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  1. More Spring Training results came in!

    I have gotten two more Spring Training requests back. Brandon Wood signed 2/2 and Hank Conger has signed 1/1. Keep your eyes open as many others have started to report their ST results in the SCF baseball success threads.
  2. TTM Spring Training

    Today was another nice autograph day. I had just recieved my first three autos from 2009 Spring Training. All three of the guys sent back both of the cards I sent autographed. Here they are:
    Steve Holm
    Chase Headley
    Kevin Pucetas
    I also was able to add two more autographs from the 2009 football team from The Ohio State University. I was gifted signed photos of QB Prior and DB Hines. Those look great with last weeks additions to my collection of RB Beanie Wells and DB Jenkins. ...
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