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    The concern is not playing one of their potential superstars for three weeks just to avoid a year of service lost. The Angels lost out on the playoffs when they kept Trout in minors for first few weeks. The issue is with MLB needing to revamp their service time requirements so that star prospects are held back.
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    Bryant seems very level headed..kind of Trout-esque. Definitely not a repeat of Harper. Like you said, I think he's fine with it and understands the decision.
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    Ruthless? Get real. Boras has had a bad rep IMPO from the get-go, ever since he convinced JD Drew he shouldn't sign with Philadelphia, I believe it was, for whatever reason, in favor of St. Louis.

    If I was 30 years younger, in better shape, and in line to be drafted, I wouldn't want him representing me. I'd make him eat his gold cards.
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    An agent trying to get the max amount of money for his client...what a terrible guy...all jokes aside his job is to be ruthless and take teams for all they have.
  5. hobbyfan's Avatar
    I'm not so sure it's really the player asking for the extra cheddar, especially with a dirtbag like Boras misrepresenting him. I keep thinking the agent inflates the numbers in order to feather his own nest, exploiting his clients and fleecing owners is what Boras does best.
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    I couldn't have said it better myself. Only thing that worries me is boris is his agent and when his contract is up bryant will demand a huge premium.
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    Nice. Does anyone else have an opinion?
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    I don't care about scores being run up, that is the nature of the game sometimes. If you can't stop their offense it is your own fault, they have no incentive to not score 45 points. It is pretty rude to do, but that is the unwritten rules and something they have to morally deal with, which brings me to their Spygate/Ballgate/general cheating.

    Until there are severe penalties in place the Patriots and other teams with no morals will cheat. I feel that the first time you are caught cheating you loose $15 mil from your salary cap space and your years worth of draft picks. Second time you are caught cheating (if within 10 years of previous account) it is an additional $25mil and two years of draft picks, total of 40mil and 3 years worth of draft picks. Just destroy the franchise and not allow the ownership group to sale the team. It will make teams from the front office all the way down to the guy selling beer be legit.

    I am tired of teams cheating, it really makes watching the games feel cheap to me. I am almost fed up with the way the NFL is handling itself and not taking care of it's business.

    I say hold the entire organization accountable for everyones contribution to cheating. What I suggest might be absurd as far as penalties go for cheating, but I would rather a team get beat down than pay a miserable little fine. $250k isn't even a drop in their bucket.
  9. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Naturally, and it's the culture a lot of us have grown up in.

    Separate television from the business of the major sports, and maybe there are reforms after all.
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    He only tested positive once, after they started imposing penalties for it. Ryan Braun lied and claimed that the tester discriminated against him because he is Jewish and only got a I think 60 game ban........but Selig wanted to run A-Rod out of the game for good. But it's all a big joke though. Test positive for illegal drugs, PED's, or hit your wife and you get a slap on the wrist.......but bet on a sport (and not throw the game), and you are banned for life. It depends on how valuable the player(s) are to the league. The same goes for all of the major sports, it's all about the money.
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    My brother went there for a few years before getting his Doctorate at UMass-Amherst. That's part of the reason for the rooting interest.
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    i work at ualbany
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    That, I think, was the point. Few gave them a legit chance to beat Florida, but anyone that bet them would've gone home happy, since they were able to beat the spread.
  14. 14smoke2x's Avatar
    Good performance by Albany the other night even though they lost I was impressed.
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    How can you say they're "lucky"? They won their league tournament, then beat Mt. St. Mary's last night. The argument against them, really, and bear in mind I read this is relation to the women's team, is that the league as a whole is weak.
  16. autographs2010's Avatar
    Theyre lucky to even be in the tournament.
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    In other words, their early struggles worked against them. Yeah, I can see that.
  18. 14smoke2x's Avatar
    They were 18-14 that's why. It's pretty simple.
  19. hobbyfan's Avatar
    And yet the game goes on.....
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    Good post. So true.
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