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  1. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Ha. When was the last time Lorenzen played? Last decade, with the Giants?

    Let's see. Tebow was lured to Philadelphia, probably won't last there. The Jets will check the waiver wires as the preseason progresses. Let's see how Fitzpatrick fares these next four weeks before we start worrying.
  2. Smeagol's Avatar
    Not a Jets fan, but I liked the Petty pick (no pun intended). I think he would be better served spending this year watching and learning. Bringing in a veteran to backup Fitzpatrick is the proper move. I haven't heard Grossman's name as a possible addition, but I wouldn't be shocked if he was added, since he has experience and would most likely be able to learn the playbook pretty fast. Obviously no one wants him to actually play. As far as Vick goes, that ship has already sailed. Someone might sign him, but it won't be the Jets. I still can't believe New England signed Ryan Lindley, who is absolutely horrible, so I doubt whoever the Jets sign will top that one. Maybe if it's Jared Lorenzen!:-)
  3. hobbyfan's Avatar
    I'm not saying Petty should start. Fitzpatrick will have that job 'til Geno returns. Petty will learn from the bench. All I'm saying is that the Jets don't need to have another QB. They have a 2nd rookie who was a free agent in camp, so they've got the three for now, and if one of the rookies, be it Petty or the other fella, doesn't make the opening day roster, then you look at a Michael Vick or a Jordan Palmer. Grossman? Fuhgeddaboutit.
  4. rocketman818's Avatar
    I don't think anyone can really cry about the Jets. Too busy laughing at them but anyway I actually think the jets would be making the right decision in bringing in another QB to backup Fitzpatrick. HobbyFan you contradict your self when you say Geno smith was rushed but you want to turn around and basically do the same to Petty. Give the kid a chance to develop slowly. Although I still believe the cream rises to the top. You either have it or you don't. You could throw Petty out there and he could be fine or he could get rattled badly and you just set yourself back even more. Troy Aikman was the Number 1 overall pick and finished his first season 0-11 as a starter. But QB's drafted that high are expected to start. Not QB's drafted where Petty was.
  5. rocketman818's Avatar
    Why do you even care? Your not a patriots fan. And your original post saying the Super Bowl should be taken away? Haha. All over a deflated football. Even people that say brady should be suspended are not saying to take away the super bowl win. Your arguments are outrageous and have no valid argument. It is obvious how much you hate brady and the patriots from your original post saying he is not that good and never was? Hahahaha. Ya your right. He is a bum. No way he will get into the hall of fame. Haha. Seriously the more you talk the more ignorant you sound. I reply because I like hearing how mad you get and there is ABSOLUTELY nothing you could say or write that would change that. They hate us cause they ain't us. Grab some perspective kid because you definitely sound like one.
  6. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Brady destroyed the only thing that would've saved him from a suspension. If he just gave up the cellphone, maybe this whole thing is already over. Instead, he exacerbated his own situation. Now, because of this, there's a chance that every game will be under greater scrutiny going forward, and that includes pre-season games, which start in a couple of days.
  7. rocketman818's Avatar
    Ctkenjr. Geez. What part of "all teams cheat" don't you understand. When I wrote all teams did I say all but mine? And I responded to an article about someone crying about the patriots cheating. Seems like others are the ones crying. And if you actually read the website I sent you to then you would see that website is based on FACTUAL events not an opinion. the cheat level is an opinion NOT the number of events. Bears are in fact one of the lowest cheaters on that site. Again my point was not they cheat but all teams do. I was only defending the patriots not even a cheat or not cheat argument but again as something all teams do. Something that hobby fan is too blind to admit to. He wrote the original post. Not upset the patriots lost to the Bears in Super Bowl. We have 4 titles since while bears have none. :-)

    and hobby fan your arguments never make sense because your hate is so blinding you see what you want to see. Haters gonna hate.
  8. ctkenjr's Avatar
    Rocket, you just don't get it. I do get that all teams cheat, but you still won't admit that yours does, you defend them like they are your lord and savior and attack others like we are criminals for being a fan of another team. The cheat website has a good amount of info, but it is just someone's opinion on " cheat level", not a rule book to define it all. I fear this generation that lives and dies by what they read on the internet as factual evidence, while it is a fabulous wealth of information, it also is very opinionated. We do have the rights to an opinion, as well as common courtesy and respect.

    Why would I be jealous? Win or lose I still love my team! Perhaps your anger stems from your jealousy of my bears destroying the patriots in Super Bowl XX? Or maybe one of their total 9 NFL Champion titles?
  9. hobbyfan's Avatar
    None are so blind as those who can't embrace reality. Open your eyes, rocketman, and accept the fact that your boy Brady screwed up royally when he could've saved his own butt.
  10. rocketman818's Avatar
    Wow. Nice comeback. Filled with tons of facts. Definitely no emotional response there. Haha. I thought you were gonna go with liar, liar pants on fire. Go watch cartoons please!! You can't handle sports. Patriot sheep. LOL. I love it.
  11. hobbyfan's Avatar
    We ain't whinin' & cryin' like the Patriot sheep.
  12. rocketman818's Avatar
    Ctkenjr. My point was that all these teams cheat or do something to gain an advantage. You think the Bears are above that? Let me give you a few examples. 6 players popped for peds since 89. Ex bears qb's Jeff Blake confessed in Nashville interview that he ordered the ball boys to remove air right before the start of games? Umm deflategate anyone? There are others but you get my point. There is no squeaky clean team.

    Hobbyfan. Haha. Go to look up ny jets and they are the number 2 ranked team in terms of cheating. Giants are number 5. Patriots are ranked 20th. Go see for yourself.

    Now will both of you stop your crying about other teams. Shouldn't be throwing those stones in those glass houses but I know why you do. It is okay to be jealous. In fact I expect it. I forgive you. You had to let the anger and jealously out.

    On a side note I wonder if belichick was cheating when he was with the Giants for those super bowl wins as an assistant coach. Oh no wait. He was only an assistant then so bill parcells wouldn't allow it. Hahaha. Okay the same parcells that brought belichick to the patriots and then to the jets. Haha. Okay your right he wouldn't have cheated on any of those teams just the patriots. Love people that only see what they want to see. Haha.
  13. hobbyfan's Avatar
    In this day & age, it's time to stop with the childish games of one-upsmanship that some teams supposedly employ. You've heard the expression, "win at all costs"? That's the Patriot Way. Belichick coaches like he works for the CIA, and he already had 2 rings from being an assistant with the Giants in the Parcells era before signing on with Cheese Whiz Kraft, who apparently thinks that his money will always protect his team.

    A much more hardline, free-thinking commissioner would've skewered Kraft a long time ago, and we wouldn't need this.

    @Rocketman818: Take off the blinders and accept the truth.
  14. ctkenjr's Avatar
    Funny, I have been ticketed when I wasn't speeding, crazy huh? I am in the real world, and it wish it was better, it starts with each and everyone of us, including the so called role models these sports figures are. Tom Brady is a great qb, never denied that, but you and your bromance clouds your sight that he DID do something wrong, regardless of what you believe or what I believe he did trash his phone so it could not be used as evidence in the case. Simply, if he did nothing wrong the phone would have exonerated him, but alas the world will never know.

    As for the magic kingdom comments they are not treated equally, Donald Duck always loses out to Mickey. Last I heard Mickey still denies stealing Donald's pants, and he destroyed his cell phone so we will never find that out either.

    What a cruel world we live in, when a mouse steals a ducks pants

    To answer your question, I am a bears fan, and they currently suck (really badly), but I still support them since I am a true fan.

    Go ahead and tell me that my qb sucks, think I haven't heard it? Heck bears fans say it more than anyone else. I enjoy good football, I am loyal to my team, and I hate the packers. I respect the players on the packers as well as their fans, perhaps you could learn from that, a little respect can go a long way young grasshopper!
  15. rocketman818's Avatar
    The difference is what if you got pulled over and you were not speeding and the officer insists you were but had no radar. Just more probable than not you were. And then wants to give you a ticket for much worse than just speeding. Let me see you "suck it up" then. And your belief that everyone should be treated equally is a noble one but seriously what world do you live in. Get into the real world and out of your made up imaginary one. And haterade? Haha. Everything I said was true but I guess you can't handle the truth. You should move to fairy tale land. Mickey is waiting for you. A great place where everyone is treated equally. You give them eyes yet they cannot see. What team do you root for. I love how people say stop drinking the hatorade to others when they sit and hate about the treatment certain quarterbacks are getting. Don't give out lessons for others when you can't follow your own advice. Seriously it makes you look ignorant. Sad little people. Umadbro? I know you are. Haha.
  16. ctkenjr's Avatar
    Stars should get the same treatment as any player who has made it to the nfl, end of story. I think leflops treatment is way out of whack, so far it is beyond ridiculous - hence why i no longer watch very much basketball. Sadly, the nfl is rolling out of control that way as well, not as bad but showing signs.

    I agree all teams look for a competitive edge, not all cheat, not all do it the same amount. I guess its like driving, not everyone gets caught speeding, but at least when I get caught, i suck it up, admit it and face my punishment like a man.

    I was mistaken, not only stop drinking the koolaid, but stop drinking the haterade too!
  17. rocketman818's Avatar
    So you have a problem with stars. Maybe your team has none I don't know but stars in every sport get preferred treatment. Lebron James in basketball. You can find them everywhere. If you don't like it then don't watch. Go watch college football or something else. I think all teams have players or personnel that look for a competitive advantage. Minnesota heating up the balls on the sidelines, stick-em on the towels in San diego, Atlanta pumping in crowd noise, Cleveland gm texting. Believe me I can find something on every team. If you don't think it is everyteam then your foolish. New England seems to gather more attention unfairly in my opinion. In fact some can argue that pumping in crowd noise is an even worse affair.
  18. ctkenjr's Avatar
    Patriots staff and some players like to twist the rules and seem to be the benefactors of many controversial plays/calls/rulings. I believe Peyton Manning gets favored status as do the Packers. Are these teams and players good, no doubt, are they above the law, absolutely not! But too many times, it sure appears to go their way.

    Breathe wrong on Manning, Brady and Rodgers and you are going to get flagged, you can add some to this list, but those three seem to top my list, and I think all three are great QBs - I just don't like the pathetic "favored" status they get. I was surprised Brady got the suspension upheld, but I was also surprised that he destroyed his phone. Brady is not a saint, he is human and makes mistakes, I was surprised by the big deal this became, but then again, the media likes a circus! I do believe he had a hand in doing something wrong, I do believe the Pats should have a punishment, I also wish haters didn't hate so much and those drinking the kool aid of either side would stop sipping and take a breath of air!
  19. rocketman818's Avatar
    I totally understand the pressure but when you say patron saint it is obvious you don't like the Patriots and therefore your opinion is not an impartial one. It is not like your a Jaguars fan that feels this way. And yes the Giants did beat the patriots twice and they deserve credit for playing well when it counted. But I give that credit to the giant defense. Eli is a stiff. Can't even get his team back to the playoffs. What is it now going on 3 years. I mean come on. There are 2 wild card births. Haha.
  20. hobbyfan's Avatar
    You don't understand the pressure placed on Goodell. He had to take a stand, even if it was against his patron saint, Velveeta Kraft, because if he vacates the suspension, he looks like a chump for caving in to Crybaby and Kraft and the politics that go with them.

    BTW, I represent the Jets in the football card traders group, but I'm also a Giants fan, and Big Blue beat the Pats in the Super Bowl twice.

    I actually thought Goodell would fall on his sword and resign, but the league really needs a non-partisan commissioner who won't allow politics to interfere with what he feels is best for the game.
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