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  1. Been awhile.....

    It has been awhile and I apologize to those who follow my blog . It seems the same shineola is happening everyday and I have gotten so bored with the whole damn thing that I found it very difficult to to say anything. All the same garbage is still happening and to top it off with a cherry our favourite past time has decided to have a work stoppage.

    This is the third lockout/strike since the little dictator has taken over as commish of the NHL and in all honesty I've had enough ...

    Updated 01-01-2013 at 04:02 PM by 11chaos

  2. My Anti-Store Rant

    Well this is my anti-store rant

    As a card store owner I get a lot of people coming and going who ask all kinds of questions. Some interesting and some quite stupid. I enjoy trying to help educate those who are genuinely interested in getting into the hobby or wanting to know more about it but the ones that absolutely annoy me are the questions such as "why are your prices higher then the flea market". Well this has to be one of the dumbest questions that I have ever ...
  3. The Panini Caper

    The recent announcement that Panini products would be distributed in Canada by Universal Distribution only and that Grosnor Distribution had been cut out of the picture is rather disturbing on several levels. Allowing only ONE distributor in Canada is going to create several problems with very unfavourable results. Not only will this mean increased prices to hobby stores and to collectors it will also mean more stores and collectors buying from US based suppliers. It will also add further credence ...
  4. Hot Off The Press *Panini*

    Hot off the press is news that Panini is about to become available through Universal Distribution in Canada exclusively. I haven't talked to the other distributors about this revelation but if this in fact true can an Upper Deck exclusivity be far behind ? How about In The Game going exclusive ? I'll keep you informed.

    Happy Collecting !
  5. Updates for a September 24th

    Well here we are on a Monday with the month of September almost gone and no hockey in sight. For hockey fans this is another disgusting kick in the teeth by the greedy powers that be. For hockey card collectors this means cards being issued with last year's pictures and no new rookies. For store owners like myself, on top of all that we are faced with trying to keep interest in hockey cards going. This is something that we do on a daily basis anyways by talking product goods and bads with customers ...
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