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  1. Paul Coffey in 9 Cards

    Paul Coffey played 1409 games in the NHL with 9 teams and was inducted in to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2004; this is his story in 9 cards.

    I had read on SCF somewhere about collecting 9 cards of a player to tell their story. I was going through some cards from my 2000-01 UD Vintage set and came across Paul Coffey in a Bruins uniform and though that I could easily do a 9 card collection for him. Turns out that is not as easy as I had hoped as Coffey played for 9 teams in his career ...
  2. Trading 2012-13 opc retro's-stickers-pop-ups-rainbows for my 2012-13 opc base needs

    Quote Originally Posted by sports4-ever View Post
    2012-13 opc base set needs: (-16) (RED INCOMING)

    let me know what you have .......... And what you need ......... Thanks
  3. Jordan 90's inserts Mid-High end

    Need 90's Jordan inserts for my PC. If you have anything interesting let me know.
  4. magic johnson rc

    Looking for a Magic Johnson / Larry Bird Rookie ungraded to buy
  5. I Started a Lee Fogolin Collection by Accident!

    I started a Lee Fogolin collection by accident; that is my story and I am sticking to it. Disillusioned by the card boom of the early 1990s and outraged by the cost of newer product I decided to focus my attention on the card sets of my childhood.

    Goal 1 - Complete the O-Pee-Chee sets of the 1980s.
    A daunting task but I had a good start on most sets from my collecting as a child. The base sets are now complete, so are the box bottoms, supersized, and minis. I have ...