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  1. International Baseball Card Keyword Cheat Sheet

    Below are various terms one might find useful when attempting to search for information about baseball cards in languages other than English. Within some languages there are regional variations, This is especially true of Spanish. I am no linguist, so these are all very much a layman's guide to these terms as I have encountered them in my web surfing.


    baseball (the sport) - béisbol

    baseball (the ball) - pelota

    baseball player ...

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  2. CPBL Sets For an Ever-Shifting League

    Late last year (2013), I got excited by a posting on the official CPBL blog on what I thought would be the first real set to contain a card of Manny Ramirez in the Chinese Professional Baseball League. Manny played for the EDA Rhinos for the first half or so of the 2013 CPBL season, and as the league usually issued sets after the end of the season, I thought it reasonable to expect to see a card with Manny in a Rhinos uniform by early 2014.

    My excitement was misplaced, as ...

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