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  1. !!

    Well I'm

    The first product to roll out of Upper Deck under their new 'Brick & Mortar' rules and already I have rec'd emails from an internet seller who even admits in his email promotion letter that he knows he isn't supposed to have it. Thank goodness for the little product code serial number which will identify the supplier and get him in deep s**t. I was hoping that the distributors of Upper Deck product would follow the rules but one of the two of them in Canada ...
  2. 10-11 Ultimate Box break

    As promised here is the 10-11 Ultimate Box break. I opened 2 just for fun.

    First Box/Pack
    Tony Esposito base 333/399 (traded)
    Nathan Lawson RC 282/399 (on ebay)
    Erik Karlsson Debut Threads 191/200 (on ebay)
    Pavel Datsyuk Achievements Auto 10/25 (on ebay)

    Second Box/Pack
    John Tavares base 294/399 (traded)
    Kevin Poulin RC 121/399 (on ebay)
    Eric Wellwood Debut Threads 152/200 (given away)
    Joe Sakic Ultimate Signatures (on ebay) ...

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  3. 2011-12 Upper Deck Series 1 Pre-orders

    Finally got the info on 2011-12 Upper Deck Series 1 hockey. Haven't checked Upper Decks website to see what the product looks like yet though. The 'B' means that brick & mortor stores like mine get our product 90 days before the general release.

    HOBBY (12/24/8) Nov 09 $66
    BLASTERS (20/7+1+1/8) Nov 15 $20
  4. 10-11 UD Ultimate

    Well the much anticipated release (or was it just shear Upper Deck boredom ) of the 10-11 UD Ultimate Hockey product is fast approaching. Wednesday the 20th is the official release date and we have some cases coming. We will post a box break and any big hits we get shortly thereafter.

    Have a great weekend everyone
  5. News For Wednesday

    Well it has been a rather busy and hectic couple of days. Trying to sort and price about 1500 cards that came in on Saturday, unpack stock orders, open a couple of boxes myself and rearrange my store.

    The new displays look great (if I do say so myself) and they hold a lot of stuff. Got our new Stanley Cup Boston Bruins stuff in. The Champions box set, Stanley Cup patch and the pennant.

    Opened some boxes and pulled the following decent cards:
    05-06 Ultra Sidney Crosby ...
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