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  1. Having trouble with photobucket!!!

    by , 01-02-2013 at 10:20 PM (Link to my want list and pc collection!!! Bucket link left of page, everything is available!!!)
    The old version works great, but the new version keeps coming up and having trouble going back to the original photobuck. Was wondering if others are having the same problem and any ideas on fixing it? It is getting on my nerves. I put a link to share cards for trade and when you click on it, sometimes it goes to the new version and there is no picture of card?
  2. Did i make a bad trade?

    by , 01-02-2013 at 03:42 PM (Link to my want list and pc collection!!! Bucket link left of page, everything is available!!!)
    I received a 2008 sp rookie thread letterman auto ray rice #02/63
    I have a 2008 sp rookie thread letterman auto joe flacco #02/41 in my pc.
    I figured it would be good to have matching serial runs from same set and may have some value in the future specially if they win a few super bowls together. I know that rg3 looks good but he is still an unknown for the future, injuries seem to plague alot of good players in the past. I just wanted some general feedback from anyone thoughts. Thanks ...
  3. Been awhile.....

    It has been awhile and I apologize to those who follow my blog . It seems the same shineola is happening everyday and I have gotten so bored with the whole damn thing that I found it very difficult to to say anything. All the same garbage is still happening and to top it off with a cherry our favourite past time has decided to have a work stoppage.

    This is the third lockout/strike since the little dictator has taken over as commish of the NHL and in all honesty I've had enough ...

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  4. spring training ttms

    who are good spring training ttm signers?
  5. Frank Caprice - Lost Rookie Card and Q&A

    Check out my latest post on Frank Caprice. I show off his lost rookie card, and Frank talks about his 1982 WJC experience, which was Canada's first ever Gold Medal, and looks back on his career.