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  1. Will UAlbany ever get any respect from the NCAA?

    The following was previously published on one of my other blogs:
    You're a 4-time America East men's basketball champion, with all four titles coming in the last nine years. You haven't gotten very far in any previous tournament appearance. So when Selection Sunday comes, how does the NCAA reward you for your 4th league title?

    If you are the Great Danes of the University at Albany, you go to Dayton, Ohio to play a "play-in" ...
  2. Benchwarmer TTM's

    Last year I bought a box of Benchwarmer 2011 bubble gum cards, hoping to get a bunch of them TTM'd
    So far, I've gotten a few RTS, 1 autographed, and another person emailed me and told me where to send them for her to signed, but I haven't gotten them back yet and that was MANY months ago

    So I was wondering if any of you have had more success with Benchwarmer TTM's?
  3. More TTM Success

    I had just got more success from:

    matt moore
    andre reed with hof 14
    larry johnson
    and a redsox fanpack
  4. Autograph Addiction

    The title of this post might sound funny because how could someone become addicted to autographs? Well I personally believe that itís a real thing, and that Iím not the only autograph collector that has gone through it. So Iíve decided to write about my experiences.

    It all started out in late June 2012 when I began collecting autographs. I had been getting some sports cards before that, but they were worth only the value of the cardboard that they were printed on. I liked them, but ...
  5. It's been awhile.........

    Well I haven't received any cards back since before Thanksgiving, but I still have hopes of getting something back. On Monday, I sent out cards to 5 different players.........Austin Meadows, Josh Harrison, Mark Melancon, Jason Grilli, and Andy Van Slyke. I sent them to the spring training addresses I found with fingers crossed I will get them back. Grilli, I had success already with last year. I have been wanting to send one out before to my childhood hero Andy Van Slyke so I gave it a shot. I really ...