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  1. Autographs For trade - scans Cain, Either Buccholz, Tulo etc. - link to scans

  2. Donruss Hard Hats

    Hi all, this is my first blog on here so bear with me please. About a 2 months ago I picked up a card that at the time was a throw in and pure tradebait, a 1999 Donruss Prefered QBC Hard Hats Dan Marino /3000. These would have come out a couple of years after I quit collecting as a kid so I had no idea about the set (size, players, rarity, ect) or any attachment to them, asthetic or sentemental. The marino had sat in my bucket for quite a while with only a couple bites, I thought it was quite wierd ...
  3. The Panini Caper

    The recent announcement that Panini products would be distributed in Canada by Universal Distribution only and that Grosnor Distribution had been cut out of the picture is rather disturbing on several levels. Allowing only ONE distributor in Canada is going to create several problems with very unfavourable results. Not only will this mean increased prices to hobby stores and to collectors it will also mean more stores and collectors buying from US based suppliers. It will also add further credence ...
  4. Looking for Greg Little auto's, jerseys, ANYTHING Cheap!

  5. Hot Off The Press *Panini*

    Hot off the press is news that Panini is about to become available through Universal Distribution in Canada exclusively. I haven't talked to the other distributors about this revelation but if this in fact true can an Upper Deck exclusivity be far behind ? How about In The Game going exclusive ? I'll keep you informed.

    Happy Collecting !