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  1. Is it really worth it ???

    considering getting cards graded but theres so many graders out there who is legit these days and who is not and whats a reasonable price for that can anyone help ?????
  2. I wish Football were in the Olympics. Our Football!

    [QUOTE=OZTATAR;11943979][QUOTE=marinocollector;11943736]All I hear is a bunch of tired (and probably drunk ) Aussies are falling over themselves from exhaustion because they are too insecure in their manhood to call timeout. In all reality, Rugby is nothing more than a homosexual orgy with an odd number of balls.
    We give our athletes solid heads, turning them into projectiles, and a very thin shield so that they don't end up dead from a hit from the athlete in the helmet. We have breaks, not ...
  3. Cards to trade or Selling!!!!

    by , 08-13-2012 at 12:14 PM (Link to my want list and pc collection!!! Bucket link left of page, everything is available!!!)
  4. Watch buying your soft plastics

    whether its soft plastics from from BCW or ULTRA-PRO many dealers and flea marketers like to try and charge you well over 1.50 for 100ct package , but from the companies themselves they actually are sold for .50 cents ...i have found at a select few places purchase prices for .60 cents up to .99 cents be patient and happy collectible hunting
  5. Updates for a Friday *Ultimate*Prime*

    Well....hope everyone is doing well. I've been getting a lot of requests for article posts to a number of sites and while I am flattered I really don't have the time to give to it as noticed in how infrequently I get to my forum blog. My time is pretty much getting eaten up by a number of things I do including community work so it would be a difficult thing to do properly and I would feel awful if I couldn't do it right.

    Anyway, on to current items of interest. Cracked our first case ...