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  1. want list

    wanted inserts from these sets

    [B]1995-96 Metal Maximum Metal[/B]
    [B] 1996-97 Metal Maximum Metal
    1997-98 Fleer Rookie Rewind
    1997-98 Hoops Rock the House
    1997-98 Ultra Court Masters
    1998-99 Finest Centurions
    1998-99 Fleer Electrifying----------need #4,6,7,10
    [/B][B]1998-99 Fleer [/B][B]Great Expectations
    1998-99 Topps Chrome Preview----------need #6,10,19,40,43,81,100
    1998-99 Topps Classic Collection[/B][B]----------need #6[/B] ...

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  2. Pelle Lindbergh: Triumph To Tragedy

    Pelle Lindbergh was a Swedish goaltender who first burst on to the scene during the 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid, where he helped the Swedish national team hold the gold-medal winning Americans to a 2-2 tie and becoming the only team who didn't lose to the champions during the tournament.

    2008/09 ITG Between The Pipes Game-Used Jersey SP


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  3. TTM Database

    The TTM database has been installed and is doing very well at this point. For the most part it was recieved positively. I was a little nervous about the release and a little shocked that we are still having so many successes posted in autograph central that are not going into the TTM Manager! Hopefully as more members give it a shot they will realize all the new tools at their disposal. I personally have enjoyed the tracking feature of the database. It is cool to see who I had sent to and when the ...
  4. Listing My Tradelist

    I just wanted to share my tradelist (Not Including Auto's and GU). It's a long list. I'll be updating it from time to time. LMK if you see anything that you like. Thanks!

    Tradelist: Basketball
    93-94 Fleer Ultra Chris Webber RC
    94-95 Fleer Ultra Jason Kidd RC
    95-96 Hoops Skybox Jerry Stackhouse RC
    95-96 Fleer Metal Stackhouse Scrapbook
    96-97 Skybox Premium Series 2 Rookies (Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Camby, Allen...Complete RC set)
    99-00 ...

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  5. A little bit of this & that

    Tommy Dreamer, the last "ECW Original" on the current WWE roster, won the ECW championship Sunday at Extreme Rules. Now, not surprisingly, there are rumors that Dreamer (real name: Tom Loughlin, not to be confused with the "Billy Jack" actor of the same name) has signed a new deal with WWE, which set the wheels in motion. I had envisioned Dreamer winning, then retiring that same night, like Trish Stratus did at Unforgiven '06. That may still happen, depending on what unfolds ...