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  1. Bam's Blog #1

    This is my first blog, ever. Please bear with me while I spew those thoughts that come to mind. Oh, and smoke'm if you have'm.

    So many collectors these days are looking for the easy buck off cards these days. If it isn't buying $200 packs for a chance to get a cut auto, some are now resorting to Pack Searching.

    I have completely stopped buying single packs (at retail or hobby stores) because there is always one person that feels the need to cheat. Am I gonna lie? No, ...
  2. Joe Montana!

    The classic 1981 Topps Joe Montana came in the mail today, so it was a very good day! I got it for a bargain too, what a beauty!

    1981 Topps Joe Montana. Near Mint-Mint (Arguably the best clutch QB of all time, and finished his career with a 92.3 passer rating)

    That brings me to 22 HOFer RCs

    Thanks for reading!
  3. Thursday, November 5th, 2009 mailday!

    Today's mail brought in two new Garnett's, both from Panini products:

    2009-10 Panini Prestige 5
    2009-10 Panini Prestige Prestigious Pros #d/50 GU 5

    These are my first Panini PC cards, and they increase my collection to 887 different cards, including 87 GU!

    As always, thanks for taking a moment to follow my quest for every Garnett card in existence!
  4. Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 mailday!

    Today's mail brought in two trades, with a ton of Garnett duplicates, but also six that I needed! Highlighting the new ones are:

    1996-97 Upper Deck Collector's Choice You Crash The Game C16
    2004-05 Upper Deck Flight Team FTKG
    2007-08 Topps Trademark Moves Triple Relics w/Duncan, Nowitzki #d/99
    2009-10 Upper Deck First Edition 6

    These 6 increase my total to 885, which is 17.6% of all Garnett's in existence.

    As always, thanks for taking a moment ...
  5. Austin Collie Rookies for sale!

    Upper Deck Draft Edition #137 RC

    Topps #339 RC

    Donruss Rookies & Stars Longevity #122 /999

    Press Pass SE Gridiron Graphs Gold Austin Collie #GGAC AUTOGRAPH
    GEM MINT 10 (SGC graded)
    This card has a population of only 2 GEM 10's, and I have the other one!

    Press Pass Reflectors #69 LL /500

    Playoff Prestige Draft Picks Light Blue Parallel #109

    Playoff Prestige Draft Picks Green Parallel #109