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  1. A Best Friend

    What do you see when you think of a best friend?

    I see Tony's face!!

    YAY Best Friend!
    (and in his FAVORITE colors!!!!)

  2. Maildays so far!

    Not too much to report.. but..

    And then I got my Trilogy 1st star scripted swatches which completes this:

  3. My Joba Chamberlian Have list

    As of March 6th I have 183/761 for a percentage of 24% of all Joba Cards. Including 1/1 and everything.

    183 Different cards 245 cards in all. 8 autos, 11 jerseys, and 3 patches

    2006 Hawaii Winter Ball #36 Joba Chamberlain (x1)
    2006 Glare Trading Cards Future Star Joba Chamberlain (x1)
    2006 TriStar Prospects Plus #25 Joba Chamberlain PD (x3)
    2006 TriStar Prospects Plus Farm Hands AU #FM 11 Joba Chamberlain (x1)
    2006 Just Rookies 07 ...

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  4. I need to vent...

    Alright, so as most of you probably know, I'm Canadian but I now live in England. One thing I really miss from Canada is the proper winters, snow and cold I absolutely love that. Yesterday after 6 and a half years of wishing for it, I got some snow in England! Yay! Until I realized that people really weren't kidding when they were saying England couldn,t cope with snow....

    Eveything, and I mean everything came to a standstill! No buses, no tube, delays and cancellations on overground ...

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  5. Set Addition - Bobby Hull

    Bobby Hull

    Set: 2007/08 Sweet Shot Signature Shots Puck Signings
    Card Number: SSP-BH
    Scarcity: 5 (Extremely Rare)
    Value: 4 (High)
    Rookie Year: No
    Comments: This card has appeared on Beckett's "Have You Seen Me" list and could be considered very short-printed. I have only ever ...

    Updated 02-03-2009 at 06:37 PM by Inferno

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