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  1. adcgjh's Avatar
    Nice writeup. I collect University at Buffalo alumni. The stuff that I find hardest to get is the Arena League cards. When cards come up on ebay they seem to go much higher than I want to buy for. Anyways I have these Boise Alumni which you probably already have but figured I'd throw them out there to help another college trader..

    2012 Score Glossy #328 Doug Martin
    2012 Score #341 Kellen Moore RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Gold #16 Doug Martin
    2012 Leaf Draft #26 Kellen Moore
    2012 Leaf Draft #16 Doug Martin
    2011 Score Glossy #395 Titus Young
    1990 Pro Set #433 John Rade
    1989 Topps #338 John Rade
    1989 Pro Set #13 John Rade
    1988 Topps #393 John Rade RC