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  1. Steals Update 4

    Still sitting on the Barry Sanders Hall of Gold /10 Auto I got for $95 dlvd. Not looking like it was as good of a buy as I thought.

    I did score this lot for $4.49 dlvd:

    Kept 2 cards for PC and sold the rest as a lot for ...
  2. Breaking even.

    A few days ago I bought some packs of Upper Deck hockey cards. That night I undertook to open two packs and see what I had in the six card packs. I like to take the cards out one at a time and study them and read the back, sometimes I even look them up in Beckett's. It's more fun to look at each card one at a time. I soon saw that I had six cards on the desk in front of me, and still one in the pack! What ever, seven cards in a six card pack!! What good luck, I had come out on top for a change. ...
  3. TWO Hockey Group Breaks TONIGHT!

    Hey Everyone!

    We will be LIVE tonight, Friday September 14th, at 5 Central with TWO Hockey Group Breaks on BlogTV!

    Prime/Ultimate - $102
    Prime/Titanium/Limited - $45

    We have a special for TWO Spots in the $45 and ONE in the $102 for only $180!

    Remember that all First-time Breakers with us get $5 off per spot!!!

    See you tonight!.

  4. Box Break Spots *The Cup*Dominion*Prime*Ultima te*

    Box Breakers,

    We will be continuing our box break program this week with our break on Saturday of The Cup Next week we'll do Prime and possibly an Ultimate depending on time and interest. We'll also be doing box breaks for the new Panini Dominion at the end of the month. These breaks will all be the same with 10 spots and 3 teams per spot with a snake style draft. Spots will go quick for some products because of the shear limited product quantity and our reasonable spot prices. ...
  5. 2011-12 Upper Deck The Cup is out

    Well 2011-12 Upper Deck The Cup is out and already the complaint emails are rolling in. It is very difficult for me to help anyone with this product as we are restricted by our Upper Deck Authorized Distributors. There are only two authorized distributors in Canada, one (in Quebec) is in bed with the guys southwest of us who get most of The Cup and the other (in the GTA) could only give us two tins. Another so-called distributor who isn't authorized by Upper Deck quoted us $419 a tin plus taxes ...

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