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  1. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Kibler's from New York? Where exactly?
  2. bblair_2002's Avatar
    Not too many famous sports figures from our region for sure. Only ones I can think of are Bill Dahlen,Pat Riley,Dottie Pepper and longtime MLB umpire John Kibler.
  3. gojacks's Avatar
    It's simple. There is more talent in the other regions. Football just isn't the big sport in that region. Especially for high school aged kids.
  4. hobbyfan's Avatar
    It beats me how Fraudcesa has lasted so long. There's something in the water in NYC to allow bloviators like Fraudcesa & Trump to manipulate the masses. Can't stand either one of them.
  5. scottkoz20's Avatar
    so, how do you really feel?
  6. hobbyfan's Avatar
    So, why has there been a very small percentage of players from NY in the pros through the years? What other states have also gotten the, ah, short shrift?
  7. Trevor44's Avatar
    Got to agree with gojacks, I believe it's in the best interest of teams to take the best player available, and I don't think they have a negative bias about a region.
  8. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Well, let's look at it from a geographic perspective. The percentage of NY kids going to the pros, be it NFL or CFL, is very low. Probably the lowest in the east, for all we know.

    It just irks me that my home area keeps getting the short end of the stick.
  9. gojacks's Avatar
    Injuries, size, and a huge college workload all contributed to him not getting drafted. Yes, you have players like Sproles, but they are few and far between. I think he has a shot to make some heads turn at camp and most likely be a practice squad player. A lot of solid college players go undrafted each year. I don't think it's a vendetta against your region haha
  10. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Done. I edited the first post after reading your advice. Thanx.
  11. Brass's Avatar
    You might want to clarify that in the blog, then. You're speaking through implication that it is true.
  12. hobbyfan's Avatar
    It's only my opinion.
  13. Brass's Avatar
    I think the thing I can suggest is that you provide links to your claims. Was it really Vince's "stubborn streak" that drove Shane McMahon away from the organization? If so, provide a reputable source for the claim. Otherwise, it's just hogwash.
  14. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Unfortunately, we have a couple of generations of players like Beckham who've been conditioned to believe that the easiest way to get on ESPN's SportsCenter is to be a showboat, and that native ability alone isn't going to get it done.
  15. Trevor44's Avatar
    Yeah I agree Odell is dirty and I've never been a fan. I feel like he's too flamboyant and show-boaty for football.
  16. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Overall, Beckham was called for 3 personal fouls, and should've gotten maybe a couple more. He & Norman were going at it in the 1st quarter (missed the shenanigans in the 3rd as I was out doing laundry), and I thought it strange that the zebras weren't calling anything right away. Seems to me it was more about trying to keep Beckham, who's become a gate attraction in just his 2nd season, in the game as long as possible. I just don't know where his head was at yesterday.

    I'll have more to say on Beckham in a separate post.
  17. rocketman818's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by hobbyfan
    He was a winner, but he wasn't spectacular. Didn't impress me when he played at Michigan. He's also an idiot for supporting that senile Trump.
    Don't bring politics up here. Wrong forum for that stuff. But just another example of how you have blinders on when it comes to your jealousy and hate for both Brady and the Pats. And since you love to bring up Brady not being disciplined by the refs or the league for his crying as you call it. You should be ashamed to have Odell Beckham Jr. on your team. That guy is WORSE than a so called crybaby. He is a low class punk. A running launched hit to the head of another player because he was such a sore loser that he was being shut down all day. Talk about a cheap shot. He could have seriously injured Josh Norman. He should have been thown out of the game for such a cheap shot but he wasn't. Will he be suspended for the rest of the year? Probably not. At least brady was upset at a call that was reversed and he didn't understand why and it cost us the game. I was upset and didn't understand why either. I am basically saying I can understand why Brady reacted that way. There is no place for what beckham did in football. The Giants are such a joke team it isn't even funny. I will take my crybaby leader and our 12-2 record any day. And I actually saw Giant fans trying to defend beckham. Loser team and loser fans. You stick with your punk team. Pathetic.
  18. hobbyfan's Avatar
    He was a winner, but he wasn't spectacular. Didn't impress me when he played at Michigan. He's also an idiot for supporting that senile Trump.
  19. rocketman818's Avatar
    Haha. I just read this last comment. More idiotic remarks from someone that knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about football. Time and time again your comments make you sound idiotic. I especially love the part where you say "He wasn't that great at Michigan, either" He was 20-5 in 25 starts in the two years he was a starter with wins in both bowl games. No matter what I say your just a hater anyway. You will never see the light. So hell bent on a 2013 tantrum. Haha. Really. Grow up. And you keep mentioning the tantrum. So in 15 years your stuck on that. Haha. Dude move out of the basement. Idiotic Giant/Met fans.
  20. hobbyfan's Avatar
    That would be assuming they had enough evidence to 1) press charges and 2) hold him w/o bail. Didn't happen. Winston's put it behind him, and has played more like a solid citizen.
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