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  1. Lions

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    Hi, I am looking for Detroit Lions after 2010 email with any offers
  2. Want List

    Football Wants

    Pre 1963 Unitas, Brown, Starr
    Pre 1975 Will trade/buy lower/bad conditions depending on card(s), check with me

    1964 Philadelphia #12 Johnny Unitas
    1964 Philadelphia #30 Jim Brown
    1965 Philadelphia #12 Johnny Unitas
    1965 Philadelphia #31 Jim Brown
    1965 Philadelphia #81 Bart Starr
    1966 Philadelphia #24 Johnny Unitas
    1966 Philadelphia #38 Gale Sayers
    1966 Philadelphia #39 Bears Play/Sayers
    1966 Philadelphia ...

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  3. Carson Palmer

    Hey guys just wanted to ask a quick question so I have seen ttm successes from cardinals qb Carson Palmer on another forum but there are no successes from him on this forum I am running low on stamps so should i take the chance and send to him?
  4. Major League Baseball broadcasts available

    As well as collecting cards and autographs I also am I big collecter of MLB Broadcasts. I mostly trade but will collect donations from customers for these games to cover the cost of transferring these to digital formats. I can give anybody more information over email if they would like.

    Im looking to spread this hobby because, especially for me as a nostalgic fan. It's quite exciting to see my heros take the field like it was yesterday.

    If anybody is interested, I have ...
  5. Bryon Buxton, red wings signing habits?

    I have been attending many Rochester Red Wings games over the last few years and there are 2 autographs I want very badly but have never walked away with. Bryon Buxton and Domonic Brown. The most helpful hints would be signing habits at Frontier Field but I'll try anything.
    Thank you very much
    - RochesterGraphs