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    real I hope
  2. Brewfan27's Avatar
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    nice card were can I that set?
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    If you use a 'real' top loader and not one of those flimsy card savers you should be okay. The thing to remember is PWE go through automated sorting which involve rollers that can bend the cards and card savers don't protect the card from that.
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    Thanks! I wish that a company would make some sets of cards of the modern wars too. I've been thinking about getting myself a photo printer so I can print out a bunch of 4x6's to send to veterans of any war. I have a cousin that was in the Army during the early 2000's. She was stationed in Kuwait and drove transport vehicles to the border, she was also trained to drive tanks too, so I might try to get her to sign a pic of a tank for me. If I do, I'll make sure I contact you and see if you'd like to sign a picture for my collection also. My military autographs are mostly from Desert Storm, but I'd really like to expand it to autographs from veterans of any time period!
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    Amazing set! I didn't go to Desert Storm but did three tours Operation Iraqi Freedom. Just an amazing collection. Well done.
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    yea got to beckett
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    Just cards at this point. I'm trying to get rid of all the cards I have multiples of first, so I'll pack the box as full as I can without it bulging, however many cards that will be.
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    Are we talking autograph cards or 8x10 photos w/frames?

    If cards, the easiest solution, really, is this. If your cards are already in top loaders, then get a team bag, which will hold up to 4-5 cards w/loaders, and use a bubble mailer. If it's a large order, you only need the packing tape to secure the outside of the box, not the inside. The USPS can offer some help, I'm sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avsbruins65
    Very interesting project, would be curious to see scans.
    I put some of the scans into a thread on here:
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    Very interesting project, would be curious to see scans.
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    Chuck Goggin
    Art Lopez
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    I would send the pics to beckett. They might be able to help you out on it.
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    UPDATE: The seller now wants $200 for it........he can keep it!
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    The seller has a great reputation......but I'd probably end up getting stuck with it, or I could just use the money to buy cheaper autos/game used cards to add to my collection instead, still not sure yet

    I think I'll just avoid it.
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    No way would I buy that. It would be so easy to dupe that card. But if the seller has great reputation then you might wanna gamble
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    No problem, if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.
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    Thank you very much for your answer
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    When you click on the Card Cash store tab on the top of the page you should be able to see a My Store tab as well. Click on this tab and it will bring you to another page. Click Add Store Item, and then Custom entry for lots, sets and other items. You will have to fill out the card information in the fields that are provided.
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    Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I don't like my original idea. It's always best to be able to get your money or at least some back out of your cards/autos if you need to. Steroid era guys probably won't go up in value any, and Aaron Hernandez autos possibly could. I mean if he's acquitted they'll probably stay the same, if he's convicted, I could possibly sell the autos to some creepy website that sells that kind of stuff, then use the profit to build my collection.

    So going after minor league guys is probably the best idea, along with collecting a couple better known players. It's kind of hard to narrow down though, and collect just certain players.
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