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  1. Set Addition - Ron Hextall

    Ron Hextall

    Set: 2007/08 Ultimate Collection Signatures
    Card Number: US-RH
    Scarcity: 2 (Common)
    Value: 2 (Low)
    Rookie Year: No
    Comments: A pretty common card to find, and has a sharp, colorful photo.

    Updated 03-19-2009 at 10:12 PM by Inferno

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  2. California Auto Club 500 Post Race Thoughts...

    Well....snoozer of a race as usual-nothing out of the ordinary for the worst track in Nascar.

    Matt Kenseth won..AGAIN! WTH!!! He hasnt won in a yr and the a magic switch comes on-Gordon got 2nd-best hes done in a while. And everyones new favorite racing god Kylie got 3rd.

    Biff got 4th-shoulda won-he had the best car and blew it on pit lane.

    Nothin really stood out for me this race except for the fact that Carls car was a piece of dog meat. It seriously sucked-they ...
  3. How it all started...and re-started

    I spend a fair amount of time looking around the blogs here on SCF to find good articles for the magazine and this morning, I came across an inspiring entry. In this entry one of our members was telling us how she got into collecting and as I really enjoyed her story, I thought I would share mine too...

    The year was 1986, I was a very respectable 6 year old and we'd (me and my dad) had just finished watching the Cup final. A devoted Nordiques fan, he was far from being happy about ...
  4. More Spring Training results came in!

    I have gotten two more Spring Training requests back. Brandon Wood signed 2/2 and Hank Conger has signed 1/1. Keep your eyes open as many others have started to report their ST results in the SCF baseball success threads.
  5. The Cali Nationwide Race...and Kyle Busch is NOT God!!!!!

    Seriously....WTH was that shamble of a race-Kyle had a car 20 thousand mph faster than the field and only Carl had enough talent to stay close to him with a lesser piece-what a bunch of edited for content LOL.

    Everyone was going bonkers cause Kyle won the truck race earlier and led almost every lap therefore becoming the first driver to win 2 major Nascar races on the same day-BIG FREAKING DEAL!!!-Trucks are triple A-and in Nationwide hes got a car thats rediculously fast-almost to ...