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  1. The limit of greed

    I just read a blog entry on Yahoo! Sports that disturbed me.

    Matt Carson, a September call-up for the Oakland A's, hit his first major league homer Sept. 21 at Oakland, but the fan who caught the ball isn't willing to hand it over unless he gets $10,000.

    Let me repeat that. $10,000.

    Talk about being greedy and selfish at the same time! Carson has played 7 seasons in the minors before the A's gave him a chance at The Show, he's worked his tail off to fulfill ...
  2. mma cards

    I got a blue Royce Gracie auto and a blue bj penn auto from topps that i wanna trade for good gear or mat relics from the same set.
  3. Friday's Additions - 9/25/09

    Today's mail brought one trade in, with three new Garnett's. Nothing spectacular, as they are three base cards, but still nice to me! I am now up to 795 different Garnett's in my possession, good enough for 15.8% of all Garnett's in existence!

    As always, thanks for taking some time to read this!
  4. Thursday's Additions - 9/24/09

    When I picked up my mail today, I was surprised to find 3 bubble envelopes with 20 new Garnett's in them. I knew they were all en route, but I didn't think I'd get them all today! So, needless to say, I was pretty happy. The notable additions today are these:

    1995-96 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Player's Club
    1997-98 Ultra Jam City
    1998-99 Fleer Vintage '61
    1999-00 Flair Showcase Elevators
    2000-01 Ultimate Victory Ultimate Victory #d/25 graded BGS-9
    2003-04 ...
  5. looking to complete my fooball set

    I need some cards to complete my set. I am working on my 1995 Fleer Ultra gold medallion football set.

    #261 Charles Johnson
    #267 Ray Seals
    #276 Sean Gilbert
    #281 Robert Young
    #309 Bryant Young
    #350 Checklist

    If you have any of these cards for sale, I would like to buy them.
    Thanks, Carl