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The Last Lap

Atlanta Post Race Thoughts...

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Well Atlanta is over (about 20 minutes ago), and next week there is no race! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Anyways-Kurt Busch dominated and destroyed the field today and won-kinda a surprise but kinda not-they had been running good-gordon got 2nd continues to do good.

Idk what is up with Martin and Newman-but they are having issues.

Carl got 3rd-gambling to stay out with 2 to go was a good call-gained him a finishing position-pit crew Stunk bad today though-Carl even asked on his radio during the race if one of his teammates crews could pit his car today haha. Anyways Ill take 3rd-not bad.

Major LOLs at everyones boy Kyle Busch today-midpack-but did ya listen to the announcers man crush on him OMG lol-he was 3 laps down with 70 to go and they were saying dont count kyle out, dont give up on Kyle-WHAT? Yes give up lol-jeez. Rediculous.

Kurt winning-eh-whatever-at least hes not kyle-but im tired of the busches winning-and lol at the reverse victory lap-kinda funny-at least it was creative and better than the snow angel lol-backflip FTW LOL.

Lastly-the race-wow-cars were all over the place majorly outta control-some good racing but mostly a show of car control today-people will prob gripe about a bad race blah blah-it wasnt that bad-better than California lol-and we are going to bristol-so the racing will be better next week-as far as ATL-its turning into the old Darlington-needs paved, but its ok.

Ok im done-Carls solid in the top 10 in points-good finish-and the motor didnt go boom-so im in an ok mood until bristol!


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