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  1. Quest Completed - My Holy Grail The 1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan RC

    I managed to scrape together some more money after my wife decided to do some house cleaning. After selling off some junk we had laying around, I was up to almost $1,100 dollars which was the price range I wanted to spend.

    After adding every PSA 9 Jordan to my watch list, I noticed one that was hovering around the $850 mark with 12 hours to go. The only problem was that the seller only had 41 feedbacks. The upside was that they were all positive, and all from buyers. I messaged ...
  2. More PC adds

    Some cards from the past week..

    This one going into the PC...

    Now onto the other PC:

  3. Trade List

    My website, is beginning to run out of time and i don't think i want to renew it. So I am going to see how this works.

    Hockey GU/Autos

    2005 UD shooting stars Glenn Murray
    2006 BAP glann murray marc savard duel auto
    2007 UD Ville Koistinen rookie gu
    2007 ud David Krejci rookie materials
    2007 UD Milan Michalek gu
    2007 UD Brad Boyes gu
    2007 UD Bill Gurien gu
    2007 Trilogy yan stastny auto
    2008 BAP david moss auto ...

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  4. 2004 Sweet Spot Signature

    #WA Billy Wagner T4

    I have, you want, lets trade.
    Beckett Book value: $25.00

    Updated 02-12-2009 at 11:11 PM by Frogshideout

  5. Chris Weinke Mailday - 1/28/09

    For some reason, Chris Weinke appeals to my wife and I try to add to her collection when I can. The card I chase after more than anything else is his 2001 SP Authentic RC /390. Every card is a patch, though some are one colored. The one that arrived today makes 9 for her collection.