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  1. Blog #4

    Well to catch up on the past couple weeks, I'll talk about my trip to Canada with the girlfriend and the Oilers and Oil Kings hockey games.

    We drove from Oregon up to Edmonton which is a 17 hour drive. The good thing is we're still not sick of each other, lol. Besides winning at 5 pin bowling, miniature golf, and everything else against her...we went to an Edmonton Oilers game and Edmonton Oil Kings game.

    I must admit, Rexall is a great arena to watch hockey in. It looks ...
  2. The Mets kept the wrong guy

    At the end of last season, pitchers Pedro Martinez & Oliver Perez became free agents. The Mets had a choice, and, based on what I saw on Saturday in the pre-season finale vs. Boston, they made the wrong one in keeping Perez, who couldn't get out of the first inning.

    Ever since acquiring Perez in a mid-season deal in 2006 en route to ending Atlanta's run as the Beast of the NL East, the Mets have seen him at his best and his worst. Unfortunately, more often than not, it's his worst. ...
  3. UD buybacks anounced for Linage Basketball

    AthleteYearProductDescriptionCard #QuantityB.J. Armstrong1991-1992Upper DeckRegular18410B.J. Armstrong1992-1993Upper DeckRegular15710B.J. Armstrong1993-1994Upper Deck SERegular955Bard Daugherty1991-1992Upper DeckRegular36415Brad Daugherty1991-1992Upper DeckTeam Checklist7615Brad Daugherty1991-1992Upper DeckAll Star4613Brad Daugherty1991-1992Upper DeckAll Star6311Brad Daugherty1992-1993Upper DeckRegular2478Brad Daugherty1992-1993Upper DeckMcDonald'sP71Brad Daugherty1993-1994Upper Deck SERegular67 ...
  4. My Tradelist

    My Tradelist is now in my sig.

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  5. How Memorabilia Cards Should Be Made

    When memorabilia cards first hit the scene around ten years ago they were an instant hit. If you were lucky enough to pull one of the first game-used jersey cards you won the lottery, the cards were extremely tough to pull and collectors paid top dollar to score a swatch of a jersey from their favorite players.

    Fast forward to the hobby of today: Memorabilia cards are everywhere, products like Upper Deck SP Game Used have overwhelmingly saturated the market with thousands of jersey ...

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