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  1. Tradelist

    This is currently my trade list, which includes football, basketball and baseball:

    UD First Edition:
    Star Attraction: Iverson, SA-8
    Beyond the Arc: Rasual Butler, BA-25
    Rejected!: Yao Ming, R-10

    Dajuan Summers, 180
    B.J. Mullens, 176
    Dejuan Blair, 182
    James Harden, 188 (GOLD Parallel)

    Wade-84 (Gold Parallel)
    Vujacic- 74 (Gold Parallel0
    M. Redd-90 ...

    Updated 10-20-2009 at 04:27 PM by miknapp

  2. Sammie Stroughter havelist

    This is my current Sammie Stroughter have list Current Total.

    2010 Threads
    Base, 141
    Base, Silver Parallel, 141, #'d /250
    Base, Gold Parallel, 141, #'d 008/100
    Base, Platinum Parallel, 141, #'d 14/25

    2010 Rookie & Stars
    Base, 141
    Longevity Base, 141
    Gold base, 141
    Base-Longevity, 141, # /249
    Longevity Base, Ruby Parallel, 141, #'d /100
    Longevity, Sapphire Parallel, 141, #'d /50
    Base-Longevity parallel, ...

    Updated 07-13-2014 at 06:30 PM by miknapp

  3. Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Mailday!

    Today's mail brought yet another Garnett card - this time, it was a GU, which is my 84th different GU!

    2007-08 Ultra Award Winners #d/199 GU AWKG

    This is also my 804th different card, and my 84 GU make up 10.4% of all my Garnett's.

    As always, thanks for taking a moment to follow my quest for every Garnett card in existence!
  4. hi every1

    Well i just found this site last night and i am very excited about it. thanks for letting me in and i look forward to the great things this site has to offer. i hope to meet alot of people who share the hobby with me.

  5. Kevin Garnett is the 12th best NBA player

    Kevin Garnett was named by SLAM Magazine as the projected 12th best player of the 2009-10 season yesterday. There is a discussion thread regarding this list here. A player is named each day, 6 days a week, until the last weekend before the NBA season begin. Be sure to check out the thread and share your opinions on Kevin Garnett, and all the other players too!

    One interesting note - KG is #12, which is reverse of his old uniform number (21).