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  1. Using Photobucket

    It has come to my attention that some people on here don't know how to use Photobucket. On some of the posts that I have wanted someone to look at my bucket they have told me it doesn't work. This has made me think that we need to post to these people how to use Photobucket to look at trade lists on there. When someone tells you to "Look at my bucket" they will have a link in their sig. When you click on this, it will take you to the main part of their library. Some people have cards ...
  2. Drew Bree's home addy

    Does anyone know Drew Brees home address? I have seen success from there but no one posts the address. Please help! Thanks.
  3. Growing up to the new age of card collecting.

    So, as I have gotten back into collecting, I have noticed that more and more GU, EU, RU, auto, numbered, and other sorts of cards have appeared. This got me excited to start collecting again. But as card collecting evolved so did the internet. It brought us things like Ebay, Craigslist, this forum, and other new and exciting websites (get your minds out of the gutters guys). But with sites like Ebay and Craigslist the value of all cards were shot down when it came time to sell them. Beckett ...
  4. Looking for these Topps base

    Quote Originally Posted by raiderscott View Post
    '08 Topps 12 Kellen Clemens- Jets, 95 Larry Johnson- Chiefs, 156 Roydell Williams- Titans, 246 Shaun Phillips- Chargers, 347 Rashard Mendenhall Steelers, 363 Desan Jackson Eagles

    '09 Topps 46 Glenn Holt- Vikings, 175 Chris Johnson- Titans, 334 Alphonso Smith- Broncos, 339 Austin Collie- Colts, 362 Demtrius Byrd- Chargers, 375 Percy Harvin- Vikings, 398 Manual Johnson- Cowboys, 400- LeSean McCoy

    '11 Topps 186 Jerricho Cotchery- Jets, 227 Anquan Boldin- Ravens, 372 Louis
  5. Adding card backs to image library

    Quote Originally Posted by Biggiofn7 View Post
    I think you could add a spot for each card in tthe inventory so the backs of the cards can be scanned in as well. Treat it just like you would for the image of he front. The database would be that much better. Other than that you guys are dong a great job.
    It is awesome to be able to see both the front and bac of the cards. I like looking for errors that haven't been reported and mos not corrected. Also for people who may have trouble reading he backs it will be magnified once cropped ...