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  1. Shipping Question

    I have never sold any of my autographs before, but I'm planning on selling some to a guy in Colorado very soon (I live in Alaska). I ordered some small pre-paid priority mail flat-rate boxes from the USPS website. I'd like to put the autographs inside along with some protection, and then tape the closing flaps after removing the sticker from the adhesive that's on there for extra security, and also tape the seams to help protect it from possibly opening if/when it gets tossed around. But..... I've ...
  2. Nikki Bella should not be a champion

    I don't watch WWE much anymore. Repetitive, stale, tired storylines. An owner who's out of touch with reality refusing to let his miracle worker son-in-law take over and work the same magic he's created in NXT. Need I go on? Well, I have to.

    For all of the praise heaped on Triple H for his work in retooling NXT down in Florida, he's forced to play the role his father-in-law, Vince McMahon, should've retired long ago, that of the evil, corrupt administrator, a storyline role that should've ...

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  3. It feels like 1969 (or 1973) all over again

    No one thought the Mets would make the playoffs this year. Admittedly, I had them pegged for 2nd and at least in the hunt for a wild card.

    Then again, one could imagine the pundits felt the same way in 1969, when the Mets won their first World Series, and in 1973, when the Mets won the East with a late stretch run, and fended off Cincinnati before losing a 7-game World Series to Oakland.

    But as the Mets head home following an 8-2 road trip that saw them win the last ...
  4. Rodgers Luck Wilson & Calvin Autos FS/FT

    Quote Originally Posted by cpk2388 View Post
    I like the Unitas, Payton and Lebron autos. I like the Unitas/Thorpe GU as well. Lmk what you would need for that stuff. Thanks.
    hello, can you check my bucket for your anthony davis alonzo morning dual auto?
  5. In the end, it amounts to nothing

    In hindsight, the NFL went after the wrong guy, and lost.

    Judge Richard Berman, no relation to ESPN's Chris Berman (we think), overturned the 4 game suspension issued to New England Patriots QB Tom "Crybaby" Brady, which means trouble for the rest of the league. Crybaby will play with a bigger chip on his shoulder than usual when it all starts to count in a week's time vs. Pittsburgh.

    Ted Wells' report didn't exactly indict Brady for his involvement, such ...