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  1. Lions

  2. Don't cry for the Jets-----yet

    I found it amusing that an online commentator suggested that the Jets would try to sign Rex Grossman to back up Ryan Fitzpatrick, rather than give rookie Bryce Petty (out of Baylor), a shot, with Geno Smith gone until October due to a broken jaw.

    What is it with some of these alleged geniuses throwing shade on the Jets before the first pre-season game??

    Grossman hasn't played in, what, nearly 4 years? He was schizophrenic, based on the comments from sportswriters who ...
  3. LIVE Auction: Complete sets from 1952-1972 "The Wholesale Card Company Collection"


    I wanted to share this Amazing Collection with you... it's The Wholesale Card Company Collection


    Also includes:
    Double Headers
    Red Heart Baseball
    Hires Root Beer
    Vintage Japanese Cards too...

    LIVE Auction

  4. mario lemieux 3/5 signed masterpieces red

    Hello, im new here, i accumulated a bunch of cards over the years and now id like to sell theme. So i start with this one... send me s message here if you are interested or my email is :

    Oh bye the way im bot retarded if its sounds funny but i speak french not perfect english haha
  5. Desert Storm Autograph Project

    I enjoy collecting autographs, and have mostly collected them from athletes, celebrities and politicians, but I now want to try to put more time, effort and focus into getting more military autographs. I have hundreds of Desert Storm trading cards I would like to get autographed, so that's going to be my main focus for now, but I will add other kinds of military autographs to my collection too.

    During the past couple years I have gotten a Desert Storm card autographed by Gen.Colin Powell

    Updated 07-29-2015 at 03:46 PM by CliffAnderson92

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