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  1. TTM Success #13: Former Dallas Mavericks player Ron "Popeye" Jones

    I sent 2 1992 Classic Draft Pick Collection Cards, handwritten letter, and a SASE. I received 2 1992 Classic Draft Pick Collection Cards signed! Only 17 days! Thank you so much Mr. Jones!
    This is my first basketball TTM autograph success!
    This is also my first doubles success!
  2. My New prize

    I just got this sweet Kimbrel card in the mail today. Another great score from Ebay!
  3. One Year on SCF

    Hey guys, just wanted to thank everyone for a great first year on SCF! There's a great community here, awesome people, and I love trading with everyone. I have gotten a lot of awesome cards, learned about TTM and got some great cards from that, and meet some amazing people. Thanks for a great first year SCF and I hope to be on here for many more!
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  4. TTM Success #12: Former Chargers Quarterback Stan Humphries

    I sent a 1997 Upper Deck Card, handwritten letter, and SASE. I received a 1997 Upper Deck Card signed! He inscribed "#12" Only 8 days! Thank you so much, Mr. Humphries!
  5. My First Break

    Waiting for my Break to fill up/sell out and it's driving me Crazy I want the break to air tonight! How many times hitting the refresh button is too much lol.