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  1. Forget Johnny Football! He's Johnny Immature!

    Johnny Manziel came out of college too soon.

    By all rights, he should be a senior at Texas A & M, which hasn't set the world on fire since he left following his sophomore season. Talent is one thing, but being mature enough to actually play in the NFL, much less the CFL, is another thing altogether, and Manziel is one of a bazillion players who came out too early, spurred on by the predictable cadre of hangers-on and other leeches to chase the money. Last year, he was on football ...
  2. Now, let's hope they don't wait another 30 years.......

    The following was posted on my personal blog, The Land of Whatever, earlier today:
    And, so, it's over. The Kansas City Royals marked the 30th anniversary of their first World Series championship by winning this year's edition in 5 games over the Mets. The two teams won't have to wait long to meet again, however, as they'll open the 2016 season at Kaufmann Stadium next April.

    To give credit where it's due, the Royals played like the hungrier team, ...
  3. Upon further review, the umpires blew it

    The Mets have lost not just a game, which got away from them amidst the controversy in the 7th inning of game 2 of the NLDS vs. the Dodgers, but they lost a key player who had sparked up on offense in the stretch run.

    Shortstop Ruben Tejada broke his leg on a takeout slide by old Met nemesis Chase Utley, now a high priced pinch hitter for the Dodgers. Utley was originally called out, but a replay challenge by Dodger manager Don Mattingly demonstrated what had been speculated ever ...
  4. TNA hits a new low

    Just when you think you've heard/seen it all, TNA Wrestling sinks even further into the quicksand.

    At Bound For Glory on Sunday, Matt Hardy pinned fellow WWE alumnus Drew Galloway (formerly Drew McIntyre) to win the TNA title, after former champ Ethan Carter III (still another WWE alum, Derrick Bateman) was removed from the picture.

    It's gone downhill from there.

    Knowing that their contract with Destination America is on the verge of going belly up prematurely, ...
  5. Heads are starting to roll.........

    The regular season in baseball is over. Playoffs begin Tuesday. Also-rans are already cutting dead weight.

    In Washington, that means the Nationals weren't wasting any time bidding farewell to Matt Williams, one year removed from Manager of the Year. Unfortunately, the brain-dead decision making that cost him the NLDS vs. San Francisco last year ultimately did him in this year. A blind man could see this coming as soon as the Nationals were overtaken by the Mets.

    Think ...
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