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  1. All the way from St. Louis MO All-Star game fan-fest!

    Just arrived in St. Louis after a brutal six hour drive.

    The city is booming and after a short delay trying to find the "wireless cord" (yeah figure that one out) I'm up and writing my first blog.

    Hoping to go around down town St. Louis tonight to scope for HOFers but we will see if that actually happens.

    Just found out that Billy and Cal Ripken will be live at Fan Fest on Saturday doing a radio show.

    I hope I don't insult Billy ...
  2. My Dad, a ball, some snow, and Joe Torre

    By Kevin O’Connor aka koconnor67
    My Dad, a ball, some snow, and Joe Torre

    This is the kind of story that subtly illuminates some of the reasons behind our persona and our make up. It hints to how we become who we are and describes why our hero’s and champions earn their place in our hearts and minds, all the while performing consistent, ordinary, and average, only to be revered as extraordinary. I believe everyone has a story like this if ...
  3. Manny and the Enablers

    Just when you thought Major League Baseball was showing some backbone and some teeth by suspending a star athlete the caliber of Manny Ramirez for 50 games because he used performance enhancing drugs, they turn around and, because of a provision in the collective bargaining agreement with the Players' Association, send Manny off to the minors on a "rehabilitation assignment", as if he had been injured, not suspended. What a joke! And it's on us!

    No matter where Ramirez has ...
  4. Collecting Update

    It has been a little while since I posted, I have been busy organizing my collection and trying to determine where my focus will be.

    First task was taking better care of my USC collection. I had most of the cards (with the exception of some of the very high end) in 3600 count boxes not protected with penny sleeves or top loaders. I have now gone through and put all GU/Auto/Printing Plates into top loaders. They are taking up way too much space but now they are much better protected. ...
  5. testing testing

    hey guys and gals i just made this blog to talk about baseball and cards in genral. i just how it will work out. thanks mike