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  1. To all of the Broncos haters out there:

    To all of the Broncos haters out there: Yes, we have been the underdogs in nearly every game this season. Yes, many of you have doubted us. Yes, we have lost to the Colts, Chiefs, Raiders, and Steelers. But yes, we have also defeated the Bears, Bengals, Steelers, Ravens, Chiefs, Lions, Vikings, Browns, Chargers (twice), and the mighty Patriots TWICE! But now, many of you (and your "superstars") will be watching US, the underdogs, play for the Lombardi Trophy in the historic SuperBowl 50 ...

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  2. First ttm successes!!!!!!!!

    I got 3 packages today! I sent a index to Tony Dungy! He sent it back "to Kyle, god bless, SB XLI champs, Matt 16:26" !!!!! I sent a index card to John Harbaugh and received a beautiful 8x10 photo and he said "to Kyle, keep giving everything you got, and god bless"! Last I sent a index card to Jerry Jones and he sent me a 8x10 and he wrote me back!!!! Awesome day! I sent all these guys really nice genuine letters and I'm huge fans of them so it was a great day! Can't wait to ...
  3. Ttms sent

    Sent some TTMS out yesterday 2-24-14

    Drew Brees
    Richard Sherman
    Jerry Rice
    Charlie Joiner
    Kurt Warner
    Roddy White
  4. 2013 NFL Draft: Every Position Recap

    Watched the Senior Bowl yesterday. Dang this is a weak offensive class...None of the QBs are anything special, maybe a few quality NFL starters, but nothing big...The best RB prospect in my opinion is Lacey, and he isn't alll that great either. There are some decent WR prospects (Justin Hunter, Tavon Austin, Keenan Allen Etc) but not really excited for that bunch either as none of them have elite potential. The OL is very very good, but let's face it, who gets super excited pulling an auto of a ...
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  5. Future NFL Studs?

    Hey guys, today in school I was thinking about the future of the NFL, and who has the potential to become a star in the future. The past year and a bit, I have actually get a feeling when some young, under the radar player is going to be a star. Some players I predicted last year are:

    1. Victor Cruz (Turned into a beast WR)
    2. Colin Kaepernick (Very promising future)
    3. Russell Wilson (Super Bowl winner very soon)
    4. TY Hilton (Electric player)
    5. RG3
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