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  1. 2012 Tribute FT

  2. 32 card HUGE 2012 Platinum Auto / Auto Relic FS

    Quote Originally Posted by cowboyfaninlr View Post
    Looking to move these here before the Bay tomorrow.
    Prices are OBO and S&H will be $2.50 for any number of cards.
    I would PREFER gift payments and would do a few bucks better on prices but either is fine.

    Here are the autos and I will list the Relic Autos in a few minutes.
    Can provide scan if needed

    Auto Relics:
    Matt Adams Jumbo RED Auto Relic 4 Color Patch 11/25...$80
    Devin Mesoraco Jumbo RED Auto Relic 2 Color Patch 20/25...$80
  3. Collecting Yastrzemski....Back in full swing in 2012!

    I guess if you want to get technical about it, I got back into the hobby around October of last year, but most of those 3 months were spent just getting caught back up with everything I had missed out on since 2006. The beginning of this year brought some changes to my collecting which I believe will do nothing but make my collection even better.

    It started in January which saw my first PC cards submitted to Beckett for grading. To be honest I don't care what grade any of my cards ...
  4. Updated Arena Football(afl) cards needed

    05 dance team stars # 3 and 10 both Katie

    arena bowl 16 archive
    05/06 AFL Jerseys/Fabrics Solid Jersey cards only (no mesh- no holes)!!! (unless double n tri color jersey might want mesh)
    Need Solids
    Garcia 05/06
    Sippio 05
    Anthony 05
    Dolezel 05
    Jackson 05
    Ryan 05
    Harrell 05
    Cooper 05
    Hundon 05
    roe 05/06
    Nash 05/06
    Davis 05
    Ross 05
    Burley 05
    Bailey 06
    Kelly 06
    Stoerner ...
  5. Brad Fast

    Can you name the player to score the last official game-tying goal in NHL history? How about a player who has a goal-per-game career average? I was able to score a short Q&A with the man. Learn about his surprising draft position, his lone career game, and playing in Asia.