrived.

    I have my personal opinion on who I WANT to win the Stanley Cup, and who I THINK will win the Cup

    Who I want in the Cup Finals - Washington and San Jose.

    I really love Ovie and want to see the excitement of his playing when he is in games of that magnitude. San Jose is a team I've liked for awhile, and they are a team that has talent all around, on offense, defense, and also goaltending. I think they also ...
  5. ESPN needs to tweak some programs

    I'm a big fan of "Around the Horn", and I try to watch it as soon as I get home from work. Problem is, the show has gotten a little too formulaic and predictable of late.

    Series host Tony Reali has over the last several months gone out of his way to favor regular panelist Woody Paige. The Denver Post columnist became a fan favorite while appearing on ESPN2's "Cold Pizza" and its spin-off, "1st & Ten", but the veteran sportswriter also has a tendency ...