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  1. Josh Gordon Car Dealership?

    Anyone know if Josh Gordon signs through the dealership he's working for? Or if he still signs c/o Browns?
  2. Tedy Bruschi Address?

    I'm trying to collect every living member in the Patriots HOF, so far I have Parilli, Grogan, Armstrong, Coates, Morgan and Cappelletti, and I am currently waiting on Buoniconti and Troy Brown. I want Bruschi, and I saw he used to sign for ESPN, but not recently. Anyone have an address for him? Or does ESPN still work? Thanks!
  3. Is it too late to send TTM to baseball players?

    I was wondering whether i should send TTM to Zach Walters, Cody Spangenberg, and Kevin Siegrist now or if I should wait until spring training.
  4. Fan Pack Thread!

    Hey everybody! This is bostonautos14. I recently saw that my page has gotten over 100 visits so I thought I would start a fan pack thread. It can be any sport or even a college. I will start off the thread and say that I just got fan packs from the following teams and here is what they included:
    Buffalo Bills (NFL)
    -2 PLayer 8x10s of Brian Moorman and Fred Jackson
    -1 Game day program
    -2 Schedule key chains

    San Antonio Spurs (NBA)
    -1 American Flag
  5. Update

    Posted from the bcardcollector blog: 9/2/2014

    Morning everyone, your friendly card collector here. Checked the mail yesterday and someone sent me a dual-pack of 2008 Upper Deck cards so thank you to whoever sent us those as they help the collection grow. I still have alot of boxes to go through to add and it looks like I might have left the one complete set of 86 Topps cards at the old house in NY so the next buyer will have a lucky find. With that ...

    Updated 09-02-2014 at 08:32 AM by logansryche