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College Team Trading Group COLLECTOR PROFILE - jrlebert (Boise State Broncos)

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Real first name / SCF name: J.R. / jrlebert
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA
Profession: Teacher

College Team: Boise State Broncos

Please list your favorite players from that team (up to 10):
- Doug Martin
- Kellen Moore
- Ian Johnson
- Titus Young
- Ryan Dinwiddie
- Ryan Clady
- Shea McClellin
- Legedu Naanee
- Kyle Wilson
- Jared Zabransky

Do you prefer cards of players in their college uniform, pro uniform, or both? I definitely prefer players to be in their COLLEGE uniform. While I certainly still love ANY card of ANY Bronco, the focus of my collection and the majority of purchases I make are of guys in their Boise uniform.

Are there any players or sets that you simply would not want? Nope. Iím good with Press Pass and SAGE, and if they have a card made and they played for Boise State, Iíll take it!

How do you acquire your cards you trade to others? Mainly, I use I donít rip a whole lot of retail, as I am a teacher on a budget. I find a ton of stuff of a bunch of different guys, and the prices are pretty good too. It allows me to find a wide array of players and sets, and usually I try to stick to cards of players in their college uniform for others.

My package to you will most likely containÖ: I go for quality over quantity, but if the deals are good when I look for cards, you will get both! I would rather send someone 20-25 cards and about half or more be GU/autos, and a bunch serial numbered, than send someone 50-60 cards of base and inserts with a few hits.

Best item in your college collection: Without a doubt, that would have to be my 2007 Fiesta Bowl/WAC Championship ring, bought directly from a player on the team. Itís probably the nicest item in my entire collection, let alone my Boise State collection.

A link to your collection, so we can all drool: (still under construction)

Just to be helpful for those who are looking for players from Boise, I have created this page. Itís a list of all the Boise State players who have cards from 2000-on. Hopefully it helps!

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  1. adcgjh's Avatar
    Nice writeup. I collect University at Buffalo alumni. The stuff that I find hardest to get is the Arena League cards. When cards come up on ebay they seem to go much higher than I want to buy for. Anyways I have these Boise Alumni which you probably already have but figured I'd throw them out there to help another college trader..

    2012 Score Glossy #328 Doug Martin
    2012 Score #341 Kellen Moore RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Gold #16 Doug Martin
    2012 Leaf Draft #26 Kellen Moore
    2012 Leaf Draft #16 Doug Martin
    2011 Score Glossy #395 Titus Young
    1990 Pro Set #433 John Rade
    1989 Topps #338 John Rade
    1989 Pro Set #13 John Rade
    1988 Topps #393 John Rade RC