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  1. January 27, 2009: Dallas Stars

    Well, the Thrashers were back to their old selves Tuesday, as they traveled to Dallas to face the Western Conference.

    The entire game was rather boring, as there were only 2 goals the entire time. Both of them came by the Stars, one in the first and one in the second.

    1st: Goal by J. Lehtinen (DAL) at 3:48, giving him 3 on the year.

    2nd: Goal by S. Ott (DAL), giving him his 6th on the year at 0:28.

    Collector Summary:
    Zach Bogosian: ...
  2. Growing The Sports Card Industry

    The title of this article could easily have been, "knife-fighting over a shrinking sports card industry." I know I'm not the only one who thinks the sports card manufactures are more focused on fighting over a industry that is shrinking than spending the time and resources on growing the hobby we love.

    In my estimation the vast majority of sports fans do not collect sports cards. I would even go further and say most sports fans have no idea how much sports cards have changed over the ...

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    Sports Card Industry
  3. Marty McSorley Wantlist

    Looking to Collect all of Marty McSorley Cards...LMK if you have any....

    1983-84 Penguins Coke 16 $5.00
    1984-85 Penguins Heinz Photos 15 $5.00
    1985-86 Oilers Red Rooster 33 $2.50
    1986-87 Oilers Red Rooster 33 $2.00
    1986-87 Oilers Team Issue 33 $3.00
    1987-88 O-Pee-Chee 205 $5.00
    1987-88 Oilers Team Issue 33 $1.50
    1988-89 Kings Postcards 18 N/A
    1988-89 Kings Smokey 18 $3.00
    1988-89 Oilers Tenth Anniversary ...

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  4. Robb Stauber Collection

    Looking to Collect all of Robb Stauber Cards...LMK if you have any....

    1990-91 O-Pee-Chee 181 $0.10
    1990-91 ProCards AHL/IHL 418 $0.50
    1990-91 Topps Tiffany 181 $1.50
    1990-91 Upper Deck 165 $0.20
    1990-91 Upper Deck French 165 $0.30
    1992-93 OPC Premier 115 $0.10
    1992-93 Parkhurst 303 $0.10
    1992-93 Parkhurst Emerald Ice 303 $0.50
    1992-93 Ultra 311 $0.20
    1992-93 Upper Deck 495 $0.10
    1993-94 ...
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  5. Robitaille Wantlist (2010-2019)

    OK - going to list my want list by Decade - Starting with the 80s.....If you have any of these cards please LMK as I would love to trade for them to complete my collection

    Will be Available next year