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  1. TTM Spring Training

    Today was another nice autograph day. I had just recieved my first three autos from 2009 Spring Training. All three of the guys sent back both of the cards I sent autographed. Here they are:
    Steve Holm
    Chase Headley
    Kevin Pucetas
    I also was able to add two more autographs from the 2009 football team from The Ohio State University. I was gifted signed photos of QB Prior and DB Hines. Those look great with last weeks additions to my collection of RB Beanie Wells and DB Jenkins. ...
  2. My card history, past and present

    I didn't think I would do one of these blog things - but as I read some other blogs recently, I thought of how fun it could be to write a little every now and then. I'll start my blog with my card history.

    It all began in 1992. My late brother rented this NES video game called Tecmo Super Bowl. I didn't know anything about football then, but once I saw and played that game, I was hooked. I soon learned the basics about football, memorized all the players and teams, and really ...

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  3. The Nationals July 29th to August 2nd 2009

    I'm not ashamed to admit it but I've never ever been to a single card show...When I was collecting as a kid in Quebec I wasnt aware that those even existed so going to the flea market was as exciting as things got card collecting wise and well, since i've started again in 2006, I am plagued by geographical restrictions...

    However, it is looking increasingly likely that I will be able to make it to Cleveland this summer for the National Sports Collector Convention . Of course, ...
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  4. Blog #1

    Yes, I am going to blog. This is my first one and I have no idea what to write about so I will just write.

    I have recently stepped down from my Senior Management position on this site because it was something that wasn't very enjoyable for me. I knew someone who would be great and everyone agreed and so far I hope he's doing well in his new role.

    Now I am pretty much some sort of Senior Advisor dude. I advise the rest of the staff on issues that need to be handled as well ...
  5. Cards Needed to complete my sets

    "2004 Topps Opening Day"
    I need Card # 101, 104, and 106.
    I would prefer trading, but if all else fails, I will buy them.

    I will add more after I document them.