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  1. Will be trying to get as many as three attempts out per week for 2014

    Here will be the first.

    2006 Topps Allen and Ginter #324 Kevin Mench

    Kevin Mench
    1305 Danbury Parks Dr.
    Keller, TX 76248

    2006 Topps Allen and Ginter #323 Brad Hawpe

    Brad Hawpe
    27 Wyck Hill Ln
    Westlake, TX 76262-8501

    2006 Topps Allen and Ginter #322 Nick Markakis (RC)

    Nick Markakis
    c/o Baltimore Orioles
    333 W. Camden St
    Baltimore, MD 21201
  2. Justin Freeman Autograph Desperately Needed!

    I'm in desperate need of an authentic signature of Justin Freeman who debuted for the Cincinnati Reds last season. I have an autograph of every Cincinnati Red since 1940 (minus 6) and I need Justin Freeman to complete a project that will be on display at the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum in 2014. It's is a follow up to the current "Signature Reds" display which can be seen at Google or the Reds Hall site. I really need the help and have been unable to locate a signature. It can ...
  3. delete!

  4. Winning the lottery might be a fantasy but what would you do if you won

    A. Plan an epic road trip with all your friends and do all the things you guys wouldn't have dreamed of before?
    B. Go crazy and buy yourself a private island, richard branson style?
    C. There's nothing better than the joy of giving, so maybe donate your winnings to a worthy organisation?
    D. Do something unreal, buy a franchise and work for yourself!

    Which option would you pick or anything else you think you would do?

    See more here:

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  5. 2013 topps

    Have want list for 2013 topps chrome refractors let me know what you have will buy or trade have many doubles for regular set