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  1. Today is Saint Patrick's Day... AND Emmanuel Sanders' birthday!!!

    Happy birthday to Emmanuel Sanders, one of Denver's greatest offensive weapons! His birthday being on Saint Patrick's Day is very fitting. His ASTOUNDING talent brings luck to the Denver Broncos! He is Denver's lucky charm!

    I am very excited to see what he will accomplish for the Denver Broncos in the upcoming season! I think some more INCREDIBLE catches and a Lombardi will be in our near future!
  2. My thoughts on Shane Ray's controversial Kansas City tattoo

    I have no problem with Shane Ray's Kansas City tattoo. He is representing his roots, nothing more. Actually, I wish more players would do like he did. Stay humble, and remember and honor where they came from.
  3. My thoughts on the Denver Broncos' quarterback conundrum

    I understand that the quarterback is a big part of the team, both physically and morally, but I do not think that any of our options at quarterback are really as bad as many people are making them out to be.

    Our defense, the Orange Crush, led us to a Lombardi last year, and I have no doubt in my mind that they can do the same thing this year.

    More than anything, we just need a quarterback to fill an empty spot in the roster. We ...
  4. Malik Jackson is only chasing MONEY! $$$

    I'm sorry... but Malik Jackson is not anywhere near as good as he thinks he is. He is asking for a 5 year, $75 million contract! Our Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller is the ONLY member of the Denver Broncos worth that much money! Derek Wolfe (who in my opinion is WAY better than Malik Jackson) has a four year salary that is only $36.7 million.

    Salary wise per year (not including bonuses), this breaks down to:

    Derek Wolfe: $9,175,000

    Von Miller: ...
  5. My thoughts on what the Denver Broncos should/should not do to their roster during the offseason:

    Many people will probably disagree with this, but I think that the Denver Broncos should keep Brock Osweiler, rather than going after a QB in the draft, or signing one that is a free agent.
    People are always saying that Osweiler has not proven himself, but if you ask me, I think that Osweiler proved himself when he stepped up and filled in for Manning. While he is not the best quarterback in the NFL, Osweiler is definitely a lot more talented than most people give him credit for.
    I say ...
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