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  1. A Busy June 21st

    Just thought I'd leave a few notes of things going on for a busy June 21st, the first day of Summer 2011.

    Broke a few boxes yesterday, lots of sorting to do to update my inventory, big memorabilia auction closing tonight so I'll be up really late, didn't sleep much so I'm already tired and the sun is shining right now.

    I'll detail the box breaks with the decent pulls on my next blog 'box break' update including the Taylor Hall RC Auto !

    Picked up several ...
  2. Card Release Updates

    10-11 PANINI ALL GOALIES is set to released on June 17th.

    10-11 Panini Score Rookie & Traded is due to be released on June 29th

    10-11 UD STANLEY CUP CHAMP BOX SET CANUCKS OR BRUINS is set to be released on July 7th. We will also have assorted souvenirs celebrating the Championship team. Pucks, steins, mugs, glasses, bottle banks, bumper strips, clocks, key rings, travel mugs and more.

    11 RAZOR LEAF CUT SIGNATURE set to be released on July 15th
  3. News Updates

    Well lets see where to start....

    First, we got our official approval from Upper Deck yesterday that we are an Authorized Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealer. We are now awaiting confirmation and approval of our Authorized Internet Retailer application.

    Second, it has been noted that we are Durham Region's largest sportscard and memorabilia store.

    Third, January 2012 will see us celebrate our 35th year in the hobby. We are planning for a birthday celebration ...
  4. 10-11 UD2 Retail Boxes

    So.....I crack two boxes of this year's UD series 2 retail product. What a disappointment . First my 12 YG RC's were all commons and not worth pulling. Second and this is the biggie, one box yielded the 6 retro variations as expected but 3 of them were damaged by dual roller ripples from top to bottom right through the card middle. I have contacted Upper Deck about this as those retros are a selling feature for the box especially with such a weak rookie crop. Keep you updated on that. ...
    Box Breaks
  5. BTP, SP Authentic and SPx

    Well I gave in to the belief that my first box of 10-11 Between The Pipes was just bad luck . Turns out it wasn't. The same result from box number two as my two jersey cards weren't worth mentioning, masks weren't worth mentioning and the other inserts weren't worth mentioning. So we just won't mention it.
    The 10-11 SP Authentic product caught me off guard as I hadn't seen anything on it and just assumed it would be the same old thing. Well low and behold the first pack I opened ...
    Box Breaks
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