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  1. Website Rip Offs and Postage

    Website Rip Offs has been a big pain in the butt for many sellers Buyers who claim they didn't get their item and file a claim to get there money back Most sites will give these so-called buyers their money back if you can't provide a tracking number I don't know how many times I've lost money to this circumstance but it isn't something that you usually forget. Not all of these instances are scams but it is hard to believe when you look at it that certain delivery ...
  2. Amazing Boston/New England Lot For Sale! Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins

    Game Used And Autographs
    2012 Hit A98 Brandon Bolden Auto
    2006 Fleer Ultra Ultra Stars US-TE Teddy Bruschi Jersey
    2012 Leaf Valiant AD1 Alfonso Deannard Auto
    2012 Topps Chasing The Dream CDA-FD Felix Doubront Auto
    2012 Gridiron 231 Dont'a Hightower Auto #/499
    2012 Topps Finest AJR-RL Ryan Lavarnaway Xfractor Auto Jersey #/299
    1980 Topps 720 Carl Yastrzemski IP Auto

    1963 Topps Boston Red Sox Team Card 202
    1964 Topps 3 Nick ...

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  3. Looking for David Backes Prime Colors

    I am in search of any David Backes Prime colors of the blue note.
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  4. Paul Coffey in 9 Cards

    Paul Coffey played 1409 games in the NHL with 9 teams and was inducted in to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2004; this is his story in 9 cards.

    I had read on SCF somewhere about collecting 9 cards of a player to tell their story. I was going through some cards from my 2000-01 UD Vintage set and came across Paul Coffey in a Bruins uniform and though that I could easily do a 9 card collection for him. Turns out that is not as easy as I had hoped as Coffey played for 9 teams in his career ...
  5. Trading 2012-13 opc retro's-stickers-pop-ups-rainbows for my 2012-13 opc base needs

    Quote Originally Posted by sports4-ever View Post
    2012-13 opc base set needs: (-16) (RED INCOMING)

    let me know what you have .......... And what you need ......... Thanks