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  1. 2012 Rookies & Stars Rookie Crusade Collection

    While I've halted on football I am still attempting to complete this set, you can see the cards I currently own in my bucket:
    [B][S]1 Doug Martin [/S]
    [S]2 Chris Givens[/S]
    [S]3 Michael Floyd[/S]
    [S]4 Lamar Miller[/S]
    [S]5 Russell Wilson[/S]
    [S]6 Mohamed ...

    Updated 11-15-2012 at 07:08 PM by TheCardBandit

  2. College Team Trading Group COLLECTOR PROFILE - Welker83 (Penn State Nittany Lions)

    Real first name / SCF name: Justin. / Welker83
    Current Location: Attleboro, Ma
    Profession: Fedex Office LPC

    College Team: Penn State Nittany Lions

    Please list your favorite players from that team (up to 10):
    -Cameron Wake
    -Jared Odrick
    -Darryl Clark
    -Derek Moye
    -Michael Robinson
    -Lavar Arringtn
    -Larry Johnson
    -OJ McDuffie
    -Evan Royster
    -Derrick Williams

    Do you prefer cards of players ...
  3. College Team Trading Group COLLECTOR PROFILE - 99presspass (Georgia Bulldogs)

    Real first name / SCF name: Tripp/ 99presspass
    Current Location: Orlando, FL

    College Team: Georgia Bulldogs

    Please list your favorite players from that team (up to 10):
    -Hines Ward
    -Verron Haynes
    -Kris Durham
    -Randy McMichael
    -Tim Jennings
    -Will Witherspoon
    -Charles Grant
    -Robert Edwards
    -Kendrell Bell
    -Champ Bailey

    Do you prefer cards of players in their college uniform, pro ...
  4. My Anti-Store Rant

    Well this is my anti-store rant

    As a card store owner I get a lot of people coming and going who ask all kinds of questions. Some interesting and some quite stupid. I enjoy trying to help educate those who are genuinely interested in getting into the hobby or wanting to know more about it but the ones that absolutely annoy me are the questions such as "why are your prices higher then the flea market". Well this has to be one of the dumbest questions that I have ever ...
  5. Stupidity runs rampant in the WWE!

    In high school, one of my teachers often complained that "stupidity runs rampant" when the class wasn't exactly swift on the uptake on a particular day. Sad to say, that same malaise of stupidity has a permanent home in the WWE.

    The company's much-maligned creative team underwent an overhaul recently, with long-time Raw head writer Brian Gewirtz apparently having been deep-sixed (don't know all the details), among other things, but Vince McMahon's refusal to train his writers ...