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  1. About Me

    Hello...1st off my name is Clint & I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma "home of the Tulsa, Drillers"

    I originally grew up in northern Iowa and was only 200 miles from Minneapolis / St. Paul so I was able to see alot of pro games and being the Minnesota Twins were the home town favorites they were my team as well. I have seen Harmon many times and when I was still a young lad and saw his 500th home run game and got his autograph along with a cup. Needless to say nobody told me ...
  2. Ewing Needs list

    This is a list of Ewings I need up to 2004. I can use some of the newer stuff, 08-09 and 09-10. But the older stuff is priority. Would be willing to trade game used and autos for multiple card lots of lower end stuff. Maybe the overseas guys can help my with the foreign releases???

    Since this didn't come out in table form, the number under the card year and description is the card number on the piece.

    Red = On the way

    1981-82 Georgetown

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  3. Check out my Cards

    Looking for Hanley Ramirez , Tim Lincecum and new york mets cards. LMK check out my cards.
  4. Set Needs

    2008 Skybox
    201.203.204,207,209,213.215.217,221,224,225,226,22 9

    2008 SPA


    2008 Press Pass

    2007 Bowman


    2008 Fleer

    210 – Brook Lopez
    215 – Robin Lopez
    224 – George Hill
    236 – Rose/Beasley/Mayo
    86R-182 Courtney Lee
    86R188 JR Giddens
    86R-191 Chris Douglas Roberts

    2008 ...

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  5. Review #1 Blackberry Pearl 8130 cell phone

    Make: BlackBerry
    Model: pearl 8130
    The bads:
    Freeze up and are unresponsive in most cases till the battery is pulled out
    The trackball gets pretty dirty , as well as is hard to put back in (when cleaning trackball be very careful with the frame , it bends very easy)
    Sometimes your text and emails are erased on there own (used to get a text and then it would go away , even with auto erase ...