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  1. Upper Deck Rookie Photo Shoot Day

    Well we attended the Upper Deck Rookie Photo Shoot at Mastercard Centre in Toronto on Tuesday Before getting into specific details I want to thank our main Upper Deck distributor Grosnor Distribution for the invite and to Upper Deck for taking care of us. I also want to say thanks to all of the rookies who attended the day long event as this was the second straight day of this and for all they go through during it, having their stuff on all day, they were truly cordial and ...

    Updated 08-29-2012 at 04:55 PM by frozenheroes (spelling much for my spell checker.)

  2. Card companies take note of this post

    This post of a blog is simple for all the card companies to take note. Sure I could have posted this message in time for this years National Convention I thought to wait until prior to next years but, after reading someones else problem I figured I might as well do it now while its fresh on my mind. First off I will applaude part-time member and a great person that is great with insights and judging the way he handles things in his area I hope he sees this blog and replies to me ...
  3. ADCGJH Have List FT/FS

    2012 Score #18 Patrick Willis 49ers
    2012 Score #14 Frank Gore 49ers
    2012 Score #11 Aldon Smith 49ers
    2012 Prestige #169 Ted Ginn Jr. 49ers
    2012 Press Pass #23 LaMichael James 49ers
    2012 Leaf Draft #1 A.J. Jenkins 49ers
    2011 Topps Prime Rookie #PRKH Kendall Hunter 49ers
    2011 Topps Prime Retail #96 Kendall Hunter RC 49ers
    2011 Topps Prime Retail #75 Michael Crabtree 49ers
    2011 Topps Legends #50 Joe Montana ...
  4. Collecting Yastrzemski - July/August, 2012

    Well, this certainly has been an exciting couple of months for me with my Yastrzemski collection. July had started off so slowly that I had doubts that I would add much of anything. It wasn't until halfway through the month that I made a deal on SCF & that was only for 1 card. This same time also brought news that Michael had decided to turn down Seattle's final offer to sign him to a major league contract & return to Vanderbilt for his senior year. The third week of July brought me ...
  5. Steals Update 3

    To add onto the August list, I picked up a Barry Sanders Hall of Gold Auto /10 from Gold Standard 2011 for $95 dlvd on ebay. This one may not end up being an easy profitable flip and I may keep it because it looks amazing. Sanders cards of that quality go from $90-$160 which is a crazy range.

    It should be here next week. I saw one on ebay sell for $145 BIN and if I can't flip it for $40-50 profit, it may turn into a PC card.

    My profit for the month still sits at $138.71 ...