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    Quote Originally Posted by Avsbruins65
    Very interesting project, would be curious to see scans.
    I put some of the scans into a thread on here:
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    Very interesting project, would be curious to see scans.
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    Chuck Goggin
    Art Lopez
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    I would send the pics to beckett. They might be able to help you out on it.
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    UPDATE: The seller now wants $200 for it........he can keep it!
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    The seller has a great reputation......but I'd probably end up getting stuck with it, or I could just use the money to buy cheaper autos/game used cards to add to my collection instead, still not sure yet

    I think I'll just avoid it.
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    No way would I buy that. It would be so easy to dupe that card. But if the seller has great reputation then you might wanna gamble
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    No problem, if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.
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    Thank you very much for your answer
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    When you click on the Card Cash store tab on the top of the page you should be able to see a My Store tab as well. Click on this tab and it will bring you to another page. Click Add Store Item, and then Custom entry for lots, sets and other items. You will have to fill out the card information in the fields that are provided.
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    Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I don't like my original idea. It's always best to be able to get your money or at least some back out of your cards/autos if you need to. Steroid era guys probably won't go up in value any, and Aaron Hernandez autos possibly could. I mean if he's acquitted they'll probably stay the same, if he's convicted, I could possibly sell the autos to some creepy website that sells that kind of stuff, then use the profit to build my collection.

    So going after minor league guys is probably the best idea, along with collecting a couple better known players. It's kind of hard to narrow down though, and collect just certain players.
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    Cliff, I know this is just my two cents, but... Building a collection of Aaron Hernandez or steroid-era players is going to be a little tough to sell later on down the road, and even tougher to explain to your kids why you collected them when you try to pass it on down to them. I know you're 21, and probably not thinking about that at all, but just something to think about...

    I dig the idea of TTM'ing Yankees, and a lot of guys actually do sign. Here on SCF, we have an incredible TTM forum, so I would narrow down a list of players you would like, send out something, and then make a new list and repeat!

    You can also find incredibly cheap ON-CARD autos on ebay, pack-pulled, not TTM. Just another avenue.

    Good luck!
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    That's fine! I was just "complaining" a bit, since most Yankees current/former don't seem to be good signers for the most part. Thanks for letting me know that Mussina signs, I'll send him a couple cards soon. I won a Wil Myers autographed baseball a couple months ago, and have been looking at his stats a lot, even though his season isn't great so far. But I imagine it would be fun checking the Yankee prospects stats often if I had a bunch of their autos even if they aren't well known or anything. And as yazfan71 said, it would be really cool to get an autograph cheap now, and have it explode in value if and when the player becomes a great every day major leaguer or superstar. Makes the hobby a little more fun than collecting TTM's from mostly retired players like I do right now.
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    I've got Mike Mussina ttm recently. I know he's not a "steroid wwe" type, but is a former Yankee. He signs with regular consistancy. Wade Boggs as well, send him $10 and he'll sign anything...Great idea on the Milb front. I'm gonna start aiming for more prospects since most "stars" don't sign ttm
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    I've been thinking about doing something like that, getting autos from some of their prospects for $1-$2 a nice collection and see what happens.
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    Have you tried the minor league affiliates of the Yankees for autographs? Granted they all won't make it to the bigs, but their signatures are usually a lot easier & cheaper to get. It's also a lot cheaper purchasing game used equipment from MiLB as well. Just think what a autographed, game-used bat from the next great Yankee would make for a centerpiece to your collection. Not to mention the fact that you'd be able to brag about picking it up for pocket change compared to what a similar item from Jeter would go for now.

    I am fortunate enough to be very near the Padres single-A team, & while I'm not a Padres fan, I do support the local club especially since it the closest baseball games I get to be able to attend. First game I attended this year, I spent $5 for the ticket, got a foul ball for free & got the entire roster to sign it after the game. Where else could I get 25 autographs for $5?

    Just a thought.
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    I agree 100% some people are making some good money by running those sites, but it's nice to come to a site like SCF and find address/website contact info for free, I think it's nice to share success's so that we can all build our collections. But I guess they probably use the money they make, to give them the time to search for the info...... so I can see both sides of it. I share all my success's but would like to make some money from it too, so I'm looking into putting ads on my autograph blog so I can make money, while continuing to give the info away for free.
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    it really does make you wonder don't it? I think it just comes down to the "honor system" which is good, in THEORY. but not everyone is as honest n respectful as you seem. Me personally, im a member of a paid site, but don't post that info here out of respect for what they do at the other site. The way I see it, is if I DID post that info here, someone would lose a job, a job they need to feed their children n keep a roof over their heads. I don't wanna mess that up for someone....but man, itd be nice once in awhile to not have to dig so hard lol
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    Thanks for the comment!
    That's definitely a great way to look at it, autograph collecting is a great way to spend extra's unique, something that is actually signed by a famous person, and online/ttm request are really cheap! I'm sure my autographs would have cost me a LOT more if I would have gone out and bought them from other people. Most of the people that I went to high school with were into drugs and alcohol too.......some even died because of it, or others wasted their money on stereo systems, or whatever else they thought would make them "cool".

    I wish I would have started collecting autographs when I was younger too, but I never even knew how easy it was until a couple years ago, and I got hooked from the start. I've never waited by the mailbox for the mailman, but I did stare out the window

    He probably thought it was strange when I received a letter from the CIA and a package from Mikhail Gorbachev’s executive assistant………That’s another thing that makes autograph collecting so fun, is the stories that go along with some of them.

    I've thought about collecting them from my favorite teams, or just sports in general but it's hard not to just go crazy and send out tons of requests like a madman And it's fun opening the mail, and getting a bunch of envelopes/fan packs from anyone, when I get them I don't really care who they're from! As I get older and have more money to spend on the hobby, I'd like to try to increase the value of my collection and maybe even buy some autographs, or try to get autographs from athletes before they become "too famous to sign for free"..... But I still have plenty of time to figure out which direction to take my collection.
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    Cliff, I don't post here often but after reading this I thought it was appropriate. I'm a 22 year old collector who has the same bug as you do. I've been vigorously collecting signatures for almost 10 years now. For a couple years I was all over the board in terms of autograph collecting, getting anyone I could. Like you emailing celebs got me hooked. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I was, and still am for that matter, a poor student. What I didn't need for food or rent went to stamps. What free time I had outside of work and school was mostly spent emailing or writing for autographs. I think I scared my mailman a little when I started waiting for him at the box. Looking back I guess It was real life that got in the way of my collecting and significantly lowered my addiction habits. A promotion at work, a new girlfriend and an increased school load simply forced me to stop spending so much time seeking autographs. As you get older you'll find your priorities changing. I shifted to sports autographs and then eventually to hockey autographs. My goal now is to get one autograph of everyone who has played in the NHL. I'm about half way there with just under 3,700 unique signatures. Now I spend more time researching players whereabouts, organizing my autographs and writing about my collection than actually sending requests. My blog: Hockey Ink in the Mail

    My advice is this: don't fight it. If we are addicted to this autograph collecting thing then one thing is for certain, there are much worse things we could be addicted to and much worse things we could be spending our money on. Do I regret the countless hours I spent collecting autographs? Not a bit. While my peers spent their money on video games, booze and drugs at least I have something of value to show for my dollars spent. As you get older your also find how fun it can be to look through all those signatures you've acquired. The enjoyment I get from opening my envelops is still unparalleled (don't tell my girlfriend!) and if anything it has become a big stress reliever for me. Look at it this way, most people need to get drunk or high to escape from real life. We just have to play with autographs. If autograph addiction is a real thing then look at it as a blessing, not a curse.

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