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  1. Some Thoughts On Speedweeks to this point

    Well havent posted a blog in a while-idk who even reads these haha-hope someone does. Its Friday the 13th LOL-so time to look back at the week thats been.

    Bud Shootout-Saturday Night:

    Kevin Harvick won with a last lap pass just like in 07-anyone coulda won it-GREAT race-people shoulda been watching! Idk what happened to my guy Carl's car-he was leading after the first 25 laps and then decided to go nap in the middle of the pack lol-hes not exactly the best at RP racing ...
  2. First Shot of the Year

    Sports fans look forward to the first time of an event to kick off a season...

    Football - Opening kickoff
    Baseball - First pitch
    Basketball - First tip
    Hockey - First puck drop
    Racing - Waving of the green flag at Daytona (Though there are other exciting races before then)

    But as an active participant in favorite part of the year is being on the tee box on the first hole of my first round of golf in the new year.

    It used ...
  3. Set Collecting - My Story & Advice

    As most of you know I started out here on Sports Card Forum as a player collector, with Marian Gaborik as my main focus. I was starting to gather up some really nice high-end pieces, but I found myself devoting too much time and energy to one player when deep down I wanted to collect all my favorite players. I made the decision to drop the Gaborik collection and take up autograph collecting. Since then I haven't looked back.

    I started picking up autographs for my collection, but in ...
  4. VIP Membership up for grabs.

    Postponed due to lack of interest.

    I still want to do this, but I will figure out a better way.

    Updated 02-16-2009 at 01:37 PM by Frogshideout

  5. The OPC Signatures

    Today, i had some time to myself, no Olivia, no Becky, just me in the house. It has been quite a while since that occurred. So I started to review some of the needs for Olivia's set.

    I have most of the Silver micromotion set completed, with Rookies. I have about 25% of the Blacks (including rookies). I have 29 of 60 Quad Jerseys, which I think is amazing since they are 3 per case.

    However, of the 72 signatures, I have 6 Signatures.

    I have the following ...