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  1. Spring training

    Do farm teams (A,AA,AAA) all go to the same Spring Training? The team they are affiliated of?
  2. TTM Question

    i am sending TTMS soon and I have about 5 going to Ft. Myers for the Twins, for 5 different players. Should I send 5 different envelopes to the same place for each player? Or should I save money and send all in one big envelope with a few smaller envelopes inside with the name of the player and the cards inside? Please help
  3. TTM Help!

    I am new to this. I've had my account for awhile but never used it. I want to start doing baseball TTM's.I was wondering when the right time to send out Spring Training TTM's was. If anyone can please help me I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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  4. 14-15 RCs, AUTOS, SP, GU, etc

    If anyone is looking to make a few extra bucks around the holidays, I am currently buying 14-15 Hockey rookies, autos, jerseys, etc. I am looking to buy in bulk quantities. I pay 1/4 BV. PM me your offers.
  5. Nascar autos & race used cards to trade for football

    Quote Originally Posted by kawhona4 View Post
    Looking to trade / Sell all of the cards shown for something nice in Football---Its getting close to Christmas And im STILL TRYING to get more cards the kids want--Im looking for some Newer Football RC/Autos The cards I have are of

    Tina Gordon 2003 Press Pass Signings Auto Card
    Juan Pablo Montoya #120/180 Corporate Cuts Driver Worn Shirt 2007 Press Pass #CCT 17/18
    Sterling Marlin 2000 Upper Deck Sign Of the Times Auto Card
    Dale Jarrett 2005 Press Pass Signings