2bros - Exclusive 4

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  1. royer33455's Avatar
    I have 07 BP #'s 5, 101

  2. Karl cloney's Avatar
    next game
  3. garnett_21's Avatar
    Nice account of the game! Too bad you guys lost...better luck next game! :-)
  4. johan29lhp's Avatar
    that is rather strange! can you PM me with details on your inventory system?
  5. SingleDaddyof2's Avatar
    How funny/ironic that my first blog entry [URL="http://www.sportscardforum.com/blog.php?u=3096"]Completing My 2008 Topps Baseball Set[/URL] seems to be a response to your blog entry, lol. I didn't even look at any others here before I started composting--I mean composing mine. :sign0020: