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  1. Steals Update 7

    Work has picked up and I haven't had the time to patrol Ebay as closely looking for deals. The few I got recently were busts and I broke even even though they were high-end cards.

    Orakpo: $4.50 dlvd - $12.98 = $8.48 (/25 gridiron gear rookie auto)
    Tebow: $26.94 dlvd - $42.99 = $16.05 (Black Friday Auto)
    Cowboys $26.95 dlvd - $52.99 = $26.04 (BOYS Aikman/Whote/Staubach/Meredith booklet from Playbook /49)
    Jacquizz $3.98 dlvd - $12.98 = 9.00 (R&S Logo patch /299) ...
  2. Finally Got My First Alfred Morris Auto

    FINALLY [/B][/I][/U]got my first Alfred Morris auto! A pretty nice one at that too.:D: His cards are expensive as there only a few left. If RG3 comes back strong, the Redskins should be a great team for years to come.

  3. Kings To Seattle?

    Looks like Seattle could be getting a team back. Yahoo Sports reported today that the owners were close to reaching a deal to send the Kings to Seattle for 500 million. As a Seattle Sports fan, I would be ecstatic if this did actually happen. Kings have a few good players/big names in Evans, Cousins & Fredette. Anyway, that's it, just a short little one for today. Thanks for reading and keep following!
  4. National Championship Massacre & News

    Hey guys, after watching the game last night, I was in awe at how good Eddie Lacy & TJ Yeldon were and are. Pretty much got [COLOR=#008000][U][B]at least[/B][/U][/COLOR] 5 yards per rush, which is crazy considering the team they were playng. Anyways, hope Lacy enjoys a good NFL career, as he is rumoured now going as early as the 1st round to the [COLOR=#0000CD]Colts[/COLOR]. Yeldon is already an absolute beast and could be a Heisman canidate in the upcoming years...

    Back to the ...
  5. Some Updates & New PC Coming!

    Hey guys coming at you with I think my 7th blog entry? Anyways quite a few things to bring up today, but lets get started with a new potential PC. Will probably be starting a PC on Alfred watching this guy play, absolute beast. Although I'm a Hawks fan, the man was destroying us the fi[COLOR=#000000][/COLOR]rst half. Love his tough running style, and can't wait to see him and RG3 together in the future, as it was an amazing game! If you guys have anything of him, mainly autos please ...