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  1. Back in the game

    Hey guys, i've been going thru my small amount of cards again, going to go through some trades and hopefully add to my small collection of Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne,,, and i'm not sure yet if i'm going with VIck Ballard or Dwayne Allen for my other. I like Vick Ballard a lot, but feel he may not be around in a Colts uni for long.. who knows?

    Anyways, my collections are small and low end, but I have a good time :) anytime you have low end rc's of luck/reggie/ other colts, send a pm ...
  2. Joe Montana

    Could anyone please tell me how to spot a fake Joe Montana Rookie card please Thanks!!!!
  3. Brett Farve 1995 Fleer Metal ERROR??????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

    I found a 1995 Fleer Metal Brett Favre base card #70 that is the exact same as all the others except the back. Where the stats are there is one highlighted, his TD'S. Mine has "YDS" instead of the normal "TD's". I have searched but can only find the normal one..............Does anyone out there know what is up w/ this?? Is it rare, a common thing for the set (Like the 1990 & 1991 Pro-Set Football Cards) or a one-of-a-kind? I have never seen one before & looking through ...
  4. My Intro =)

    Greetings Everybody!
    I'm a former Art Monk collector and new Robert Griffin III collector from Newport News, Virginia. (If you don't know where that is, it's about 15 minutes from Busch Gardens, near Colonial Williamsburg).
    I've been a member of other websites like this, but not this one specifically. I may have been a member here a while back under the name "Art Monk Fanatics", but I lost my password/login info, so I just decided to start fresh, since I'm not collecting ...
  5. Box Bottoms

    For their 1985-86 sets O-Pee-Chee and Topps started putting cards on the bottom of their boxes in 4 card panels. These cards features different art but looked very similar to the regular issue cards. This trend continued until the 1990-91 sets. Upper Deck followed suit with their 1991-92 box bottoms being 1 large card but shortly after that box bottom cards disappeared. In recent years Upper Deck has revived that trend on their new O-Pee-Chee product but this post will focus on the older stuff. ...