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    And that just proves another point. Age doesn't always equal increased knowledge. LOL. I think your developing some mental issues with your old age. LOL. Did someone not give the old guy his meds? I love the Randall Cunningham in the top 10 too. LOL Phil Simms is another one. I give you one thing hobbyfan. You sure are funny. Sad part is I think you honestly believe what you write. Poor Poor man. I should leave you alone. I am really starting to feel bad now. Today is Wednesday. LOL
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    Pass on the uninformed opinions. Yes mom and dad. Don't let your sons sign with Scott Boras as he will only get them more money than almost any other agent. I love how hobbyfan again says Boras fleeces the owners. Owners and their sports management teams are smart people. Your problem is the amount they are getting paid. If the owners don't want to pay it they won't. You keep treating all the owners and players like they are babies. They are all grown men that are capable of making their own decisions. Hey all baseball owners and players. You should listen to hobbyfan because he thinks he is smarter than all of you.
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    Years of watching football on television help make up the list. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm way older than the average poster on SCF. I developed that list myself, right off the top of the ol' cranium.
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    Again more idiotic comments from hobbyfan. NY Giant fans you should be mortified to have someone like this speaking as one of you. LOL. Someone stop this guy!! I will address your pathetic list. Your own sentence contradicts itself. "My list of the all-time great QB's that I've seen doesn't include Brady or Eli Manning. However it does have....." So is it YOUR list or one that you have seen published someplace? LOL. If it is published someplace then BACK IT UP WITH A LINK. I know you cannot since no list exists unless it comes from the NY giant hobbyfan hater website. LOL. Would want to argue where he ranks on the list at least I can understand that but to say he is not in the top 10 is absolutely positively moronic at best. You show yourself time and time again to be nothing more than a hater. LOL. As curt shilling said. Nothing better than to see the fans of NY shut up. He was talking about you!
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    There is dumb, and then, there is you.

    My list of the all-time great QB's that I've seen doesn't include Brady or Eli Manning. However it does have.....

    1. Joe Montana.
    2. Terry Bradshaw.
    3. Roger Staubach.
    4. Peyton Manning.
    5. Steve Young.
    6. Troy Aikman.
    7. Phil Simms.
    8. Dan Marino.
    9. Randall Cunningham.
    10. Ben Roethlisberger.

    Brady's somewhere near the bottom. Credibility is an issue.
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    @rocketman818: You're not getting the picture. Boras has fleeced the owners time and again in order to feather his own nest because he feels he could've been a major player if he wasn't injured in the minors. The sad irony is that he was a lawyer, closed his firm to concentrate on his sports agent business, which is legalized fraud, IMPO.

    @andrewhoya: Until players from high school on up figure out what kind of con artist Boras really is, they and their families will still buy into his shell games, and his power will grow along with his greed.
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    I can understand why people don't like Boras because it doesn't benefit the teams you support but that is his job. He is trying to make the most money for his clients and put them in the best financial situation. Players have mouths and they can TELL their agent to do exactly what they want. Jason Varitek had boras as an agent. He told him do whatever you need to but at the end of the day I am not leaving the Red Sox. If Scott Boras was such a bad agent it would get out and players would not go to him. There are lots of players that stay exactly where they want to and money is not always the driving force. Bernie Williams had scott boras as an agent and even though the Red sox offered him more money to come he stayed with NY for less. So maybe it is these players really WANT the most money and don't want to stay with the team they are currently on. Fans just see the player leaving like he is a little 5yr old being taken to first grade for the first time and has no say in it. You guys need to grow up and see that baseball is a business. The players, owners and agents see it but most fans don't. I see it for exactly how it is. This is the real world people. Not little league.
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    Totally agree with you about Boras. He is total scum, and it pains me that so many players are linked to him.
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    End of story. LOL. Joe Montana didn't play in the salary cap era. He went to Kansas City and did nothing. He had a monster team in SF filled with great players and some would argue the greatest WR is history . He left and Steve Young took over and won superbowls. Was Joe a great player? Yes. Hall of Fame player? Yes. Better than Brady who played in the salary cap era with nothing resembling the team Montana had. Absolutely not. Brady did much more with much less. That is End of story. Nice try though.
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    Oh I have to respond to this crap by hobbyfan. LOL. Complaining about Boras? Haha. Boras is doing exactly what he needs to do for his client. Look out for them. His job is to get them the highest salary possible and keep them from getting hurt if he thinks they are putting themselves in danger. If someone told you that you could have Matt Harvey for the rest of the year but he may hurt himself again to the point that he will never be the same player you would say let's go for it. You say that because you don't care about the player. Your argument for Boras tricking teams. Haha. Are these teams little kids? They make adult decisions and if they don't work out they don't work out. Nobody is making them sign the player.

    Lastly Eli Manning. Commercials is the issue? LOL Wow talk about reaching. Peyton has no problem doing tons of commercials over the course of his career and it doesn't seem to affect him. Yes Eli is not Peyton. He never was and never will be. He is simply not that good a quarterback. He is average and that is exactly how he is playing. You then say the tabloids don't help. Haha. What else could it be? The weather? As I repeatedly point out Eli asked to go to NY and if he didn't like it he could have left after his first contract expired. So commercials or the media or no victor cruz whatever the excuse might be. You will have to realize that Eli is just not as good as other quarterbacks. You need to face it. Eli has never been a leader. He is a lost follower.
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    Brady is not the greatest of all time. That would be Joe Cool himself, Joe Montana. End of story.
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    And that is my point. Perception is not reality. I know at some point Brady will retire and whoever replaces him will not be as great and the patriots will need to rebuild but until then I will relish in the fact that I am witnessing one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. I can appreciate those who say Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback than Brady today or maybe those who feel Peyton is better. Obviously Peyton has the individual stats on his side(although I don't put as much stock in that). With the salary cap era that Brady plays in I never understand those who can't understand all he has done. Those who believe he gets all the breaks. LOL Too bad you can't see it. Too hung up on the perception of who Brady and the Patriots are and not the reality.
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    I was trying to remember off the top, and that doesn't always work. So I gave them more credit than they really needed. Whee.
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    A dozen by your count? Hope someone else does your taxes because your either blind or just an idiot. LOL. Unlike you I base my arguments on facts. In the 14 yrs brady has been the starting QB for the pats they went perfect at home 6 times. Not even half the time. See how I am helping you with the math. :-) And you will say well they probably went 7-1 or something at home all the other years. Wrong again. They had 2 yrs were they were even on the road and home and 2 more years where they were BETTER on the road. Did patriots play in one of the weaker divisions in football? Yah you could say that and I am sure that helps the home record but face it they had great teams. 6 trips to the superbowl and double digit division titles. And you want to compare them to the giants? Hahahahahahahahaha. I have already shot down the pathetic Eli and his loser mentality. Perfect at home for the giants..LOL He can't even get them into the playoffs. I can see how jealous you are when you have to compare brady to that piece of trash in NY. LOL. But he cried his way there and he is your guy. Hmm what is dumber? Eli for asking for all that money or NY giving it to him. Hahaha. Hobbyfan down for the count....Knockout. I need to stop this. Feels like I am picking on a little kid here with your arguments but realize your older than I am. LOL Stick with the mets. you still have that 86 world series win!!! LOL I'm over that. Have 3 world series wins since. Titletown Baby!!!!
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    No, Patriot Nation is blind to reality. The Giants, to my knowledge, may have only had 1 perfect home season, which might've been 1986, the first of their Super Bowl runs. Can't really be sure, but how many 8-0 home seasons have the Pats had in the Brady-Belichick-Kraft era? Hmmm? At least a dozen by my count.
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    And how exactly do you figure that number out..LOL. So because in your opinion the pats get more breaks at home than the Giants they are favored? Hahaha. The Giants stink. Seriously no amount of calls going their way can save them. They are pathetic. Your comebacks and arguments have no merit. As I stated in defending Brady that Eli is an even more of a pathetic entitled baby. Just the mere fact that you could say you don't want to go to a team that drafts you. There is no saving argument for that. Cry your way to New York. Now that is a friggin baby. And that was even before playing one damn game in the NFL. I'm Eli Manning. I can dictate where I want to play and now I should be paid like the best quarterbacks in the league even though I am a moron and I stink. Hobbyfan stick to complaining about your own team because it is obvious how bad they are instead of being so jealous of other teams great quarterbacks. They hate us because they ain't us. LOL. Your giving NY fans a bad name but It makes me smile. :-)
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    Yeah, but who gets the calls in their favor at home more often? The Patriots, more so than the Giants. Do the math on that one.
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    Featured News
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    What It Takes to be Number One

    What It Takes to be Number One

    "Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all the time thing. You don't win once in a while; you don't do things right once in a while; you do them right all of the time. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

    There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game, and that's first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay, and I don't ever want to finish second again. There is a second place bowl game, but it is a game for losers played by losers. It is and always has been an American zeal to be first in anything we do, and to win, and to win, and to win.

    And lastly hobbyfan you comment that losing's a sin. Tell vince Lombardi it is just a game. This is not little league where we are all winners for playing. If that is the case I guess you really don't care who wins or loses right? " buy into the propaganda & rhetoric from Patriot Nation, you'd think losing's a sin." is what you said.. Haha. What a loser mentality? Just like Eli.
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    I also get tired of the notion of Brady being entitled. A 6th round draft choice that had to fight for everything he got. Brady has repeatedly taken less money than he is worth so the team could use the money to make the TEAM better. You want to talk entitled I give you the Manning family. Both Eli and Peyton were number 1 picks coming from a football father and always feel entitled. Eli wants to be the highest paid quarterback in the league? Excuse me. Hey Eli. You have a 259-185 TD to Int ratio. You have been to the playoffs 5 times in 11yrs. What a joke. Never mind the fact you didn't want to go to San Diego the team that drafted you. Entitled maybe?
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    We are going to have to agree to disagree on this matter. In fact Brady has been more than graceful in both Super Bowl losses to the Giants. Admitting they played better and deserved to win even though he very well may have feel just as robbed by some lucky catches. The Carolina game was different as one ref actually threw a flag and it was picked up. Brady didn't make the ref throw the flag. The ref that threw it saw a penalty but was overruled. Brady as I pointed out with the Super Bowl losses and almost any loss in general Brady gives credit to the other team. The Carolina game was a unique circumstance where Brady felt the referees made a bad that call the cost the Pats the game. And you act like Brady never gets punished. Brady was fined 10k for a slide that hit Ed reed. Why didn't the nfl just let it go? Because the nfl felt it was justified.
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