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  1. Paid Autograph Sites

    I don't know why, but I've been thinking about this today.

    I like to collect autographs, and I love the fact that SCF has thousands of contact address's/websites available for free for all members and non-members that use this site. I don't understand how people could charge money for other peoples contact information that is all publicly available if you dig deep enough and know what you're looking for. And that brought me to my question:

    What would stop somebody from ...
  2. More TTMS I just sent

    I just sent ttms right now. They are the following:

    Willie McGinest
    Andre Reed
    Mario Williams
    Archie Manning
    Jordy Nelson
    Jeff Saturday
    Hines Ward
    Lawrence Taylor
    Heath Miller
    Fred Jackson
    Jerry Jones
    Herm Edwards
    John Harbaugh

    Wish me luck I have my fingers
    Tags: autographs, ttm
  3. Info about seller

    Does anyone have any experience with the seller redgrange007? Never bought from him and I just want to see if he is a good person to buy from.
  4. The NFL Hall of Fame

    It has been a long journey trying to college autographs of all of those that reside in the NFL HOF and while I have amassed a large amount, there are still plenty to go...and many of them very expensive. I figured this would be a good way to update people on who I am still looking for and as well as a way to show my new pickups. Below, you will find a list of all those I am still in search for. Most of them do not have anything besides PSA/DNA autographs, which are more than welcome.

  5. Ernie Laforce

    Today I received the dreaded letter today from the family of Ernie Laforce. I sent my TTM request to him in mid-September and unfortanutely he passed away on October 18th. While I never like receiving news from a family member that their loved one has passed away, I do appreciate them sending me a note back. I can pass on to other people the unfortanute news and spare the family from further receiving TTM requests.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Ernie Laforce - I don't blame
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