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  1. Another Day, Another Garnett

    Another day that mail is delivered, and another addition to my Garnett PC! Today brought in 1 base, 1 insert, and this game used:

    2007-08 Topps Trademark Moves Relics #d/299 GU TRKG

    Upped my total to 762 different, good enough for 15.2% of all Garnett's in existence, and the GU was my 80th!

    Also made another awesome trade yesterday - check out this link to see what I am receiving!
  2. Two Card Mailday

    Two more trades came in today, with two new Garnett additions. Nothing jaw-dropping, but still some nice cards!

    2006-07 SPX SPXcitement #d/2999
    2009-10 Topps Gold #d/2009

    I have no idea how many numbered Garnett's I have - I should count one of these days.

    I also have several Garnett's incoming - around 40, I believe - so, I may own 800 different Garnett's once I receive everything that I have incoming, permitting I didn't trade for many duplicates.
  3. Random question...

    Ok..this being my FIRST Blog..It's going to be a complain blog. This has been an irritation of mine for YEARS!! First the question..(In 2
    Part 1)
    WHY do people feel the need to walkin the street when there's a perfectly good sidewalk there??
    Part 2)
    If you walk in the street instead of on the sidewalk...why do you get mad when I drive so close to you w/my car?? Personally.........I'm NOT MOVING. There's a difference between 'Pedestrian has the right ...
  4. What A Trade!

    Just confirmed an amazing trade for two amazing Garnett's - had to post a thread showing them off before they are even in the mail! Click this link to see my new additions!

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  5. An Unexpected Mailday - 9/18/09

    Today's mail brought an unexpected surprise! I received a bubble envelope with 3 Kevin Garnett GU as a gift! I did not own 2 of them, and the third one has a different colored swatch than the one I already owned. The cards are:

    2002-03 Fleer Platinum Platinum Portraits GU PPKG
    2002-03 Topps Ten RPG #d/1500 GU 23
    2004-05 SPX Winning Materials GU WMKG

    That was a very nice surprise in my mailbox today!

    I'm also working on a trade right now that will ...