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  1. My Sam Aiken Personal Collection

    I have posted my Sam Aiken Collection for everyone to view. I'll be adding scans throughout the next coming days. Also, any time I get a new addition to it, I'll post here and add it to my list.

    Sam had a breakout year of sorts with the New England Patriots in 2008. Drafted in 2003 in the 4th Round by the Buffalo Bills, Aiken signed with the Pats in this past offseason when they were looking for a new Special Teams specialist. He came in mainly for that, but was also listed as the ...
  2. January 4, 2009: Tampa Bay Lightning

    After the Thrashers amazing shootout win against the Canucks, they had another home contest against the division rival Tampa Bay Lightning.

    The game was sure to be tough, as the Lightning are led by Vincent Lecavalier and Matin St. Louis.

    The first period was nothing unusual, as the Thrashers feel behind 1-0 as S. Eminger (TB) scored his 3rd goal at 2:48 in the game on the Tampa Bay powerplay. The remainder of the first period was nothing but boos coming from the home ...
  3. My Very First Blog

    Well I have decided that for my first blog on SCF I will tell the everyone about myself.

    My name is Daniel Morales and I am 33 years old..... I spend my time in Forks, Washington (you know where that is if you ever read the book called....... TWILIGHT)

    I have been collecting Sports Cards for about 23 years now.

    My collection currently sits at close to 100,000+ cards but I have lots in California still since I move from there to be with my wife..... I will ...
  4. 07-08 OPC Signatures

    From time to time, I'm going to provide an update to the status of the 07-08 OPC Master Set I am working on for my daughter.

    Currently I'm about 67% done with the set, but most of that is from the base set and the micromotions which are fairly easy to obtain.

    I'm going to focus on what might be the hardest of the subsets. The Signatures

    I currently have 6 in my possession (out of 72). These are fairly hard to come by because they are generally case hits ...
  5. New Additions To My Custom Pages

    As you may have noticed, the Blog application also allows for custom user pages much like FreeWebs.

    I have added a custom page for both my want list and my set information. You can find them by clicking the links below my profile picture at the top of the left-hand column.

    My want list can be found here. (The first custom page created on SCF!)

    My in-depth set information, including scans and details for each individual card, can be found here. I will be working ...