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  1. A Teen's Jounrey Through Collecting Autographs

    I'm a teen, who has been collecting sports cards since I was 8. I have started collecting ttm autographs in 2011, but sent my first out in 2008 that came back unsuccessful to Garret Atkins. :( So I didn't try again until 2011 when I sent to Bob Walk, Bud Harrelson, and Shawon Dunston. The Bob Walk didn't come back however, but who knows maybe I'll see it years later. The other two came back after a week, I was very happy, Shawon Dunston even threw in a card of his own. That was when I really wanted ...

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  2. My Personal Collection Idea's

    First of all, I'm 21 years old, so I don't have tons of money to invest in my collection at the moment, and my collection so far isn't very big. I mostly have ttm autos, and autos I've gotten through online request. I love autos and sports cards, but I'd like to try to narrow down my collection instead of trying to collect everything that looks nice.

    New York Yankees (my favorite baseball team)
    Benchwarmers model cards
    Aaron Hernandez autos/jersey cards
    Richard Petty
  3. Value of 11-12 Panini Limited Phenoms and 11-12 Rookie Anthology Set.

  4. Taking on another apprentice, here is what they have in their collection(so far)

    So Im not as active on the forums these days, probably wont be until August. Mostly to concentrate on other interests of mine, but Ive always got time to teach the hobby to others. So during my "sabatical" from the hobby, Ive managed to take on another person wanting to learn the ins and outs of the hobby and the different avenues and methods to getting ones personal collection bigger, or at least manage to make it something to constantly stare at in their case. For the record, this friend ...

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  5. F/t 2013 Topps triple Threads Eddie Lacy Montee Ball Dual Patch Auto Booklet # /18