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    He only tested positive once, after they started imposing penalties for it. Ryan Braun lied and claimed that the tester discriminated against him because he is Jewish and only got a I think 60 game ban........but Selig wanted to run A-Rod out of the game for good. But it's all a big joke though. Test positive for illegal drugs, PED's, or hit your wife and you get a slap on the wrist.......but bet on a sport (and not throw the game), and you are banned for life. It depends on how valuable the player(s) are to the league. The same goes for all of the major sports, it's all about the money.
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    My brother went there for a few years before getting his Doctorate at UMass-Amherst. That's part of the reason for the rooting interest.
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    i work at ualbany
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    That, I think, was the point. Few gave them a legit chance to beat Florida, but anyone that bet them would've gone home happy, since they were able to beat the spread.
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    Good performance by Albany the other night even though they lost I was impressed.
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    How can you say they're "lucky"? They won their league tournament, then beat Mt. St. Mary's last night. The argument against them, really, and bear in mind I read this is relation to the women's team, is that the league as a whole is weak.
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    Theyre lucky to even be in the tournament.
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    In other words, their early struggles worked against them. Yeah, I can see that.
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    They were 18-14 that's why. It's pretty simple.
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    And yet the game goes on.....
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    Good post. So true.
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    I wouldn't guarantee a trip to the Super Bowl for the Pats, patsfan52. Right now, they're a 2 seed, but because of their reputation, they have a bigger bullseye on their collective backs than Peyton & the Pizza Salesmen (Broncos). Everyone's going to be extra motivated to play the Patriots in the playoffs, just to prove they aren't as great as they think they are.
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    I didn't see any mention that the refs helped the Jets beat New England because of their bad calls, just like the Carolina game with obvious defensive holding in the endzone. In the Denver game the Pats handed 17 points to Denver on turnovers in the first quarter. If there is a reason that Denver lost maybe it should be the fact that Manning didn't generate much offense the whole second half other than 1 drive.

    I happen to like both teams and I'm not a hater of New England, I just looked at the game objectively from a fan perspective.


    Quote Originally Posted by patsfan52
    hate to tell you but they are going to the playoffs and most likely to the superbowl, at least they don't have bountys on players.
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    hate to tell you but they are going to the playoffs and most likely to the superbowl, at least they don't have bountys on players.
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    Thanks in both regards.
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    Congrats to your Valleycats for taking both do-or-die games from the State College Spikes for the NY-Penn Championship! It was an exciting series!
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    Hunter Harvey is the son of Bryan Harvey, who used to pitch for the Angels & Marlins. His brother, Kris Harvey, became a free agent after spending the 2012 season with the Altoona Curve.
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    Thanks. As long as the attention remains on A-Roid, on or off the field, this ain't going away anytime soon, and I wish it would.
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    He didn't do anything wrong, he never failed a drug test since his Rangers days, the guy is innoc...naw just kidding!

    Good article, l enjoyed it
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    I'd flip that around and have Teddy take over Raw from dumb-as-a-doorstop Brad Maddox, but that's just me.

    Instead of 5-6 months, I'd take Vickie off TV permanently and reassign her within the company as a PR liason for the Latino community. She'd be perfect for that role, because she no longer has to be an exaggerated, annoying character.
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