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  1. Doug McDermott TTM Help

    I sent to McDermott using the TTM address in the database and I have been waiting for 3 weeks. I sent a white filler card and I really want to get this back. I just want everyone's opinion on whether I should send to him again or keep waiting since other people have gotten him in only a week.

    Fan of all ATL teams. Go Hawks!
  2. Collecting Yastrzemski - Feb. '14 / Jackie Robinson Day!

    I know it's been awhile since my last blog posting, but there has been a lot going on in my life here lately that has taken me away from adding much of anything new to my collection. So, I thought I'd let it build up a little bit before I posted a new entry.

    I'll start off with updates regarding Michael for those who may have missed it. He made his first appearance in an Orioles uniform in ST when they played the Red Sox, going in as a pinch-runner & scored the first run for the ...
  3. Success!!

    Well the past few weeks I have had good success with TTM. I received cards back from Josh Harrison (2), Jim Leyland (1 of 4), Brock Holt (2), Sidney Crosby, and Jim Duffalo (1). I think that's is it.............don't have my list in front of me.

    The Jim Duffalo was a great one for me personally, He played back in the 60's and he is from the town I was born in. I normally collect Pittsburgh Pirates players and local Western PA. players. I found his 1965 Topps card at a run down card ...
  4. My actual Tradelist


    Jahr | Series | Cardno. | Player | BV

    1999 Upper Deck Retro Inkredible #AP Angel Pena $10.00
    2000 Just Autographs #BA67 Mark Mulder JG $8.00
    2004 Leaf Limited Cuts #8 Cal Ripken/100 $100.00
    2004 SPx Swatch Supremacy Signatures Young Stars #CL Cliff Lee $10.00
    2006 Bowman Originals Buyback Autographs #317 Dontrelle Willis 05 BSREL/14 F n/a
    2007 Artifacts Autofacts #JE Johnny Estrada $10.00
    2007 TRISTAR Autothentics Autographs ...

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  5. new user from cleveland......

    Hello everyone I'm a new user from Cleveland. I've have been collecting for 30 years. I have been to 22 national conventions and about 50 other out of state shows. I collect everything Cleveland and I collect press/wire photos Gretzky items, lou Gehrig items and a lot of ttm autographs and in person autographs. If anyone is from Ohio or would like to give me any pointers or tips it much appreciated. My uncle taught me collect what you like, not what others like or what's hot. Collect something that ...