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  1. Ttms sent

    Sent some TTMS out yesterday 2-24-14

    Drew Brees
    Richard Sherman
    Jerry Rice
    Charlie Joiner
    Kurt Warner
    Roddy White
  2. One month update!

    It's been a month since I made my first blog post so I thought I would update. I have made several trades with some good members of this community and along with eBay, I have built up my collection considerably. I've nearly doubled my Barkley collection (236/1285, 19.4%) and gotten some great serial numbered/autographed/memorabilia cards of the other three as well! I've sent out TTM's to everyone except Dykstra since he signs publicly almost reguarly now and I already have a baseball and 8 x 10 ...
  3. More TTMS I just sent

    I just sent ttms right now. They are the following:

    Willie McGinest
    Andre Reed
    Mario Williams
    Archie Manning
    Jordy Nelson
    Jeff Saturday
    Hines Ward
    Lawrence Taylor
    Heath Miller
    Fred Jackson
    Jerry Jones
    Herm Edwards
    John Harbaugh

    Wish me luck I have my fingers
    Tags: autographs, ttm
  4. Do you know TTM addresses for...

    Die anyone have addresses for the following:

    Curtis Martin
    Devin Hester
    Tony LaRusso
    Warren Sapp
    amani Toomer
    Greg Olsen
    Doug Baldwin
    Lance Berkman
    Curtis Granderson
    David Robertson
    Sparky Anderson
    Carson Palmer
  5. Trade list

    Huge autograph collector here. I have seen that the following players are usually pretty good signers. However, I don't have any cards of these guys at all. I am looking to trade for cards of these guys. I would like to get as much as 8 per if possible. Please let me know if you have any and would like to trade or something. Thanks

    Joe Altobelli
    Ryan Flaherty
    Preston Hanna
    Pat Neshek
    Kirk Nieuwenhuis
    Billy Sample
    Bill Virdon

    Also, ...