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  1. Steals Update 1

    Purchased an RGIII Elite Status Auto /24 for $253.50 dlvd thinking I can get $330+

    Update on past "steals" so farL

    Paid $25 lot dlvd
    2005 Sage Hit Jersey Vince Young (added to a lot)
    2002 Fleer Marcus Allen Jsy w/ Emmitt Smith (sold $8.00 dlvd)
    2002 Certified Art Monk FOTG Jersey /100 (sold $16.99 dlvd)
    2008 Elite Tom Landry/Hank Stram dual jacket /199 (sold $28.00 dlvd)

    Profit: ~$27.00

    Paid $9.27 dlvd ...
  2. Philippines Mailday! Updated every week!

    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorRupert View Post
    Just got these in!


    Updated 09-04-2012 at 01:55 PM by DoctorRupert

  3. kjhg

  4. Anyone seen this error card?

    I recently got this error of Tim Federowicz i have tried looking it up and cant find anything on it!
    Im curios if its a common error or rare its 2012 topps and how to place a value on it?
  5. Why Do You Card Collect? My Process Of Quitting.

    When I was about 11, I became obsessed with the NFL. I have played soccer my whole life and still do (currently a freshman in high school and on varsity) but there was something about football that I loved. As I got into it more and more and began playing Madden, I learned about many new players. My favorite was Charles Tillman. I then went about buying packs, trying to get a card of my favorite player. It was EXTREMELY addicting and at this point I didn't even no game used cards existed, let alone ...